Blueberry Banana Bread… Gluten Free

Okay, so here’s the scoop on Gluten Free; It’s delicious and it doesn’t have wheat or other glutinous forms of starch, BUT it’s not healthy, don’t be confused.  It’s still full of carbohydrate that converts to sugar fast, and then makes you crash in a rather short period of time and you might as well just rub it on your thighs.  All the Carbohydrate our body needs comes from fruit and vegetables; the true definition of nutrient dense carbs.   

That said, enjoy a slice of this magnificent crumb, with chai and love the life you live, even more with this sweet treat!

Avocado Smoothie…

My six year old sips a slurry of fruit, coconut yogurt, avocado and flax oil (without his knowing - I am a geeeeenius).  The avocado makes this smoothie creamy and thick. The fruit makes it a sweet treat for little Yo-baby bellies.

How to fuel your little Yogi for optimal health and high fives.  


Green Soup - The Vitamix Revolution

Go Green:  2 cups broccoli, 2 cups black kale, 2 table spoons chick pea miso or regular miso, 1 green apple cored, 3 cups water, 2 table spoons almond butter, ½ cup raw blanched almonds.  Blend until creamy and smooth.  Serve chilled or warm with raw pumpkin seeds, a squeeze of lime.

You’ll be able to run up The Chief with me on this glorious day, after this supacharged soup!

Natures Steamer Basket - Kabocha Squash

Are you afraid of squash?  Keep it simple.  400 degree oven, in a cast iron pan (I used an inverted cast iron lid).  Place WHOLE squash in oven for 40 minutes until a knife gingerly pierces the orange flesh.  It’s done - break open, remove seeds and eat, just like that (or a spoon of butter, a swish of flax oil, a dab of ghee, a dose of hemp hearts, a kiss of siracha…I could go on). 

It’s the little, simple things.


Green Indeed…

I spent the morning at the Vancouver Farmers Market yesterday.  A delight for all of my senses; had a green juice from my new crush, The Juice Caboose that fuelled me for my Saturday run and I was energetically drawn to this one vendor, The Promise Land Farms;  Allan picked nettles from a bank of land, off of the ocean filled with black dirt so rich the nettles stood high and stalwart (nettles will become raw pesto for tonight), AND the watercress had me stymied with its crowing, peppery come hither.

I constructed a roasted squash, chick pea, egg hash this morning, topped it with the resplendent watercress - only adorned with some sea salt and pumpkin seed oil.  The watercress needed no other acoutrement.