This is my white ink filigree style tattoo. Its 2 days old here, and is my 4th tattoo. I got it in hopes to subtly accentuate my muscle separation as I have been bodybuilding and competing in fitness competitions for over a year now. A lot of guys in the industry are covered in tribal as that usually does the trick.. but i wanted something more original and feminine (as i am a lady!) This isn’t the end either.. Eventually it will be followed by a half chest piece, and a half sleeve as well. so far, I love it.. And people approach me in fascination asking me about it. I get a lot of “omg is it glow in the dark?!”s and while it doesnt, I will be adding UV to it after it heals more as I spend an awful lot of time under blacklight

Nick Rivera - Old Anchor - Portage, MI

I finally got my lesbian star tattoo!  It is my take on the blue star history of the amazing lesbians who have come before me.  Back in the day, lesbians who couldn’t be out during the day would get a small blue star tattooed on the inside of their wrists.  During the day it was covered by a watch, and at night at the club it was out as a signal to other lesbians.  Typically butch lesbians got blue stars, I am a femme so I went with something else.  I am so happy with it!