“Lady Isabelle Temper is a well known figure in the archives of American History, mostly because she is one of the only “Dark Lords” who has ever raised their wands since the founding of the American Wizarding Confederation. Brilliant, charismatic, and absolutely mad, Isbelle Temper is most renowned for her perverse fascination with death and undeath. At the age of 23, the then mad but not completely evil Lady Temper raised the fallen corpse of her little sister Persephone from the grave with powerful magics taught to her by Madam Marie Laveau during her time at that prestigious witch’s school.

That, perhaps, was the beginning of Lady Isabelle’s descent into madness. It would be another twenty years before she declared herself Queen of the Kingdom of Arkansas, and began raising corpses by the score. She preferred the company of the dead, it is said, to the living, and no non-magical being was allowed in her morose presence, and that she raised the decrepit body of her father because she felt no other man should have the honor of touching her.

But those are stories for another time.  We are here to talk about Lady Temper’s legacy. Lady Isabelle badly wanted chilldren, but she feared that mortal children were too fragile. Instead she she scored the graveyards of the south, raising from their quiet repose the bodies of only the most “beautiful” to be her sons and daughters.

Finally defeated in 1936 after five long years of terror, Lady Isabelle’s true legacy lives on through her…children. Up until the 1943, the Auror’s Board dealt with Inferii through the scorched earth policy, burning them regardless of apparent age, threat, or condition. It was the Whitehome family that brought suit against the Auror’s Board in 1942, for the willful desecration of the body of their ancestor, Maria Whitehome.

In a surprising verdict that has had a serious repercussions for the rights of the dead and discoporeated in the AWC, the Supreme Court ruled that, except in times of serious danger to the magical of mundane public, the Auror’s Board and policing authorities of the AWC must make every effort to identify the remains of those turned into Inferi and return the destroyed remains to their families, who had a vest interest in the preservation and protection of their ancestors, whatever their vital status.

Of course, training against Inferi also helped trained Aurors at the time for the horrors they would face against Grindelwald nearly a decade later.”

-Lecture by Professor Hortense Allworthy, History Professor of the Salem Institute