When I Look At You

Chapter 2 

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Mckaly in the next chapter.

Visa Championships
Shawn still hasn’t quit gymnastics nor has she told anyone about her break down. Aly and Mckayla haven’t mentioned it to anyone either.

Once again Shawn performs poorly on day 1. This time though she just shuts out the world, she doesn’t say a word even to her coach Chow she just nods yes or no when asked a question. Shawn headed straight to her hotel room without attending a dinner with all the competitors. Aly notices Shawn’s absence . As Aly heads towards her room she sees Mckayla heading towards the elevator. She grabs Mckayla by the arm and leads her away from other people. Once she looks once more to make sure they are alone she starts to tell Mckayla about Shawn . “Mckayla we have to go talk to her” Mckayla agrees and starts leading them towards Shawn’s room but stops suddenly when she gets a better idea. “How about we sneak out and cheer up shawn? “With a shocked look Aly asks “cheer her up how?” Mckayla smirks and even lets a little giggle escape “let’s introduce her to whitegirlpartyraisman” “you want to party the night before a competition are you crazy?” Mckayla just laughs and says “it will Just be one or two drinks and some dancing think about how much it will mean to Shawn?” Aly groans and just nods her head yes. Mckayla can’t contain her excitement she starts jumping up and down. Aly can’t help but to smile at her.

Shawn looks at them like they are crazy. “You two aren’t even 18 and you want to go party in the middle of a competition?” Both girls just nod their head but Mckayla answers her “it’s not like we are going to some club, I have a few friends here and one of them happens to be having a little get together” Shawn still doesn’t look convinced. “You don’t even have to drink just come dance with us” Aly adds. Shawn looks at both of them and lets out a sigh knowing their begging has won over her argument about going “Fine but we have to be back before 1” Aly just smiles and says “we can do that!” Mckayla is already on the phone with her friend planning out their escape. All the girls change into jeans and nicer shirt. Aly and Shawn wear their Nike shoes while Mckayla insists on heels. Aly just looks at her and says “don’t kill yourself in those Mack” Mckayla just smiles and they head out towards the waiting car.

There isn’t that many people at the party. And most of them are already too drunk to notice the three gymnasts presence. True to her word Mckayla only makes Aly have one drink. But as soon as she finishes Aly wants another. It eventually turns into four. Mckayla just states at this girl in shock. Shawn just laughs at how open and fun Aly is being. Aly has started to dance even though they are standing at the kitchen counter. Mckayla can’t help but stare at Aly she just looks so….Mckayla can’t find the right word but she stops thinking about everything when Aly grabs her her arm and pulls her to the makeshift dance floor. She really does turn into whitegirlpartyraisman Mckayla thought as Aly begin to dance with the beat of the song. Shawn joined them and she still was a shy dancer even after her victory on dancing with the stars. Shawn checked the time they still had two hours. shawn finally let loose and started to dance with the two girls. After three or four songs Mckayla had that feeling again but this time she couldn’t help her need to be touching Aly. It had started with just a playful dance move but had turned into Mckayla holding Aly’s hips while she swayed to the music. Shawn couldn’t help but notice the look in mckayla’s eyes. She wondered if Aly could see it too.

When it was almost 12:30 Shawn all but dragged the two out of the house and they headed back to the hotel. Since Shawn didn’t drink she wanted to drop off the other two at their rooms first but mckayla insisted she could take Aly. Shawn agreed since mckayla only had one drink but Shawn for sure knew something was up with mckayla and the way she was acting with Aly. Shawn decided she would tell Aly all about it tomorrow after the awards were given out and that’s just what she did.

Aly just listened and pretended to act shocked at what Shawn and just told her. They said their goodbyes and Aly immediately went to search for mckayla. Once she found her she went up to her and whispered ever so quietly in her ear “Mack we need to talk about last night” Mckayla started to blush and just nodded her head. She still wasn’t sure what she felt for Aly last night but she was sure that feeling Aly whisper in her ear made her tingle and feel excited in new places she didn’t even know she could have feelings in.