whitefish salad

Makeup and Fashion Trends 2016

-big denim shirt

-or an almost navy, denim-looking but probably actually 100% cotton shirt

-some sort of easy-peasy, put-together but still fun and fresh long bob that you can take care of in the midst of making a casual brunch for your florist friends (which includes an inexplicable variety of fruit crumbles)

-makeup trend: serve fresh lox at the aforementioned brunch that you bought at your favorite fishmonger’s place, and although it’s not a TREND to be friends with your fishmonger because friendship isn’t a trend, maybe you should make 2016 you fucking chat with the guy who painstakingly makes your precious whitefish salad, dammit.

-also at the brunch is cream cheese and freshly cut tomatoes from your garden (the tomatoes are from your garden, but not the cream cheese entirely), which is just something you do for a variety of friends who own small but expensive food and lifestyle shops

-a bunch of herbs you put in the middle of the table as decoration at your summer garden party

-VERY good olive oil, not good or even great, just VERY good

-maybe some kind of royal purple pashmina that costs, oh, probably 80 bucks? You’re rich enough to own nice things but practical enough to not really go crazy with it

-minimal jewelry on the hands because you’ll be rolling the dough out for a bountiful feast

-wine! Just enough wine to seem fun and light, because you’re mostly drinking during the day with enough seltzer to make it crisp and zesty, or with a bunch of your cheese shop squad as you put things on a Christmas tree or celebrate the birth of sage or put large, flaky, Maldon Sea Salt on something freshly caught and recently killed

-a husband who comes home after a weekend of raucous, May Day partying with your possibly gay, certainly doesn’t matter, fabulously dressed in pastels male friends and goes “chicken pot pie?” and fucking loves it and you CHEERS