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Three times Asami Sato met the Wolf-Bats

Happy Birthday to Ari!!! Ari has been such a wonderful and important friend to me over the past few years, and what better way to celebrate her being born than ASAMI AND THE WOLFBATS!

Ari wrote a great series of fics about Asami’s chance encounters with the team and these are a few key scenes from each of them. I hope I did them justice v u v

Have an awesome birthday!


Spend Your Time on Me

The soft sounds of bodies moving in water and the slightly muffled singing of the radio fills the apartment, steam rising from the crack beneath the bathroom door. Inside it, two figures lounge in the slightly rusted tub, the radio perched on the window sill with a candle balanced precariously atop it, scenting the air with sea salt and roses and everything else they associate with Tahno. Ming’s hand runs through Shaozu’s damp hair, tipping the firebender’s hair back against his shoulder. The younger relaxes back against his chest, giving a soft sigh of contentment. They dont get moments like this often; that is, together and alone. Tahno’s at the gym again, practicing or something. They don’t know and as long as they dont get a call that he’s hurt himself, they don’t care.

Ming tilts his head and kisses Shaozu’s temple softly, arms wrapping around his waist just beneath the steaming water. The younger tangles their fingers together and sighs softly. He doesn’t get much attention when Tahno is around, the Dumb Baby needing so much damn care and attention. Not that he doesn’t love Tahno. He does, but a poodle monkey would have been easier. It would have taken up less of Ming’s attention too. So moments like this, they mean everything. Even if this mushy, cuddly, take-a-bath-together crap isn’t really his thing. With Ming’s strong chest against his back and long legs tangled with his, he can deal with it.

There are chores they should be doing and Shaozu really ought to start dinner.

He’d rather spend his time on Ming.


Yeah I really love that song and it inspired that little fic ^^; enjoy~