Monday is over and I’m so excited to be on my way to Scotland!💖 I can’t wait to see the Scotland sights!!😍🎊 And I was thinking today that “Puff” and Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, would probably get along swimmingly!😁🐲🌈 If you love her - Puff is available as a print on my store!😊💕 store.camilladerrico.com☀️ #camilladerrico #popsurrealism #print #popmanga #poppainting #anime #manga #art #artist #artwork #girl #dragon #rainbow #smoke #whitedragon #europe #scotland #lochness #lochnessmonster #Nessie

red-nova  asked:

💘 for Rizz and Grey

Send 💘 for my muse to talk about their crush/lover.

Rizz: *smiles mysteriously* We Chiss don’t usually show a lot of emotion. He’s a typical Chiss, if you don’t know him very well. But there’s a lot under that icy surface that most people will never see. He’s fiercely devoted to his family and to anyone he cares about. Mess with them, and you’re dead.

Grey (BH, about Mavi): Ahem. She is a fierce warrior and she plans to the smallest detail. If you’re at the end of her blades, you can just kiss your life good-bye. But she’s a sensitive person under the exterior. She just doesn’t show that to anyone. *smirks*

Codplay list!

Mr. Freeze

Joker (Custom look.)

Killer Croc

Ganondorf (OOT look… mostly.)

Punisher (Combat outfit.)

Punisher (Drunk Frank Castle outfit.)

Colossus (Custom look.)

Wolf O'Donnell (Human version.)

Darkseid (Custom look.)

Maleficent (Custom look.)

Hobbes (Human version.)


Heimskr, priest of Talos

Sandor (The Hound) Clegane


Fire Nation Something, not sure yet.

Oberon (Custom look)

Ordo Malleus Inquisotor: Warhammer 40k

Modern AC Assassin

Psycop: Babylon 5

M Bison

Judge Dredd