floralking-deactivated20140422  asked:

sorry if its a bother, but since people are on the subject: the people im seeing them with already live in london and will be queueing really early, however my train wont get there until around noonish. i need to be with them as they have my ticket. do you think people would let me into the queue, or will i have to drag the person who has my ticket to the back? because ill feel terrible either way, but theres no way i can get there earlier. you probably dont know but you might have an idea?

you can ask them to claim you as a +1 if someone is doing a line list. when they get a number, make sure they say they have a plus one. so when you arrive, you can queue with them. noon isn’t late enough to piss the early queuers off, i feel.

also, unless they bought their tickets through ticketmaster, you don’t actually have to enter the venue with them. either way though, you can be a +1 i’m sure