whitecaps games

I love that Colin is honestly the best cover for any returning guest star they will have because he’s lovely and friends with everyone and no one can tell if it’s for Once or just because he’s a cool guy:

Georgina is in town? Is she gonna play Elsa again!!? Nope just visiting Colin for her birthday.

Sean Maguire spotted in Vancouver, possible Robin Hood resurrection?! Nope just checking in on the brew and his half of the PlayStation.

MRJ is hanging out at this random bar, does that mean possible Neal appearance? Thank god no, he’s just popping by to get a drink with the boys.

Liam Garrigan reprising his role as King Arthur, Lord of the Underworld? Nah, just taking in a Whitecaps game with Colin.

Bored, so here’s 100 answers.

1. Had sex? I dun did it
2. Bought condoms? Self-checkout is your friend
3. Gotten pregnant? Six times. All triplets.
4. Failed a class? You would too if you were forced to take Accounting.
5. Kissed a boy? No.
6. Kissed a girl? Yes
7. Used a little paper bag for lunch? Nope. I wish.
8. Had a job? Two so far. (See my resume attached) (jk) (unless u want it)
9. Slipped on ice? I live in Canada, cmon.
10. Missed the school bus? No but the public system misses me
11. Left the house without my wallet? Yes
12. Bullied someone on the internet? Only if I was defending someone who was being bullied.
13. Sexted? It was too awkward.
14. Had sex in public? Not yet.
15. Played on a sports team? Soccer since I was 5
16. Smoked weed? Yessir
17. Smoked cigarettes? Nossir
18. Smoked a cigar? Yessir
19. Drank alcohol? Yessir
20. Watched “The Breakfast Club”? I really should do that shouldn’t I
21. Been overweight? Yes
22. Been underweight? Yes
23. Had an eating disorder? No
24. Been to a wedding? Yaz
25. Made fun of someone for being fat? My brother. But then I helped him lose weight so hopefully that makes up for it? I was only funnin
26. Been on the computer for 5 hours straight? That’s nothing
27. Watched TV for 5 hours straight? Yaz
28. Been late for work? Nope
29. Been late for school? Once maybe. I’m a square..
30. Kissed in the rain? Probably.
31. Showered with someone else? Pretty much everyday
32. Failed my driver’s test? THE TESTER FUCKING TRICKED ME
33. Ran a mile in less than 10 minutes? Yes.
34. Been outside my home country? A few places, yeah.
35. Been on a road trip longer than 5 hours? Many a time.
36. Had lice? Nope
37. Gotten my heart broken? Yup, it wasn’t pretty.
38. Had a credit card? I’ve been procrastinating, so nope.
39. Been to a professional sports game? Whitecaps and Canucks.
40. Broken a bone? My toe.
41. Been unhappy about my weight? Right now. Anyone have any advice?
42. Won a trophy? Participation counts, right?
43. Cut myself? Cutting an onion
44. Had an STD? Nope
45. Got engaged? Nope
46. Been on a diet? Intermittent fasting (I loved it)
47. Tried out to be on a TV show? Nah
48. Rode in a taxi? In New York :)
49. Been to prom? Yes
50. Played a drinking game? At camping this year :)
51. Stayed up for 24 hours or more? I believe 37 was my record.
52. Been to a concert? Jack White Lazaretto. I need to see more!
53. Had a three-some? Nope.
54. Had a crush on someone of the same sex? Nope.
55. Been in a car accident? Yeah……
56. Had braces? Fortunately. 
57. Learned another language? Arabic and French so far.
58. Killed an animal? Nope.
59. Been at a yard sale? I haven’t actually. That’s weird.
60. Been to a Japanese steakhouse? No I have not.
61. Wore make up? I was forced. I swear.
62. Talked to someone via webcam? Yes.
63. Lost my virginity before I was 16? At 16.
64. Had my wisdom teeth taken out? I need to do that soon.
65. Kissed someone a different race than myself? 3 of them.
66. Snuck out of the house? And they still don’t know :)
67. Bought porn? You can get literally anything for free if you try hard enough.
68. Had a virus on my computer? Probably because of ^^
69. Had oral sex? Yes
70. Dyed my hair? Green hair-spray paint for sports day long ago
71. Gone skinny dipping? In my bathtub.
72. Graduated from college? Hopefully soon.
73. Wore someone else’s clothes? I’ve work my girlfriend’s croptop.
74. Voted in a presidential election? Prime Minister*** (This year is my 1st)
75. Rode in an ambulance? After that accident from question 55
76. Rode in a helicopter? Nope
77. Caught the stove on fire? Nope
78. Got in a verbal fight? Who hasn’t
79. Met someone famous? Estaban from Suite Life of Zach and Cody
80. Been on vacation? I’ve been blessed with at least a few, yes.
81. Been on a boat? The ferry to Vancouver Island ~
82. Been on an airplane? Lots of times
83. Broken something expensive? My car
84. Had surgery? Nope!
85. Kissed someone before I was 14? I did not.
86. Beat a video game? NO I HAVE NOT! NEVER! WHY WOULD I DO THAT!
87. Found something valuable on the ground? $20
88. Made a survey? Yes for school
89. Stalked someone on a social network? Of course?
90. Prank called someone? I’ve tried. I’m terrible at not laughing.
91. Spent over $100 shopping in one day? My wallet says no, my <3 says yes
92. Been to a library outside of school? Not in a while.
93. Cut my hair and hated it? Not by myself. I was baldspotted once.
94. Peed outside? Of course!
95. Went fishing? Once I think.
96. Helped with charity? Kick for a Cure
97. Taken a pregnancy test? Six times. All positive.
98. Been rejected by a crush? Three times in one year. Different girls.
99. Been suspended from school? Came close a few times, but no.
100. Broken a mirror? Windows, yes. Mirror? I hope not.