Some harmless April fool's day pranks

Here is a list of some harmless pranks I have collected for you :)

  • rick rolling, always good.
  • putting skitles, M&M’s AND reeses pieses in a bowl in a common room.
  • putting a small, but usefull office tool in jellow. ie a stapiler
  • fill your shower with toast
  • put a poster under the toilet seat, instead of saran wrap
  • wrap your friend/parent/cowrker’s laptop/phone in elastic bands
  • collect all the chairs in your school and build a giant pyramid
  • cover a blackboard/whiteboad or car in stickeynotes
  • set all the clocks in your hose to a different time
  • hide all the lest shoes.
  • replace or tape over pictures in your hose with different ones
  • move everything one foot to the left
  • label everything on someones desk, but be creative. Instead of scissors write “paper decapitators”
  • paint pens/markers/pencils/chalk with clear nail polish. this works with bar soap as well.
  • mix soy sauce and sprite in a coke bottle (this one is a tad mean)
  • put a drop of food die on a toothbrush
  • and finally, set alarms on someones phone or laptop to go off periodically during the day

Have a safe, fun and happy April Fool’s!