whitebeard pirates

Whitebeard Pirate Memes

I always see things like this for the Strawhats but never the Whitebeards so here I go.

  • Bird jokes are everywhere, Marco can’t escape them.

“We’re passing a winter island, quick, someone lock up Marco!” -Thatch
“Why?” -Ace
“We don’t want him flying south!” - at this point no one knows if this is a serious issue or not.

  • Holding up curved objects, like banana’s to their face and doing a Whitebeard impression.
  • Never letting Ace forget his ‘murder phase’. (it’s basically treated like an embarrassing goth phase)
  • Jokes about getting Jozu appraised.
  • Whenever something is caught on fire or burned, Ace is always blamed. Even when it’s the culprit is right there.

Fossa burns himself lighting his cigar “Dammit Ace!”
Ace from a whole other room. “What?!”

  • Dad Jokes For Days
  • “Namur is a regular fish outta water.”
  • Handing Blamenco ridiculous items for him to store.

“Hey Blam, store this for me”
“I’m not storing your fucking sandwich”

  • Putting a hallowed out half of a watermelon on their head to do a Curiel impression.
  • Punching with a lit lighter. “Fire Fist!”
  • Whenever someone swears another cover’s Ace’s ears “Not in front of the children!”
  • They do this to Haruta too.
  • Keeping track of who swears the most between Ace and Haruta (Haruta is usually in the lead).
  • There are at least two pineapples set somewhere Marco will inevitably see them at any given time.

That’s all I got rn but feel free to add to this if you got some to share!

Ok, just think about this line for a minute. Law probably has a lot of respect for Whitebeard for this. While he was with Doffy the whole “family is everything” mumbo jumbo was always being talked about by the Donquixote Family, it was a rule they lived by, or so they said. Then Cora-san and Law betrayed the family and Doffy didn’t even bat an eye when he killed Cora-san. He didn’t care. But then Law hears all these stories about the Whitebeard Pirates, how Whitebeard is their father, that they consider themselves a family. So Law listens to the stories and gathers information trying to prove them wrong, that it’s the Donquixote Family all over again. But he can’t find anything. Whitebeard is a legend for the exact reason Law says, he doesn’t sell out his companions. So Law, having experienced the facade that was the Donquixote Family feels a mass amount of respect for Whitebeard for keeping his word and having a real family as a crew.