“Yes, I did it, but I’m a sick man and can’t be judged by the standards of other men.”

Juan Corona was born in Mexico but moved to the United States in the 1950′s where he was hired as a migrant worker. In 1962, he became a labour contractor at fruit orchards in Yuba City, California. He became well established and known as a hard worker and eventually set up his own business in which he would supply seasonal labourers to local farmers. On 19 May, 1971, a farmer called Goro Kagehiro who had hired Corona to arrange labour on his land noticed a large empty hole on his fruit orchard. Confused, he asked around to see if anybody knew who had dug it or why it was there but nobody knew. The farmer returned later on in the evening to discover that the hole had been filled with cement. Obviously concerned, he called the police who arrived at the farm. To their horror, they discovered the mutilated body of Kenneth Whiteacre, a transient labourer. He had been hacked to death and his genitals were exposed. He had also been buried with gay pornography. An excavation was set up and more mutilated bodies were discovered buried on the orchard - all had been hacked to death with a machete, sodomised, and were then buried with their genitals exposed. Juan Corona was linked to the bodies with signed receipts that were discovered on some of the bodies along with a ledger belonging to Corona which contained some of the victims’ names. Corona was quickly apprehended and as search of his home uncovered a machete, a meat cleaver, a double-bladed axe and a wooden club, all stained with blood. A total of 25 bodies were discovered, most were transient men who hadn’t been reported missing by their families. Juan Corona was convicted of 25 murders and was sentenced to life imprisonment.