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heyy can i get uuuhhhhh 27 with calum? love youuuu

27: I’m Living life to the fullest extent

“Please don’t tell my mum.”

Look, it wasn’t an uncommon occurrence for your best friend to do dumb shit. But getting arrested was a line he’d never crossed before, and he was extremely lucky that you were the one to rock up at the station to come and get him.

Calum come wondering out with a sheepish grin, rubbing the back of his neck guiltily and shoulders hunched as he waited for you to rip into him. You were furious, and you knew he could tell. You just glared at him with a shaking head, storming back out of the lobby of the Police Station and into the car park with him following at your heals.

“I’m sorry, y/n!” He called after you but you really were not in the mood.

“Get in the car.” You spat at him, unlocking the white Hyundai and gesturing aggressively for him to get in the passengers seat. You almost felt like the parent, considering Calum looked like a child as he sat pouting next to you. You didn’t start the car, you just sat and tried to find the right words.

“You wanna explain to me,” you started slowly and more calmly than you expected to. “How the fuck you ended up in here?”

“I’m living life to the fullest!” He tried to joke and you rolled your eyes.

“Fuck you, Calum, I’m serious.” You shot, and Calum’s attempt at amusement disappeared in a second flat.

“I’m sorry.” He said again. “I just… wanted to do something - anything. I’m leaving tomorrow and I just… I wanted to see something worth remembering about this place.” He looked almost down, and while your heart ached for him and you wished you could make this better, you were still hurt.

“Am I not enough for you?” You asked. “Am I not worth remembering?”

“That’s not what I meant.” He quickly denied, trying to correct what he just said with panicked eyes.

“It is.” You said, trying your best to stop the prickling behind your eyes. “It is what you meant, Calum. It’s not enough for you that you’re leaving me behind. You had to go and break into The Tower to see something worth seeing and feel something worth feeling because I don’t do it for you.” You watched as Calum’s tears fell first. They were slow and quiet and his bottom lip was trembling the same way yours was.

“Forget it.” You muttered, starting the car and reversing out of the park. “I’ll take you home.”

Hope you liked this!!!! It was more angsty than my original idea, but I felt like tugging on some heartstrings

What I’ve been watching (May 2017)

A post in which I make public (some of) my deeply embarrassing youtube watch history, mostly for my own reference. I totally fell behind while working on some other fandom projects, but I really enjoy having these lists to go back to (especially when I can’t find particular videos on youtube), so here I am again!

  • Ilia Kulik FS Nebelhorn Trophy 1994 - Did you know that four years before the 1998 Olympics, Kulik skated to a Gershwin number wearing a blinding yellow and black costume? He did, oddly enough.
  • Ilia Kulik Rhapsody in Blue 2001/2002 - I never understood people who praised the artistry of Kulik’s olympic FS (such as Lambiel), but this performance might have changed my mind. There’s a lightness and a true enjoyment of the music in this performance that really makes the choreography shine.
  • 1998 Olympics exhibition finale - This is so adorable, especially the bit where Kulik tells the men to do the Candeloro d'Artagnan bow.

  • Studz Canadian Stars on Ice 2003 - Group numbers from ice shows are uniformly awful, and this is one of the worst ever created, but for a while I was watching as many as I could find because what can I say, dude/dude lifts are my jam? This one is kind of adorable and I might like it unironically.
  • Yagudin interpretive program 2002 World Professional Championship - A heartfelt, almost desperate Overcome skated around the time Yagudin was being forced to retire from amateur competitions. Also includes a short interview.
  • Yagudin EX 2001 Goodwill Games - A painful performance, with Yagudin almost looking lost after his devastating defeat. I’m always so fascinated by how easily you can tell what Yagudin is feeling when he skates. There’s also a short interview.
  • Yagudin FS1 2001/2002 GPF - Will I ever get tired of watching Gladiator? No. This performance isn’t clean but still one of my favorites, because you can see the determination radiate from Yagudin’s entire body, which wasn’t always the case in the turbulent 2000/2001 season.
  • Yagudin Bensonhurst Blues SOI Japan 2008 - A silly but fun number I can’t remember seeing Yagudin skate elsewhere.
  • Yagudin Blues for Klook SOI Japan 2007 - This blues number, on the other hand, is TOO SILLY EVEN FOR ME. I think Zhulin choreographed this and I’m tempted to think Yagudin fucked his ex and this is Zhulin’s revenge or something. (I approve of Yagudin/Navka so that’s okay by me.)

  • Yagudin FS k&c 2002 Olympics - My friend and I call this the “Yagudin sexsobs tape”.
  • Yagudin and Hongbo Zhao, Artistry on Ice finale - Adorable hug with two adorable people. Bonus Lambiel signing autographs.
  • Yagudin Jackpot 28.04.2015 - Yagudin doing a number from City Lights looking gorgeous in a white shirt.
  • Hyundai Card Supermacth 2006 (Yagudin focus) - Every number Yagudin was in, I believe, including some stuff with Plushenko.
  • Ballet mime comedy - This has nothing to do with figure skating except you get a surprising amount of ballet mime in skating and also it’s hilarious and you should watch it.
  • Emanuel Sandhu FS 1998 NHK Trophy - Speaking of ballet. I don’t have much fondness for people who think figure skating should be judged by the criteria of ballet (lines! stretch! elegance! just go watch ballet then), but Sandhu is obviously a great performer and this a lovely, almost clean performance. The windmill in the last spin is super impressive!
  • Viktor Petrenko EX 1992 Olympics - Petrenko being adorb but also moving in a way that’s uncannily like Plushenko. (Plushenko is a Petrenko fan, to which Yagudin’s reaction is “Weirdo, he probably doesn’t want to admit he’s an Urmanov fan like all good boys should be.” /only very slight exaggeration)
  • Katarina Witt FS 1994 Olympics - Witt’s heartfelt Where have all the flowers gone? dedicated to the people of Sarajevo.
  • Berezhnaya/Sikharulidze EX 2002 Olympics - The exhibition version of their Chaplin number, which is somehow even better than their FS.
  • Petr Barna FS 1992 Olympics - The first gratified quad in Olympic competition, but I kinda get why people say Kulik is actually the first because this one is clearly a quarter under-rotated. Interesting program though! Barna was also very expressive as Chaplin in the exhibition.
  • Midori Ito EX 1989 NHK Trophy - Ito in an absolutely adorable magician number to Mission Impossible.
  • Shizuka Arakawa SP 1997 NHK Trophy - Only 16 but already fierce Arakawa doing a powerful SP with great speed. Her flip is a lip, which is rather unusual.
  • Chengjiang Li SP 1998 NHK Trophy - I always found Chengjiang super adorable and he shines in this fun, tai chi-inspired program with a huge 3A. His Kung Fu SP for the Olympic season was cute too, with a quad toe that actually looks like it comes out of connecting steps, haha (I’m looking at you, 2000 Yagudin).
  • Stéphane Lambiel fluff 2006 Worlds - Look at this ridiculous zebra dance. Mid-00s Lambiel makes me happy with his face.

  • News story on the creation of Stéphane Lambiel’s Poeta - A short but fantastic watch, with an incredibly intense and tense Lambiel. There’s a moment at the end where he pushes away the choreographer who tries to congratulate him, and you can see Lambiel’s “I’m always nice and friendly!” mask slip.
  • The Skating Lesson interview with Timothy Goebel - Everyone should watch this, the truth bombs he drops and the shade he throws is both enlightening and hi-la-ri-ous. I should make a separate post about it, honestly, but in the meanwhile, go listen to Goebel dish on Weir, Frank Carroll, Dick Button, etc. etc.
  • Goebel and Yagudin 2002 Worlds interview - And then go watch these two boys be cute.
  • Yagudin 1999 Improv on Ice - A young Yagudin is told to improvise something and then flat out steals the choreography of Broken Arrow, which cracks me the fuck up. You thought no one would notice, Yagudin? Well, I NOTICED. Also watch him look adorably awkward with Browning.
  • Bolero 05.11.2011 behind the scenes - Of all the Bolero behind the scenes clips, this is probably my favorite; Yagudin in a black tanktop fooling around looking adorb is my crack.
  • Yagudin Stories in Detail 2005 - A Russian TV documentary following Yagudin to shows, the church, and nightclubs. Adorable and a must-watch.
  • Yagudin and Slutskaya wishes you a happy new year - While looking fucking adorable in matching striped tops. This was their actual performance.
  • Yagudin Хочу знать 17.10.2011 - Yagudin goes to a sports club of some sort where he… rides various instruments and… okay I’ll be blunt this is porn.
  • Yagudin plays Hamlet - And is as adorable as ever.
  • Victoria Dayneko feat. Alexei Yagudin: Needle - Friend, please stop linking me to this. It’s a rickroll at this point.
Dongwoo Scenario + Revelation {Part 2} finale

The requested sequel to Revelation.

It is written in Murphy’s Law that if something can go bad then it usually will. Despite all kinds of careful preparation by you, sometimes the most skillful plans go to waste when up against the hands of Fate who, more often than not, has one of her own.

It happened during the worst time.

“Well, actually, something worse would be in the middle of a traffic jam with no one to help birth the baby except our driver,” Ji said cheerfully as she maneuvered you off of the sofa you were previously resting on. In Dongwoo’s family home the space was comfortable, with sofas and plush chairs arranged in a semi-circle to surround the focal point of the television that now blared out the latest episode of “Hotel King” to deaf ears. At the first onset of contractions and your surprised yelp, all attention had diverted to you unintentionally. The remote fell from Ji’s lap as she quickly stood up—sprightly despite her advanced age—and went to you. Dongwoo’s mother, Yeon Ja, was even faster, getting up and running for the hospital bag that was situated by the front door.

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keep you like an oath

fake dating to piss off family, later continuing even with no one around au (from x) ; fic #3
princess mechanic
3866 words
title from: “uma thurman” by fall out boy 

Clarke comes up from behind Raven, pulling one of her earbuds out and stealing Raven’s coffee as she walks around to the table to the chair opposite her. If it were anyone else, Raven would take the coffee back and dump it over their head, but all Raven does is raise an eyebrow and pause her music, shoving her earbuds back into her bag.

“Hi,” Clarke says, putting Raven’s drink back in its place. “So, I need a favor.”

This piques Raven’s interest immediately. Clarke’s never asked for a favor from her before, just like Raven hasn’t asked Clarke. Usually, they just grab the other and pull them headlong into trouble without bothering to ask or even specifically explain what the trouble is for the first ninety minutes. It works by them having met for the first time when Raven broke into Clarke’s apartment in the middle of the night, having seen Finn go in a few hours before. Theirs is an unconventional friendship, formed by the absolute fuckery of a guy they both used to fuck.  

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