The White Wolf of Icicle Creek [x]

It’s only snowed here a couple of times this winter, so it hasn’t really felt like the season to me. I guess to get my fix of snow I’ll have to play a wintry, snow-filled game like ICE! To create a wintry look inspired by that game, pair a wolf print tee with a leather jacket, white jeans, oxford shoes, a felt hat, and a studded bag. Snowflake earrings, a leaf necklace, a fox necklace (inspired by the fox and geese game), a studded bracelet, a wolf ring, and a leaf ring complete the look.

freddie calls herself a snow princess and throws ice balls at windows and uses expressions like “or i’ll tell my dad”

nancy is a detective who travels internationally every other weekend and is in a (relatively) stable relationship with someone who is in college

i actually think we’re a lot older than your little girl freddie??