Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires played “Traveling Alone” tonight at White Water Tavern and my heart exploded. 

Also, Amanda complimented my lipstick. Win. 

Happy houring after work with my friend Neal’s new book. As I’m reading, a guy across the bar aims his yell at me.

“I’ve only seen two other people try to read in this bar. One of them went blind. Not because of the bad lighting, but because of syphilis, which he caught in this bar.”

Little Rock, Arkansas. 2.27.2015.

SIDENOTE: I’m sad to say my friend Chad Smith died in a car wreck early this morning. When I was broke in a new city, he gave me a job and made me his friend. May he rest well.



I’m oh so very excited to be a part of such a wonderful event.  I’ll be selling my art Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the White Water Tavern in Little Rock, Arkansas for Last Chance Records/Tree of Knowledge/White Water Tavern’s Holiday Hangout.  And you can bet your bottom dollar I’m going to eat at the Whole Hog every day I am in Little Rock.  


a little more shameful self-promotion. When this video was taken, I just written this song three days ago, so I forget my words in it, here and there. But be assured that it has been practiced and fully memorized since. This song is called Asterisk.


13JAN15 – The tale of two one burger, two hearts.  No one tell their bootcamp instructor that this happened.  In their defense, they did share.  Sharing food is a big step (well, not to me, but to some) in a new relationship.  Queue the Friends episode where “Joey doesn’t share food!”

Apologies for the unflattering pics.  But the flash!  I couldn’t be the asshole having the flash go off AGAIN just for the sake of a picture of the day.


I miss this night. So much fun.

She tells me lies I want to believe like:
Her age is always 22; her sparkling eyes a hazel hue.