Thumbs up for this 1937 Packard “Capone”? “Art Morrison Profile air ride chassis, Strange Rear-end, Firestone Air Bags, Exterior Brockmeyer Design, Wheel Vintiques Wheels, Diamond Back Classics white wall tires, Soft Seal rubber Products, Viair Air compressor, PRC Radiator, ABS Electric brake setup, Fast Engine Management system, Inglese Stack Injection, ARP Fasteners, Cook Enterprises custom valve covers, Vintage Air Serpentine System, Gearstar 700-R4 Transmission, MSD Distributor / Ignition System, Flowmaster Hushpower Mufflers, Columbia River Mandrel Bends, Cerakote Exhaust Paint, Lokar Transmission Dip Stick, Throttle Cable, Shifter, Pedals, & Kick Down Cable, Borgeson Steering Joints, Spal Electric Fans, Classic Instrument Gauges, American Autowire Highway 22 Harness, Alpine Head Unit, Subs, Amplifiers, & Speakers, OTB Shifter Handle, Julianos Steering Wheel, Dynamat, Dakota digital door Solenoid, Vintage Air A/C Kit, Ididit Steering Column, Hoffman Group / Autoloc Billet Buttons, AccuAir air ride, Digital Guard dog Push button start..& much more!” - Sherri Candland#thumbsupthursday #packard #capone

when will people realize that not every lesbian is a white blonde girl with super long hair who has a “nice” body with tattoos and resides in california

black lesbians exist (incl. dark skins)
brown lesbians exist
east asian lesbians exist
indigenous lesbians exist
islander lesbians exist
latinx lesbians exist
jewish lesbians exist
muslim lesbians exist
fat lesbians exist
nb lesbians exist
lesbians who aren’t able bodied exist
trans lesbians exist
mentally ill lesbians exist
lesbians who don’t fit eurocentric beauty standards exist

and we’re not just here to be a token post on your blog. we exist and we’re real and we’re just as valid.

it’s really fucking simple: either you shut your mouth and listen to poc when they discuss the rampant racism within fandom spaces and tell you how you can improve upon your behavior/speech to ensure that they feel safe and comfortable around u, or you purposefully ignore, argue, or talk over them and continue with your racist actions, thus contributing to an environment that makes poc feel unsafe in a place where they shouldn’t. those are the only two options. you are either on one side or the other, and it’s getting pretty goddamn clear which side a lot of you are on im just fucking saying