So this white girl on a facebook status was saying that she was tired of white culture being targeted constantly (on an article about the importance of the French language). I basically said that if her biggest problem is that people are annoyed at her whiteness and white culture, then that’s not really that big a problem considering whiteness has, you know, systematically ruined the majority of the world or whatever.

Then she had the gall to say that the culture I want to replace French with is barbaric and horrible… ??? I literally didn’t say anything about my culture but this Islamaphobic clusterfuck of a woman just assumed I wanted a fucking caliphate in France because my name is Arab/Muslim. Honestly how horribly racist and she’s so oblivious to the numerous callouts that tried to educate her. 

Fuck you and your transparent white supremacy.

Listen up other white people, the reason why we don’t have a White History Month is because White History is the default subject in history classes.

Christopher Columbus, Lewis and Clark, the Pilgrims

We are taught everyday about white people and how they’ve impacted the world, but we are never taught about other cultures and races as normally or naturally as we are with White History.

We also take history that isn’t ours. You’ve probably heard about the Stone Wall movie and how much of a flop it was.

Stonewall is apart of Black History, lead by a black trans woman named Marsha P. Johnson.

In the movie she is replaced by a white cisgender man.

We have whitewashed their history enough times.

The importance of Black History Month is to make aware that whites are not the only ones who make history and are affected by it.