23 photos from Trump’s first 100 days show the true power of the Resistance

  • The day of President Donald Trump’s inauguration wasn’t just the beginning of an unprecedented presidency. It was the launch of one of the most sustained protest movements in American history.
  • Over the past 100 days, immigrant communities showed the force of their protest, anti-fascists have lashed out violently at the rising tide of white supremacy and anti-war coalitions long dead have come to life with renewed interest and energy.
  • Here is a concise look back at some of the most significant marches, disruptions and protests that pushed back against Trump’s agenda at every opportunity. Read more. (4/29/17, 10:55AM)

The Trump administration has pulled funding from a group that fights white extremism

  • Fighting right-wing extremism takes work — resources, research, experienced counselors who can speak to those entrenched in hate-based communities, and a network that can help those trying to escape.
  • The Department of Justice stopped funding Life After Hate on Friday, quietly taking the group off the list of organizations that receive grants for fighting violent extremism. 
  • The Obama administration had promised $400,000 to the group, which provides a pipeline for those who want to escape violent white supremacist and reform their lives. 
  • Now, that money is off the table for the only group on the list that worked to stem the tide of white supremacist violence. Read more (6/23/17)

Good Morning from Scotland 

Dawn over the Assynt mountains from Mellon Udrigle Beach

Symphony of Light by Anthony Young
Via Flickr:
About nine years ago when I last spent a week up around these parts we visited a beach at a oddly named place called Mellon Udrigle. It really stuck in my memory due to the pure white fine sands and views to some of the magnificent mountains of Assynt. I remember thinking at the time just how wonderful it would be to witness a summer sunrise from here. Having returned I bit the 3:30 A.M. bullet and left the cottage for the 25 minute drive. It was immediately apparent that I would not be wasting my time as the amount of colour in the sky for around an hour before sunrise as quite astonishing, the sight of the serrated ridges of the Quinag and Suilven set against the glowing sky set my heart racing and made it difficult to concentrate on the road. I manged to arrive in one piece and rushed down to the beach to witness this glorious spectacle all alone. My images from that morning don’t do it justice, whether that is down to my lack of ability of the limitations of my equipment I don’t know but hopefully you can enjoy a fragment of this glorious symphony of light.

new england gothic
  • the leaf peepers are coming. the leaves turn red, and gold, and brown, and they are coming. you lock your doors and draw your curtains. you find a leaf stuck to your boot and you lie very, very, still, and hope that they will not find you. they are coming.
  • you are in a dunkin donuts. you turn to leave, and walk into another dunkin donuts. you try to enter a starbucks, but when you touch the door it melts away, and you still have not left dunkin donuts. your sister is behind the counter. she hands you the iced coffee you never ordered, and her eyes flicker orange and pink. when you look down, you are wearing a dunkin donuts apron, too.
  • the oak tree outside your door never quite sheds its leaves, no matter how cold the wind blows. they turn brown and brittle and wrap around themselves, and the snow freezes them into jagged hanging clumps. every time you walk outside you look up, waiting for the ice to break and let the leaves come crashing down. they never do.
  • nobody lives in vermont. you have never been to vermont. once, you went for a walk in the woods and thought you found vermont, but it turned out to just be an empty carton of ben and jerry’s. the man standing outside of it offered to give you a tour. you declined.
  • “fresh native maple syrup!” the bottle reads. you pick it up, and you can hear the trees outside groaning, sighing, weeping from the holes drilled in their sides. this is their life force. you whisper, “sorry,” as you pour it on your pancakes.
  • they say it was a mental hospital, once. they say it is haunted. you see it rising like a castle in the distance every day, and you hear stories of friends of friends who broke in, but you never go near it yourself. later, they build a plot of condos with yellow aluminum siding on the same hill, to hide it from view. the condos close after a year, but they never do get around to tearing them down.
  • “the snow is beautiful,” you say. the snow falls, and it keeps falling. “just beautiful.” your cheeks hurt from smiling so hard, your face red and raw in the wind. a snowflake lands on your eyelashes, melts, and rolls down your cheek. the heavy white tide rises until you can no longer see the roof of your car. “who would want to live anywhere else?”

Good news: Kali likes Sun (which embarrassed Blake when she said so)

Bad news: Ghira has recently been having meetings with the White Fang, which he just left to go talk to.

That’s really, really, really bad news.

Fennec and Corsoc Albain (hereby called the Albain Twins for the sake of brevity) were at the door. Representatives of the White Fang in Menagerie.

They’re all calm and collected and saintly and pious, trying to gently inform Sun that “the media greatly exaggerates” the motives and actions of the White Fang.

Fucking bullshit.

Blake and Sun were there at Beacon when the White Fang unleashed tides of Grimm on helpless citizens. Blake and Sun were there when they risked their lives to protect people from White Fang gunmen. Blake was there when a general of the White Fang stabbed her in the gut and dismembered her close friend.

Frankly, if Ghira doesn’t side with Blake once this scene is over and she says her part, I’ll flip a table.