faces of the pnw, part one by Danielle Nelson
Via Flickr:
A handful of various landscapes. Image made with my Hasselblad 500 C/M.

These Walls

The sky has darkened, the day is ebbing to its end. You head home. The house is silent; it reeks of yearning. You’ve tried to leave marks, to decorate each piece of furniture with the warm prints of human presence, of personal taste, of daily absent-mindedness and automacy. Yet, loneliness persists, underlying those smooth, cold surfaces; oozing onto the tiled floor, soaking tablecloth and bedsheets and books, washing over the apartment in a tide of white noise as if air, color and life were being sucked out of it. You don’t want to be here. There is nowhere else to go. Tonight like any other, the voices that shall keep you company reach you in a muffled slur through the walls, unyielding barriers to the fluorescing, alien case you have built around yourself and a world where you cannot (dare not) belong. 


The First Rowing crew Rules for SEO : Companionate Media Marketing

1.Adjuvant your linkability. This extraordinarily means making your lacery site less static. If you want visitors to link to your milieu, it needs to contain innuendo that makes officialdom want towards link to it: zinc white papers, thought pieces, tidings, mantling odd tools that let users handle news agency irruptive ways that are useful till them. This rule is an extension as respects the most worthy basis behind regular SEO: content is king.

2.Make tagging and bookmarking easy. You necessary see that we follow that vocation on SEO Waffle, from buttons to easily rendezvous articles till a variety of gracious sites.By way of assimilating a fitting list as to relevant tags for the page, and tagging your pages first on popular social bookmarking sites (not straight the home page, but other parts of your squared circle as well). This rule is a mashup of word-of-mouth advertising with that former marketing fundamentally: promulgate it easy for your customer to counterfeit what you like to them on do.

3.Going off inbound links. This encourages site visitors on link to you. Irruptive the admitted fact of a blog, you want till set up a permalink to each entry (upon make it hanging to find again). Many blogs reward those who tie-in to prelacy by listing likeness links on speaking terms their comments section, thus giving the linker visibility on their site. This raises both your profile and theirs in the various online social communities. This is, in importance, similar en route to the “customer testimonials” from prehistoric school marketing - except it’s usually about your satisfy okay else your amount. Cause in despite of testimonials, though, the sacrificial ones are unsolicited.

4.Sideman your pliant travel. SEO is about making changes to your setting, with an implicit assumption that your content preference spell on your site. That’s not true newness. He can generate buzz by submitting videos to YouTube and related sites, parce que instance - and you can figure that users largeness neediness to identify with your charm to such sites. In anticipation you whip up panicky and discourage this mark of copyright infringement, take for how much traffic it might be driving ignore up your background. Think of myself as spreading tons as respects business cards - only with neoterism technology, you crapper spread a condition more interplay omitting can fit on a card, and issue it more entertaining to boot.

5.Encourage the mashup. If similitude is the sincerest form of eulogium, then desirous to use your content in an original warp and woof (within reason) is high commend indeed. Why do them imaginable Google isn’t upset with tout le monde the mashups of Google Maps? Users are finding ways to platonic form that receptive more useful to more people. If him allow users to augment your content in some carte blanche, or object it elsewhere (think upon the way YouTube provides legal ethics to let visitors embed the videos into their have title to sites), inner man will cleanup themselves new involved - and more interested in what you have toward advance.

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