Return of the Truth

I’ve wanted to do a picture of this kind for AGES! :D A tribute to my fav pick of my favourite set of Pokemon games, Black and White! If you’re one of the haters, come and try to tell me these games are shitty. I’ll gladly laugh in your face :3

Anyway, it has been a year since my first piece done with tablet. I tried something new again, something a bit more “painty”. I’m planning to add a similar piece with N and Zekrom on Dragonspiral Tower. So one day, hopefully.


Villainous Team Leaders

  • Giovanni - Team Rocket
  • Archie - Team Aqua
  • Maxie - Team Magma
  • Cyrus - Team Galactic
  • Ghetsis - Team Plasma
  • Lysandre - Team Flare
  • Guzma - Team Skull


All right, everyone. I’m about to lay some seriously mind-blowing stuff on all of you. Consider these facts:

RUBY ROSE. She is the Leader. She is also Little, and must be protected by…

WEISS SCHNEE. Or should I say weiSS Schnee. Who is Small and full of Salt, and is the opposite color of…

BLAKE BELLADONNA. Or should I say Blake Belladonna. Who is one half of Bumbleby, the other half being…

YANG XIAO LONG. Otherwise known as yaNg xiao loNg. Yang has No right arm or patieNce or mom. Her mother’s name? None other than raveN braNweN.

What does this all mean, you ask????

You fools. You absolute fools.

Team RWBY was never Team RWBY at all, that’s what! Look at the facts right there in front your faces.

Yes, that’s right. They have always been nothing other than…