Day 149/365: May 29th 2017 | Reunited with Charmy + Well Tea

Charmy is finally back in Richmond!!!! So we met up today and went to Alexandra Rd. for food and eventually, after many failed attempts of trying to find a place to eat (so many places were closed because lunch time was over rip), we went to Well Tea! I got the honey fried chicken with fried rice + guava green tea. They gave me SO MUCH CHICKEN LMFAO!!!!!! Why do I eat so much chicken HAHAHAHA I seriously eat it so often jsdfakjsg… it must be Gaby’s influence because she loves chicken so much ;p it rubbed off on me LOL~~ Anyway, Charmy and I just talked and caught up while eating for about 2 hours! The restaurant was really quiet because no one eats at 2/3pm LMAO. After eating, we went to Lansdowne to take outfit photos for me LMFAO and then we both went home. Today was SOOOO hot. Fun day though!!! ^__^