Date the one with scales that glow, who smells like the sea in the most comforting ways. The one with a laugh like the rolling waves, who disappears and reappears with the tides. Date the one who will sit on the rocks and sings songs to you as the moon rises and points out constellations as they appear. They’ll disappear once the sun rises, diving back into the depths.

Date the one made out of cosmic dust, who glows with the moon in their eyes and stars in their skin. Freckles making constellations on their skin that move and match the skies. Date the one with galaxies for hair and a touch cold as the vacuum of space but hotter than the sun.

Date the one who hides in the groves of the forests. Flowers woven into their hair and dirt caked to the bottoms of their feet. Date the one who hides in the shades and dances in the sunlight. Find they who make the trees their homes, who grow and nurture the seeds as they grow. Find the ones who talk to the animals and fly free with the birds.

Date the one who is nothing but darkness, who’s eyes are white slits in the shadow. Date the one with the gapping maw with an unsatiable hunger for knowledge and matter. The one who glides without sound through the halls of an abandoned building, peering at what once was theirs.