Canyon in Grey by kitarp
Rain cloud pouring its load onto one of the plateaus. I definitely count myself lucky to have been able to capture this. Having been to the Grand Canyon multiple times, this was the only time I found conditions for a dramatic sky, and isolated rain clouds in action. This was taken from one of the viewpoints on the South Rim My Facebook Page- http://ift.tt/1c5DFLf Website- www.kitarp.com Press: ’M’ - for maximizing ‘L’ - to like 'F’ - to favorite Visit my page at- http://ift.tt/1tMWmI6www.kitarp.com Press: ’M’ - for maximizing 'L’ - to like 'F’ - to favorite Visit my page at- http://ift.tt/1tMWmI6
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Quote from a Journal - 23rd May 2014

“I ran along the rocky path up to Quarry Wood Pond where I climbed off the path and back into the woods. I followed animal tracks through the trees and the blue bells, on the opposite side of the river to the trail. Rabbits and deer scurried away as I approached, I ran past the Quarry’s water outlet and continued through the trees”

1 year ago today (23rd May 2015)

Un judío en New York. by Bladerunner26354
Mi segundo viaje a New York, para mi la ciudad con más oportunidades fotográficas del mundo. Sus edificios, sus magníficos skylines y sobre todo…sus gentes, su maravillosa diversidad de culturas. Tuve la suerte que al instante de hacer esta foto, apareció este judío ortodoxo, consiguiendo con esta instantánea la prueba gráfica de lo que antes os comentaba. Espero que os guste.
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