witch house songlist

Shuck - Purity Ring

Catch You By Surprise - Art Department

Expect - Balam Acab

Redlights - Salem

Ascension - Tycho

Plague - Crystal Castles

Obedear - Purity Ring

Ready for the World - How to Dress Well

Sick - Salem

If I - Fantastic Mr Fox

Treetop - Clams Casino

Springs (feat. Butterclock) - oOoOO

Archangel - Burial

Belly of the Beast - Gazelle Twin

Eat Flesh (Crystal Castles Remix) - HEALTH

Outside the Night - Von Haze

King Night - Salem

Wrath of God - Crystal Castles

Inpouring - Holy Other

NoWayBack (feat. Butterclock) - oOoOO

Run Me Out - Zola Jesus

Burnout Eyess - oOoOO

IxC999 - White Ring

Apart - Balam Acab

Love Some1 - Holy Other

Natural - Clams Casino

Ruby - Mount Kimbie

Fineshrine - Purity Ring

Hunting for Pearls - iamamiwhoami

Romantic Streams - Sleep ∞ Over

Beat and the Pulse - Austra

Casual Diamond - Sleep ∞ Over

Lover’s Start - How to Dress Well

U-1 - iamamiwhoami

Till We Ghosts - Petite Noir

Sever - iamamiwhoami

Foundation - Years & Years

Sullen Ground - Mount Kimbie

Empathy - Crystal Castles

E2 - Supreme Cuts

Ouroboros - Oneohtrix Point Never

Big Boy - Balam Acab

Nothing Here - Holy Other

Dieu - The Haxan Cloak

Remember - Oneohtrix Point Never

Swimmer - Four Tet

Cmyk - James Blake

In Violet (Salem Remix) - HEALTH

The Shrew Would Have Cushioned the Blow - Joy Orbison

Daedalus - Fostercare

Forgive - Burial

Loner - Burial

Vanessa - Grimes

Postpone - James Blake

Child I Will Hurt You - Crystal Castles

Suffocation (Los Campesinos! Remix) - White Ring

Joyland - TR/ST

The White Tree - The Lord of the Rings

Milky Words - Butterclock

Stay Away - Charli XCX

Thievery - Arca

See Birds (Moon) - Balam Acab

lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time; enduring or continually recurring.
[listen here]

Violence Andy Stott Turning Violent The Flaming Lips Reptile Nine Inch Nails Body & Blood Clipping Born To Die (Clams Casino Remix) Lana Del Rey Mumbai oOoOO Frail Crystal Castles Asia Salem Felt U (GHXST KILLER X RMX) WHITE RING How It Was Andy Stott Loner Burial Mara The Haxan Cloak

Hands 2 Hold U Down
  • Hands 2 Hold U Down
  • White Ring
  • Black Earth That Made Me

White Ring - Hands 2 Hold U Down

Two hands
To hold you down
Yours and mine
Life is amazing
You’re amazing
Amazing, amazing

Two hands
I’ve got you now
Don’t you ever die
Life is amazing
You’re amazing
Amazing, amazing

Weren’t we sad from the start?
Black earth runs inside my heart
Runs deep inside you
Run into the flame