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Wow guys!

One of my White Python magnetic strip’s glue got old a while ago and I had to replace the magnets. I replaced and then the magnet came off, with the glue. I emailed them and they sent me a new pack. I replaced again but it still came off. Turns out I should have replacing both the magnets at the same time and that’s why they were still falling down - and they STILL offered to send me some clips for a more permanent solution. I got the package today and they’ve sent FOUR kits of four clips! I mentioned that I had them in ¾ leo tanks, so I guess they sent enough to cover them all :D

Shoutout to White Python for being awesome!

funnyfoxes55  asked:

Hi i was wondering if there are any genes on leopard geckos that should not be bred. For example with ball pythons we've got the spider/wobble gene. Anything on leopards?

Unfortunately there are a few leopard gecko morphs that either have issues or potential issues linked with specific morphs. 



Enigma leopard geckos ALL have some degree of “Enigma Syndrome” which is a neurological disorder similar to the “wobble” in ball pythons. It causes a lot of balance and cognition issues. Enigma is a dominant morph as well, so if you breed an enigma to a normal half of the offspring will have the enigma gene. Most homozygous enigmas die before they hatch. It is very unfortunate, because it’s a cool looking morph, but because it is an autosomal dominant disorder (in other words you can not outcross an enigma enough so that it won’t be linked to the disorder) they should not be bred, again similar to spider ball pythons.

White and Yellow (WY)
WY leopard geckos are somewhat similar in appearance to enigma leopard geckos and some have varying amounts of enigma syndrome (sometimes called WY disorder or WY syndrome). Careful breeding (mostly done by Geckoboa) has proven that the disorder is not linked to the WY gene. It is perfectly possible to have a clean line of WY or to outcross a disordered line of WY to unrelated geckos and “breed out” the disorder. If you are interested in a WY gecko be sure to ask the breeder if their breeding group shows any signs of ES or other neurological symptoms.


Decided to share these because x-rays are awesome.

So Jocelyn has been having problems for a bit. She’s been regurgitating food. Now, the first regurge I could understand because I bothered her a lot after she ate, so I let it slide. Waited 2-3 weeks and fed again. Then we got another regurge. I figured from an upset stomach of the first one, everything else about her checked out. Started her on probiotics. Fed her a pinkie m.ouse 3 weeks later. Regurged that.  I decided to palpate her for abnormalities and found a lump. Ugh…

At the vet we found out the lump moves which means it’s an impaction. It doesn’t show up too well on the x-rays though. The likely running theory right now is she got impacted…. on fur…. (Stares into the camera like I’m in The Office.)

Basically white lips are known for regurging fur casts from their food, but we’re thinking that didn’t happen this time, and the fur went down instead of up. Since her lower digestive track is not meant for fur, it’s stuck. We managed to reshape it to be easier to pass and moved it down a bit. I may try to work it out a bit more under advisement as well. Until it is out, she is on a liquid diet.

They do naturally consume furred mammals but I guess this can happen too. So basically white lips are the worst.