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Could you write something about Kevin? But nothing out of character (fluff etc.) So something creepy/feel pf being threatened but kinda romantic. (...Sounds so weird...) I Don't mind some smut btw:P

Notes: This is really long, and probably one of my best ones.

Warnings: Smut is slightly forced.

Your science teacher has assigned a project for the class to do, everyone got partners. Unfortunately you got the quiet kid, Kevin, who sits on the left side of the room. But you would admit, he’s got quite the face. You were the one who made the effort to set up a date when you could come over to work on it. This Saturday, 1:00pm to 7:00pm.

11:00am rolled around and you were getting ready. Your outfit consisted of a black skirt that reached mid-thigh, a white sweater (cozy), black thigh highs, and white converse. Hell, you looked cute. Your flowing hair was did up in a bun with a flower pin in it. You were so ready.

Time came and you drove to his house. His house huge, made out of stone, and was quite frankly, an aesthetic. You exited your mom’s Toyota Highlander, checking yourself for one more time in the mirror before walking up to his front door. You could hear some clamoring stop immediately when you knocked on the door.

An older woman, in her early 50s, opens the door. Her brown hair is short, fringed, and mussed up. She has a sharply defined face, skinny and lanky body, and giant, doll eyes.

“Kevin didn’t tell me his partner was a girl.” Her eyebrows raised. Her voice quite monotonous and she wore a tired, worn expression as if she hasn’t slept. You smiled, a little flustered for some reason. You held your hand out to greet her. Her grip was soft, her hand cold yet inviting.

“I’m Y/N.” You give the woman a friendly smile. “I’m Kevin’s mom.” She opened the door a little, inviting you in. “Thank you.” You replied out of instinct. The inside of their house was just as beautiful, light and warm colours. She brought you into the kitchen, where you could see the living room. White couch, behind it sat three grey sofas and black and white photos of Kevin and what you’re assuming to be his sister.

“I have to run some errands, I’ll be back by 4:00.” Kevin’s mom tells you. Why? No clue. “Kevin! Celia! I’m leaving!” She calls out, which is followed by a loud pitter patter of footsteps.

“Bye, mommy!” A blonde girl, about 8, runs up and hugs her. She turns to look at you, in which you discover an eyepatch on her head. “Hello.” You greet her, waving at her in a welcoming tone. She smiles at you, a little bashful. “Hi..” You sat on a kitchen stool, admiring this cute interaction, tracing circles into the skirt fabric.

Something catches attention out of your peripheral. You look upwards, at the balcony, to find Kevin staring at his mother, then at you. He wasn’t making eye contact, but he was looking at you. His high cheekbone highlighted by the ceiling light above him. “Hey.” You stand up. He’s wearing a plain white tee, which shows off his midriff. He walks down the stairs, keeping his eyes on you the entire time. ‘God, he’s strange’.

“Hello, Y/N. You’re here,” Kevin slows down when he reaches the kitchen counter that you sat at. “On time.” He spoke with that familiar smirk tugging on his lips. “Let’s go to my room. Work on that project.” There was an odd pause before project, weird. “Yeah, that’s why I’m here.” You tried to lighten the mood by trying soft humour, but he glanced at you, before walking up the stairs.

You both were sitting on the floor of his room, figuring how to make the poster. You were sitting criss-cross, which wasn’t proper skirt etiquette, but he was sitting next to you, so he couldn’t see anything. “I have neat handwriting so I can bubble letter the title.” You suggest, grabbing a red marker from next to you. “You want to colour them?” You lie down on your stomach to write better. He raises his eyebrows, “Sure.”

As you finished the first word, you felt a light brush on the back of your upper thigh. It made you shutter. It was his hand, grabbing a black marker. This strange embrace on your leg gave you goosebumps. It felt so wrong, but so good. Your eyes fluttered over at him, unsure, his eyes already staring at you. Brown eyes were common, but not his. Even if for five seconds, the intensity in Kevin’s eyes intrigued you. His eyes, like ebony leather, which may match his distant attitude. Yet, they had me hypnotized. That smug look appeared back on his face before he coloured the words, kneeling on all fours.

The title said: “Impact Force of a Falling Object”. Kevin went to grab another marker, but as pulled his arm back to himself, he dropped it… right between your thighs, just underneath the hem of your skirt. He allowed himself to put his long fingers under the fabric, caressing your inner thigh. Almost immediately you let out a small gasp. “Kevin, we’re supposed to work on the project… C’mon now, stop.” Your voice was weak, shaky. “My bad.” He purred.

Kevin was still kneeling on all fours, filling in the word ‘falling’. He tossed the red marker he was using over, and it hit another marker, sending it rolling a foot away. He crawled over you and grabbed it. Before returning to his seat, he hovered over your back, still kneeling. Kevin placed a finger at the edge of your sock, delicately dragging it up to the hem of your skirt. “Kevin, what are you doing..?” Your face was turning a red tint, surprised from his gentle trace.

Your hormones were going crazy, an attractive male touching you in places only you have touched. You could feel yourself blush, the heat in your cheeks only getting hotter, your skin tingled at the slightest contact from him. “We shouldn’t be doing this…” You whisper yelled. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him, mainly because you could feel his glare already piercing your soul.

His slender fingers creeping up your leg, under your skirt, then just  skimming across your panties, it was an odd sensation – his cool fingers pressing down on the warm damp spot on your crotch. The gentle trace of his digit then transitioned to him pulling your lace thong down. (Of course you were going to wear cute underwear at a cute boy’s house.) Carefully, you looked up at him. He was watching you through his thick eyelashes, head down towards your arse.

“K-Kevin,” You panted, right hand squeezing your marker. “Your sister is downsta-“He cut you off by sliding his index finger into you and kissing you. The kiss was slow and passionate. You were still face down on the wood, allowing him to fingerfuck you when his other hand came up around your waist, under your shirt, groping your breast.

You got up, him observing, with a slightly angered look. If he thinks you were going to leave, he’s wrong. You pulled your shirt off, unclasped your bra, throwing it across the room. He smirked again, and you felt hot. You rested your back onto the bed and he continued. As he fingered your, his thumb played with your clit. Your shaking arm grabbed his white pillow, then shoved it in your mouth to stop you from screaming his name.

As his right hand played with your pussy, his left hand pinched and twisted your nipples. He stopped for a quick second to pull his pants down, revealing a boner in his boxers. Kevin grabbed you by the knees, spreading you apart. He got between your thighs, taking his hard on and rubbing it against your wet lips. His hips bucked and thrusted on you, his hard girth pushing into your clit. His breathing got loud as your knees started shaking, he then started kissing you. His lips were smashing against yours like a tidal wave. You were going to cum, and he was too. He pulled away, a line of saliva connecting your mouths. His lips enclosed around your nipple as you both came. You could feel the dampened spot on his boxers from his climax, warm on your thigh. He got off you, pulling his hair out of his face. He’s still panting, as are you. You grab your panties, slid them on, and watch as he changes. Just in time too, his sister walks in.

“What were you guys doing?”


White Plains photos!  I’m dumb and didn’t bring my camera this time so enjoy iPhone photos, lol.

1. Super ugly JCP.  I love taking pictures of ugly JCP because it makes me appreciate Raisinet more UuU
2.CBB Southern hognose!  It was so tempting.. they even have it on pinks. T.T
3 & 4. I’m not really a BP morph expert, but I kept coming back to this ghost BP.  It blew me away.  It had a crazy reduced pattern and its colors were mindblowing.  Unfortunately it was only being sold because it refused anything other than live ASF. :( So gorgeous though.
5. SUPER ORANGE BOA that I snapped for Skink cuz she likes orange things.
6. Caramel albino PARADOX.  This is a dream snake.  If I was rich, I would have loved to snatch this BP up in an instant.

87. Your Yellow Sweater

The sight of it used to calm me. My phone would be flashing, your image on screen – handsome man in a yellow sweater, forest in the background. I’d knock over books and bottles to get to my phone, till the sound of your voice filled my ears.

We’d talk about the intimate and the inane, from stories of our broken (healing) hearts to the bogus personality quizzes we loved to take. I’d always picture you in that yellow sweater, your phone to your ear, sunrise or sundown, at your forest backyard.

The first time you told me about her, I knew I was going to lose you. But I stayed on, clinging to the comfort of you in your yellow sweater, even if you told me you had worn a leather jacket that day to impress her or a plain white shirt to show off your morning workout’s rewards.

Every time your yellow sweater would flash, I’d pick up. Close my eyes. Listen to stories about her, how you would talk about the intimate and the inane, from stories of your heartfelt confessions to the way she loves pineapples on her pizza, which you abhor but now enjoy. (Don’t you remember I told you I liked pineapples on my pizza too?)

Your yellow sweater disappeared for weeks. I’d look desperately at my phone, missing how I’d knock over books and bottles to hear you, till the sound of your voice filled my ears.

Then the phone calls came again, but this time your yellow sweater began to have a pattern. You both had a fight and you needed comfort. She was studying for a test and you needed someone to talk to. You couldn’t tell her how it frustrated you that you couldn’t open up to her but why could you open up to me?

The sight of it used to calm me. My phone would be flashing, your image on screen – handsome man in a yellow sweater, forest in the background. But I know where I stand. I’m a filler for her. I’m her stand-in, her substitute, and I can’t – I just can’t anymore.

I used to knock over books and bottles to hear you, but this time I reach for them to shield my phone, till the ringing ceases, till the vibrating stops, till I see your yellow sweater no more.

Songs of the Classpects:


Witch“How Far We’ve Come” Matchbox 20
Heir“You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid” The Offspring
Mage“Sail” Awolnation
Seer“Options” Gomez
Prince“Be What You Wanna Be” Darin Zanyar
Bard“Free Falling” Tom Petty
Maid“Dancing Through Life” Wicked
Sylph“Twist And Shout” The Beatles
Thief“Oh No!” Marina And The Diamonds
Rogue“Not Afraid” Eminem
Knight- “Survivor” Destiny’s Child
Page“Forever Young” Alphaville


Witch“Sweet Dreams” Emily Browning
Heir“Just Got Lucky” Jo Boxers
Mage“Superstition” Stevie Wonder
Seer- “Lights” Ellie Goulding
Prince“Bad Luck” Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
Bard“Everything Happens to Me” Chet Baker
Maid- “The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side” The Magnetic Fields
Sylph“Everything at Once” Lenka
Thief“Hollywood” Thin Lizzy
Rogue“Lucky” Britney Spears
Knight“Charmed Life” Divine Comedy
Page“I’m A Bad Luck Woman” Memphis Minnie


Witch“Paradise” Coldplay
Heir- “Lollipop” Mika
Mage“Viva la Vida” Coldplay
Seer“Some Nights” Fun
Prince“Our Time Now” Plain White T’s
Bard“Blue Lips” Regina Spektor
Maid“Titanium” David Guetta
Sylph“Popular” Wicked
Thief“Do Anything You Wanna Do” Eddie and the Hot Rods
Rogue“Young and Beautiful” Lana Del Rey
Knight“Good Enough” Jussie Smollett
Page“1, 2, Step” Ciara


Witch“How To Be A Heartbreaker” Marina And The Diamonds
Heir“Love Story” Taylor Swift
Mage“Crawling” Linkin Park
Seer“Say Hey” Michael Franti & Spearhead
Prince“Lose Yourself” Eminem
Bard“Basket Case” Green Day
Maid“True To Your Heart” Stevie Wonder
Sylph“Cupid Shuffle” Cupid
Thief“Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better” Annie Get Your Gun
Rogue- “Complicated” Avril Lavigne
Knight- “Bleeding Out” Imagine Dragons
Page“500 Miles” Alexander Rybak


Witch“If Everyone Cared” Nickelback
Heir- “I Don’t Want To Be” Gavin DeGraw
Mage“Little Wonders” Rob Thomas
Seer“Angel By Your Side” Francesca Battistelli
Prince“Candy Store” Heathers
Bard“We Are Young” Fun
Maid“Brand New Day” Kari Kimmel
Sylph“Starships” Nicki Minaj
Thief“Game Of Life” Yuzuhiko
Rogue“Plant Life” Owl City
Knight“Eye of the Tiger” Survivor
Page“No More Mr. Nice Guy” Alice Cooper


Witch“Happiness Is Just An Illusion” Wildweeds
Heir“Tubthumping” Chumbawamba
Mage“Hope For The Best” You Me At Six
Seer“With A Wonder And A Wild Desire” Flogging Molly
Prince“Death For My Birthday” Say Anything
Bard“Blind Faith” Ed Sheenan
Maid“Fighter” Christian Aguilera
Sylph- “Big Fun” Heathers
Thief“Piano Man” Billy Joel
Rogue“I’m Not Good Enough” Jeremy Jordan
Knight“Knight In Shining Armor” Rob Michael
Page“Happy” Pharrell Williams


Witch- “Nothing Is Permanent” Brave Combo
Heir“Pulled” The Addams Family Musical
Mage- “Blood” My Chemical Romance
Seer- “Connection” The Rolling Stones
Prince- “Bad Blood” Taylor Swift
Bard- “Runaway Train” Soul Asylum
Maid- “Defying Gravity” Wicked
Sylph- “Umbrella” Rihanna
Thief- “A Man’s Gotta Do” Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
Rogue- “Missing” Evanscence
Knight- “Carry You” Union J
Page- “Bad Day” Daniel Powter  


Witch- “Secret” Pierces
Heir- “Keeping Secrets” Kicking Daisies
Mage- “Pressure” Draper
Seer- “Something From Nothing” Foo Fighters
Prince- “Faint” Linkin’ Park
Bard- “Ignore Me Then” Jonathan Brooks
Maid- “Procrastination” Amy Winehouse
Sylph- “She’s Crafty” Beastie Boys
Thief- “Policy Of Truth” Depeche Mode
Rogue- “Everybody’s Fool” Evanscence
Knight- “Your Lurking Shadow” Fighting Jacks
Page- “Seriously” Crosby Loggins  


Witch“Glad You Came” The Wanted
Heir- “Stereo Hearts” Gym Class Heroes
Mage- “Down To The Second” Zach Berkman
Seer- “Synesthesia” Andrew McMahon
Prince- “Stop The Noise” Zeromancer
Bard- “Get Out Alive” Three Days Grace
Maid- “My Immortal” Evanscence
Sylph- “I’m In A Hurry” Florida Georgia Line
Thief- “Diva” Beyonce
Rogue- “Make This Moment Last” Jim Gavin
Knight- “Moving On” Asking Alexandria
Page- “I Got This” Jennifer Hudson  


Witch- “Break The Rules” Charli XCX
Heir- “Change Your Mind” Boyce Avenue
Mage- “Seven Devils” Florence & The Machine
Seer- “Got Me Wrong” Alice In Chains
Prince- “Radioactive” Imagine Dragons
Bard- “Irrational Anthem” Plain White T’s
Maid- “The Show” Lenka
Sylph- “Mind of Logic” Camille Michael Gray
Thief- “Teenagers” My Chemical Romance
Rogue- “Somebody Special” AM Kidd
Knight- “Behind The Mask” Michael Jackson
Page- “Electric Avenue” Eddy Grant  


Witch- “Living In Chaos” The Offspring
Heir- “Ticking Bomb” Aloe Blacc
Mage- “Decay” Sevendust
Seer- “Savin’ Me” Nickelback
Prince- “No Pressure” Little Boots
Bard- “The Lazy Song” Bruno Mars
Maid- “Roar” Katy Perry
Sylph- “Rules” Jayme Dee
Thief- “I Love To Hate You” Erasure
Rogue- “Selfless” New Found Glory
Knight- “Sacrifice” Lacrae
Page- “Castle Of Glass” Linkin Park  


Witch- “Brand New Day” Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
Heir- “You’re Wrong” NOFX
Mage- “Demons” Imagine Dragons
Seer- “I Won’t Back Down” Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
Prince- “Count On Me” Bruno Mars
Bard- “Caught Like a Fly” Falling In Reverse
Maid- “The Confrontation” Les Miserables
Sylph- “Like Toy Soldiers” Eminem
Thief- “Girl With One Eye” Florence
Rogue- “Discord” TheLivingTombstone’s Remix Of “Discord” By Eurobeat
Knight- “Go” Boys Like Girls
Page- “You Don’t Own Me” Grace  

Good Morning

Midnight Cinderella Imagines
Byron Wagner x Reader

note: phones exist here again.

The soft chirping of the birds drifting on the room from the open window woke you up that morning. Soft, long lashes fluttered on pale cheeks before one (E/C) eye opened and scanned the room you’re currently in. The whole room was immaculate -snow-white sheets to snow-white curtains fluttering against the soft breeze. Aside from the birds’ chirping voice, you could hear another sound, close to your left ear – the sound of a soft beating. Curiously, you lifted your head and looked up.

“Good morning, (Y/N).”

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Initial Thoughts: Mindful Education

I actually didn’t have the time to post this, but I watched Mindful Education, and I couldn’t not process how I felt about it. I don’t have pictures yet because I just finished watching it. But I have things to say. 

I loved the episode and I love that this is where “Here Comes a Thought” comes in. This was so brilliantly done. The imagery and the metaphor for fear, uncertainty, regret, and guilt. It’s all there. And we get to see more about fusion as well and it’s wonderful. So here are some of my thoughts:

1. The deconstruction of the hero adventure narrative

I want to start with this and get right into the meat of the episode. We’re looking at a show with a tried and tested premise. A magical world opened to young people, just seemingly ordinary people. These people just getting powers, suddenly finding themselves in the position of saving the world. And in many shows, especially when genres like the Magical Girl (Mahou Shojou) first came out, these people, usually kids or teenagers, would keep fighting and the bad guys kept coming but they were irrevocably on the side of good.

Back in the past, I talked about how SU blurred morality in this way, that it was based on context. But this is another big thing. No matter who you are, going through what you do, having to be the ultimate decider in a way and feeling like you’re the line between good and evil, it’s not easy. And it doesn’t make it easier knowing that they’re young, and many see them as children. Think of Power Rangers, and whether they ever felt that what they were doing may not have been totally right, just beating up their enemies 9 out of 10 of the time.

Steven Universe, this episode in particular, is implementing that same framework on a reality very much like our own. There was a phase in which I received a lot of asks about Steven and Connie’s flaws. The very premise of their activities though, when viewed through a real-people lens, shows that it’s a real struggle. And for most people, those struggles aren’t something they openly flaunt, talk about, or even want to think about. I love how that was shown here.

Connie is being trained to fight and poof sentient creatures who seem terrifying but are scared and vulnerable. She knows this. It does take a toll on her. She’s being taught violence and it’s bleeding into other aspects of her life. That’s a real concern. The swordplay doesn’t end after training. The culture is there, with her, a part of her. She can’t just compartmentalise her life because these experiences are leaving an imprint on her, making them a part of her.

Then, especially in the latter part of the episode, we see the many times Steven has had to make a lot of judgement calls. Sometimes they work out, and sometimes they don’t. But either way he feels responsible for them. And we know that these are dark moments, but now we can explicitly see that he does think about it, and he does feel guilt. He more than anyone else understands his reasons, but that doesn’t mean it’s suddenly okay.

It shows that even with all the context in the world, feelings are feelings. Some things can’t be explained through reason or logic. Steven knows that he tried his hardest with Bismuth, with Eyeball, with Jasper, but deep down he feels he could have done more. It’s not easy to accept failures, especially when other people were counting on you or got hurt in the process. It showed us that Steven still feels he can’t match up to his mother despite knowing logically that he and she are not the same. 

Sometimes, the feelings just creep up and I loved the metaphor of the butterflies in that regard. They were plain white, and they showed only reflections. The message: The turmoil is internal. The panic attack is something you can control and you can mitigate. You might not be able to stop it completely, but you need to face your feelings to understand them.

It takes “butterflies in your stomach” to a whole new level. The uncomfortable, sick feeling that comes when one is uneasy is actually a reflection of something going on inside, and not outside. They weren’t afraid and guilty because someone was making them so. They were feeling it because they saw a failing in themselves. And addressing that means learning to forgive yourself as well.

2. The fusion space and what it means for relationships

The other thing is that Garnet facilitates a new fusion space between herself and Stevonnie. I find this very interesting because it shows that dream walking in the sense we’ve seen in the show, is not necessarily limited to Steven’s abilities. 

And for me, this expands the idea of fusion as a relationship. The fusion space is a communication space. Good relationships are the way they are greatly because of good communication. It shows that you don’t necessarily have to fuse to form a relationship with someone. Fusion is a physical manifestation of a relationship, but relationships are more than just their physical manifestations. 

What Garnet showed was her experience with Ruby and Sapphire. In her words, without balance, a fusion loses touch with reality. Balance doesn’t mean polar opposite in this sense. We don’t have to have Ruby be loud and Sapphire be silent. Balance refers to fusion components being able to keep each other grounded. When everything is falling apart, you hold on to each other. That’s why it’s so significant that as Steven and Connie fell, they reached for each other and that’s how they managed to come out of it okay. One cannot go it alone.

This explains what happened in Beach City Drift. Steven and Connie were becoming more and more unhinged. They weren’t focusing on their experience, but rather, fixating on beating Kevin. As a result, they lost touch with reality and began to see what wasn’t there. What we saw in Mindful Education was precisely that.

Healthy relationships in SU are portrayed in this manner. We see it happen time and time again, but in this episode we see it very explicitly. Losing oneself is a very real fear when dealing with a lot of stress and trauma and pressure. But having someone to pull you back down and say, “Wait, breathe, we can do this” makes it that much easier to put things in perspective. As Connie said, after you stop feeling bad about it, you can start doing something to fix it and move past it. But recognising that you’re hurt is an important step.

And we’re usually very bad at doing that. Especially when we’re stressed but keep going. That’s why having someone to tell you that you need to take a breather is important. It all goes back to support systems.

3. Pearl’s holo-Pearls

One last note I’d like to make about this episode is found Pearl’s holograms. They’re capable of fusion. Not fusion in the sense we know, but the capability to render that kind of simulation is complicated and in the episode, she sits there casually as a spectator. 

It’s rather similar to Lapis’ ability to control water clones. We’re talking about split attention and multiple perspectives. Her clones don’t have the kind of sentience that Steven’s watermelons have, but they’re still able to survive a fight, an exercise which involves a lot of quick-thinking and split-second decisions.

Also, the idea that Pearl knows what Pearl fusions dances are like intrigues me. To me this indicates that Pearl has seen Pearls fuse before. I know there’s also a possibility that she fabricated the dance in her mind, but I would lean towards the first because it’s more interesting. It begs the question of what Pearls would have fused for back on Homeworld, because Pearl knew how to fuse early on. Fusion was not a surprise to her, only hetero-gem fusion, as it’s called.

And to me, it subtly shows us how good a fighter Pearl is. That she has holo-Pearls who regularly up their ante shows that she’s not a one trick pony herself. She’s improving, but even then, she’s already a formidable fighter. 

These are just thoughts and feelings I have coming off the episode. I have a lot of feelings for Garnet as well, but maybe I can cover that in another post. The flow for this may be a little bit unstructured, and it might be because I’m just tossing feelings out there.

I also know I’ve been away for a while, and I do have a Pink Diamond post in the making. I’m making time as best I can.

But I’d like to stress my point on the deconstruction of the hero genre. It’s something that I deeply admire and appreciate.