Isabelle giving Clary pep talks about being a Shadowhunter and telling Clary she supports her is exactly what we have deserved since 2007 instead of them automatically hating each other for being female.


White Plains photos!  I’m dumb and didn’t bring my camera this time so enjoy iPhone photos, lol.

1. Super ugly JCP.  I love taking pictures of ugly JCP because it makes me appreciate Raisinet more UuU
2.CBB Southern hognose!  It was so tempting.. they even have it on pinks. T.T
3 & 4. I’m not really a BP morph expert, but I kept coming back to this ghost BP.  It blew me away.  It had a crazy reduced pattern and its colors were mindblowing.  Unfortunately it was only being sold because it refused anything other than live ASF. :( So gorgeous though.
5. SUPER ORANGE BOA that I snapped for Skink cuz she likes orange things.
6. Caramel albino PARADOX.  This is a dream snake.  If I was rich, I would have loved to snatch this BP up in an instant.