singinghistorian  asked:

earth and jupiter (:

earth: what’s your ideal house/home?

jupiter: if you could choose your own name what would it be?

a clean home with wide windows to let in as much natural light as possible, gentle shades of greys and blues and whites, neat shelves with books and papers and pictures of memories past, organized drawers and cabinets in white, little white pots filled with succulents and hanging glass terrariums with air plants in them, white walls, framed pictures, a nice little shelf devoted to stationery, a world map somewhere on the walls !!!!

hmmmm i never really liked my own name, but i’ve learned to love it for what it is! i think i’ve gotten better at accepting it after figuring out what the characters in it actually meant! i always thought that jiyoung was a cute name along with seoyeon and jiyoo. haneul and haru are pretty too, but i think they would be rather funny names in the long-term!