Flip sides of the same coin: Tone Policing  ↔ Derailing

Black people create something affirming for black people, white people demand we include them, even though they are not experiencing the same existential threats from the police. Black people discuss something negative impacting us, white people demand we cherry pick, give out special exemptions and exclude them to the point we’re only talking about one, lone boogyman racist, even though ALL white people benefit from the very same system of structural racism that is negatively impacting us

Sorry, you cannot have it both ways. White people, sitting on their safe perch of white privilege, do not get to dictate what black people “should” be saying, or how we “should” be acting

Both interjections remove the focus from where it’s needed most - on the problems *uniquely* facing black people and/or other minorities. Both are very good examples of not listening, not helping, and definitely NOT being an ally 

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The Wildlife of RFK: Dead White Perch Rain From the Sky. Wait, What?

In the heartland of the District of Columbia, a most unusual wildlife refuge has emerged.  The preserve, dubbed the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, has fostered a uniquely urban jungle environment for over half a century. Within its walls, a delightful assortment of creature are housed, ranging from insects and interns to small mammals and journalists. One may even find the occasional footballer on its grassy fields. Join us now as we look at some of RFK’s wild inhabitants.

Morone americana

First spotted: April, 2013

Volatility: 0

So far this week we’ve covered several land-roving creatures, organisms tethered to the earth’s surface or the skies above it. We haven’t profiled any aquatic creatures, nor would you think that would be necessary - RFK, after all, isn’t some sort of dystopian nightmare, a Waterworld-esque hellscape where Kevin Costner ascends to the 400 level waterline to filter his own urine into drinking water.

All of this rational though went out the window in April of 2013, as United prepared to face their bitter arch rival, the New York Red Bulls. Come game-day, a couple of United fans stumbled across something completely unexpected: a pair of dead white perch.

While this turn of events might seem completely implausible to an outside observer, “La Lluvia de Pescado" makes a little more sense when we take a closer look at RFK’s geography. Perched (see what we did there) on the banks of the Anacostia, the land RFK sits on is rich with natural history. The river itself is full of myriad species of fish (please don’t eat any of them) including an abundance of perch. 

In the skies above, gulls circle patiently, waiting on an unsuspecting victim. One can only assume that the perished perch found in the stands at RFK were accidentally dropped from the skies above by a clumsy seagull. 

So there you have it. Mystery solved. Sorry, Carlos Ruiz, you’re not the only pescadito who failed to make a splash at RFK.

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Severn River Perch Fishing (by Langston Majette)

Cooking and eating freshwater drum

Cooking and eating freshwater drum

My dad and I were recently fishing at Reelfoot Lake, TN.  We went to the Cypress Point Resort for a 4-day fishing trip. It was the first full week of May 2014.  The winds were high and we had difficulty catching the crappie we wanted. Our plan each year is to eat many of our meals out of the lake… Fish we caught.  With the lack of fish being caught in the form of crappie, we found ourselves in a…

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