Missing scene from 6x08. Snow and Hook help Henry prepare for the dance. 

Killian appraises Henry’s choice of attire for the dance – dark trousers and a white button up – and casts him a wide grin. “One look at you, my boy, and the Lady Violet will be swept off her feet.”

“You look very handsome, Henry,” Snow White says from her perch next to her sleeping husband. She looks sadly toward his prone form. “I’m sure your grandfather would agree, as well.”

Henry blushes at the compliments, and then distracts himself by looking down at his shoes. “These work, right?”

“You’ll be fine, lad. After all, it’s not the clothes that woo a lady, it’s the dancing,” Killian assures him. “After all, it’s how I wooed your mother.”

“I thought we agreed to not talk about you wooing my mom…or anything relationshippy with my mom.” Henry makes a face of disgust.

“Hook’s right, though,” Snow cuts in. “To be honest, I don’t remember a thing David wore at our balls, just the dancing and how he made me feel. But you should probably compliment Violet on her dress. Remember that.”

“For example, your mother’s dress was red,” Killian adds, a wistful expression on his face as he remembered his adventure back in time with Emma. “It’s important to remember those things.”

“Yeah, but you have a picture in a storybook to remember that. It’s cheating.”

“In Camelot, she wore a white dress. There are no pictures of that,” Killian replies with a smirk. Henry simply groans in response.

“What we’re trying to say is that what you wear isn’t the most important thing,” Snow tells him, her voice soft and reassuring. “It’s who you are.”

“Yeah, well, Violet is pretty much ignoring me so I’m going need all the help I can get – clothes included,” Henry huffs out. “So are you going to help me or what?”

Killian and Snow exchange a glance.

“Well, then, why don’t we find you a tie?”

“Lysandra had entered and passed out in her bed with no explanation for why or what she had been doing beforehand. And since she was utterly unconscious, Aelin had just climbed into bed beside her. She had no idea where Rowan had curled up for the night, but she wouldn’t have been surprised to look outside her window and spy a white-tailed hawk perched on the balcony rail.“

Write all the Words

Today was a break day and a plotting day. I figured out lots of details for the future of FANA, and for two other stories, but very little actual writing took place. 

But! With 125K written, I have plenty to share. Enjoy a sneak peek into Melody Pond’s real life, and the relationship she shares with the Doctor and Rose in her own time. 


“That was one hell of an expedition,” Melody told the grey and white cat perched on her shoulder as she wandered into the kitchen. The light over the range was still on, so she didn’t bother with the overhead light while she filled the kettle and fixed dinner.

The doorbell rang, and she sighed. Only one person would visit at this time of night.

“It’s open, Aunt Donna,” she called out as she served her dinner.

“It’s not Donna.”

The familiar voice nearly pushed Melody into tears, but she managed to control herself enough to turn around and hug her godfather tight. She might be a grown woman of thirty, but after a day like today, a day when she’d lost three friends, she wasn’t too proud to accept comfort from someone who knew her best.

The Doctor stroked her hair and pressed and kiss to her forehead. “You were brilliant today, Melody,” he told her quietly. “None of us would have made it out of the Library without you. I know it hurts to lose people—and you have no idea how much I wish you hadn’t learned that today—but you saved four thousand twenty-nine people.”

Melody heard Rose moving around in the kitchen, pouring out the tea she’d made to make a proper cuppa, like Jackie had taught her. That knowledge was just as comforting as the Doctor’s words, and she finally relaxed enough to let go of him and sit down at the kitchen table.

“Who are the other seven?” she asked.

“Mr. Lux, Other Dave, Jenny, your Aunt Donna, Rose, myself… and you, Melody. You saved your own life today.”

Melody straightened up. “I did, didn’t I?”

The Doctor grinned at her. “Yes, you did, and lest I repeat myself, you were rather brilliant at it.”

New Brighton, Wirral, UK.
Perch Rock Lighthouse during an evening high tide.


Sweet Silence #Flickr12Days by Lizzy Gadd

                a slender   WHITE DOVE   perched upon a   branch   overhanging the   main street   in fell’s church, watched   idly.   it wasn’t   actually   a dove, of course. but to anyone   watching,   it was merely an   innocently fluffed bird,   which occasionally   stretched   its wings,   &   settled back comfortably.   NO,   this was a   girl.   a girl long thought   dead,   a girl who’d   wished   she’d died,   many times,   over the past   500 years.   this girl, was   elena von swartzschild.   elena, in her   pain   at knowing the salvatore brother’s wouldn’t   put aside   their   hatred   for each other to be with   her,   had gone to   klaus,   the vampire who   turned her,   for help.   hoping   he’d have the answer, so she could live with the   TWO LOVES   of her life,   forever

                  but she’d made a   painful mistake,   &   klaus took her. far away from   italy,   from damon   &   stefan. she had   no chance   to say   goodbye,   not as klaus kept her   locked away,   toying with her for his   AMUSEMENT.   eventually, after   several long centuries,   he grew   bored   of her. of her   spite,   or her   wit,   so he’d decided to   kill her.   he’d never   imagined   she’d   fight back,   after all, she’d been a   cornered animal   for years. but she   did,   she stunned him,   &   she   ESCAPED.

                 that was over   20 years ago,   but elena has been   on the run   ever since, keeping herself   off the radar,   in fear of being   found.   but she couldn’t help but come   here.   to them. stefan, so   painfully   handsome,   &   damon, so   devastatingly   beautiful, had remained   unchanged.   she watched   DAMON   now, a single   black eye   fixated on the black on black   brother,   who wandered down the   sidewalk   just below her. her heart   ached.

@sclvatore   //   plotted au.


Mistah J invited us to go and sit on his table with him and a few of what seemed to be his henchmen. Well, actually, he didn’t invite us, he pretty much demanded it. He had his own private booth which obviously seemed fitting considering he owned this club, according to Mona anyway. In front of us was a one sided window where you could see the entire club below us. The crowd here was different. Each room created a unique vibe, filled with a lot of un-orthodox people. The place was packed. I was amazed to realise that there were actually this many people in Gotham.

The booth we were sitting in was posh. The cold, fresh white leather embraced my olive skin on the back of my thighs. The rounded glass table was filled with ice buckets and bottles upon bottles of alcohol. A small bag of white powder was perched in the middle . I adverted my gaze to above me, where a beautiful gold encrusted glass chandelier hung. It was so bright my eyes pulled back, simultaneously lowering my gaze. My eyes rested in front of me.

Mistah J was staring.

“So whats your name doll face?” He asked taking a pull on his caramel toned cuban cigar. I opened my mouth to speak “Li-” “Not you, I’ll get to you in a moment” He interrupted. My mouth gawked open in shock. He pointed at Mona. She was too busy dancing in her seat chatting away to one of his henchmen. “DOLL FACE!” He bellowed. She stopped dancing took a gulp of her drink and replied “ S..s Sorry Mistah J, my names Mona”. “Mona ay?” he growled with a grin on his face. “And you…. you…. mmm yes you, Just what is your name, Kitten?” he asked licking his lips. “Liza” I said abruptly. “Well would you look at that!” he said raising his voice standing up. “We have Mona…. and we have Liza.. two beautiful girls….. mmmmm ” he growled “ I wonder what brings you here to my club tonight?”

“Its actually Liza’s 21st birthday today Mistah J” Mona stated, excitement squeaking out of her voice

“Its actually Liza’s 21st birthday today Mistah J” Mona stated, excitement squeaking out of her voice. “Oh… really? Liza, Liza, Lizzzzaaaaa”. He said rolling my name on his tongue. “And…. do you know my name Liza?”

“Mistah J” I replied with attitude. He threw his head back let out a loud laugh. “ To be fair I only fount out a few minutes ago” I shrugged sipping my drink. “ Oooo I like this one, she’s got attitude” he roared with laughter, slapping his leg with his left and harshly tapped the seat next to him with his right, insinuating for me to go over and sit with him. I did.

“ Your little friend Mona over there, can call me Mistah J, but you….. you….’ he growled pushing my soft dark brown hair behind my ears ‘You kitten, can call me daddy”.

His voice literally sent shivers down my spine and goosebumps up my arm.. In a good way. I liked him. He had spunk. I didn’t dare let him know that though. “Whatever” I said pouring myself another drink. His jaw tensed and he grabbed my thigh “Id cut that shit out if you knew what was good for you”. I looked at him and let out a smirk “Yes, Daddy”. he grabbed my thigh even harder and whispered into my ear “Now theres a good girl”.

“A TOAST!” He bellowed, jolting up, kicking the bottles on the table to the floor, making room for himself to get up onto it. He raised his glass “ To being the baddest mother fucker in Gotham, and..’ he said peering down to me 'to Daddy’s new little toy”. Everyone raised their glass and let out cheers while he just stood there in all his glory, placing his hand over his mouth to reveal a dark sinister 'smile’.

Everyone raised their glass and let out cheers while he just stood there in all his glory, placing his hand over his mouth to reveal a dark sinister 'smile’

Oh boy I said to myself, raising my eyebrows and sipping my drink.


Deeper and deeper me and Mona delved into the night, liquor flowing non stop, drugs on tap and of course I had daddy next to me. It wasn’t even one of those things where the more intoxicated I got, the more I fount him attractive. He. Was. A1. From. The. Start. I just tried to keep my cool… and dignity (also I was a little more sober before, but lets forget about that). Mona was in the cage dancing on the pole. Throwing her head back and moving her hands slowly up her hips whilst moving them side to side. I could tell she was trying to impress one of Jokers men. They all seemed to love it apart from J. He had his eyes fixated on me the whole entire time. It made me feel uneasy but so turnt on at the same time. I would say it looked like he was undressing me with his eyes, but if he really wanted to do that, I knew he would do it, right here, right now.

“What do we say fellas, I think my little Kitten over here should get up in that cage and dance for daddy”.

I was startled by his request, but I wanted to impress him so I did.

“Thats my girl” He growled, adjusting in his seat, holding on tight to his gold and diamond encrusted cane

As soon as I entered the golden cage, Pop that started to play.

“Yaaassss” Me and Mona exclaimed throwing our hands up starting to dance.

I held on to the pole and started walking around it whilst shaking my hips. For some strange reason Mona started trying really hard and started licking the actual cage. I focused my gaze on J and dropped it down low. The pole was practically in my ass crack and I started to twerk on it. Holding my hair up in my hands, licking my lips. I turnt around to find J giving me the most filthiest stare I have ever received in my life. He looked like he was going to pass out.

I carried on dancing and staring at him

I carried on dancing and staring at him. He looked so damn sexy. He had on a white shirt with black tailored trousers and dress shoes. He had a purple leather gun holster strapped under his arms, meeting in the middle of his shoulder blades. His devious green hair perfectly swept back.

My body was seriously ready.

I left the cage and slowly walked over to him, he was walking over towards me to, taking long strides. “With me, now.” he said grabbing my arm. I turnt to look at Mona but she was faded, still dancing in the cage. I caught eyes with J’s henchmen, they gave me a 'don’t worry we’ll look after her’ look - But not in a creepy way.

J was pulling me so fast I tried my best to keep up in my heels. He took me into what appeared to be his office round the back of the room. He shut the door and locked it. I heard him growl behind me and he wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Ohhh, you’ve been a bad, bad girl” He purred followed by a loud SMACK on my ass.

A Dream or Reality..?

Dronai was at his home. It was small. Draughty. But cosy. Situated on he west border of the Freljord, a frozen tundra with mountains and forests scattered in patches, On the far west side of Runeterra. Anywhere else but the Freljord was of no importance to the Freljordians, as they were already at war with themselves, a sort of civil/tribal war. There were three tribes. Avarosian, Winters Claw, and the Frost guard. Dronai, part of the Avarosians, fought for his queen, Ashe. Sitting quietly at His desk, he wrote up countless reports of the last attack against the Winters Claw, being a big battle, the recon unit’s leader had a lot of work to do. Korr, his white barn owl, sat perched quietly on her stand next to him, sleeping. The scout had no idea that something would happen that could cause quite a stirr in his story…

Return Trip

The crows are in block glass above benches.
I thought they would still be at Bay Hill
perched upon white tent peaks. Plotting.

“I am a sex addict,” she said to no one in
particular. Chalkboard soot crop-dusted
the statement “Keep urges exterminated.”

After two months the Frigidaire expired.
They put computers in appliances now.
When I reached for milk, I was told the weather.

Thin quilted Marriott duvet. Cover tracks, trails
,traces of sleepless tossing, unsanctioned
coveting. Leave gardening tools here for reshelving.

Catatonic bliss. Canonize weaponized happiness.
Under waffles I am warm. I am the final
state of butter.

Harry Styles reunites with Cindy Crawford during double date in Malibu
The 22-year-old English singer reunited with Cindy Crawford during a double lunch date on Thursday in Malibu, California.

Harry Styles reunited with Cindy Crawford during a double lunch date on Thursday in Malibu, California.

The 22-year-old English singer and 50-year-old supermodel have been friends for several years.

Harry brought a girlfriend while Cindy was with her 54-year-old husband Rande Gerber.

The couples lunched in the upscale beach community at Cafe Habana, which Rande also owns.

Harry kept it casual for the lunch outing with a blue Hawaiian-style shirt over a white T-shirt along with black distressed skinny jeans.

The One Direction star had white sunglasses perched atop his head and completed his out fit with tan boots.

Cindy also kept it comfortable with a loose black blouse and faded blue skinny jeans.

Rande also went casual with a grey T-shirt and jeans.

Harry has been close with Cindy and her family for several years and cooked pizzas with the family in September 2013.

The singer during the cooking session shared some of the valuable expertise he picked up when he worked in a bakery before becoming a pop star.

Cindy also revealed in June 2014 that her daughter Kaia, who was then aged 12, had a crush on the English singer.

Harry also had lunch with Cindy and her family in March at Cafe Habana shortly after he arrived in the US.

Cindy and Harry also caught up in April when they went out for a group dinner in Malibu.

(Harry is once again dating Ben Winston’s wife, Meredith. Tragic.)