Silence was filling the woods all around you. It was no comforting sound. White Walkers could pass past you every moment without announcing themselves in any way first.

“Are you absolutely sure you know where we’re going?” You get your arm out of Petyr’s grip, stopping for a second to catch your breath.

“I’m wounded you don’t trust me. Why follow me then?”

“I wouldn’t willingly follow you anywhere, you just grabbed me and ran!” Glaring daggers at him you continue, “You’re the least trustworthy person on this entire continent and I don’t doubt for a second that you’d leave me behind if it suited you or helped to save your own skin.”

A smirk crosses his features for a split second before he’s back to his usual unreadable face. He steps closer, reaching his hand out slowly at first before he grabs you and spins you around so your back hits his chest.
He covers your mouth, his mouth moving to your ears so you can feel his breath dancing along your skin.

“Quiet…or I might have to go through with your suggestion. Though it would be a shame love…”

You couldn’t hear it but now that you were concentrating, the shadows and shapes all around became clearly visibl

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Are you even native American

Hello nosey nonnie.

Yes I am Native American, but I don’t look it. And no it’s not one of those my great grandmother was Cherokee. I am 2nd generation off the rez Tuscarora, Iroquois Turtle Clan.

This is me and my mother. Yes she is my birth mother, I just got very fucked over in the genes department. I swear I’m adopted but we have many photos of the birth and have several paternity and maternity tests to prove that I fell out of this woman’s vagina.

Here are some more pictures cause I’m pale and I honestly don’t think you believe me:

(My mom actually made every piece of jewelry I am wearing and hand beaded that vest as well).

And here’s pictures of the woman that I blame for my bad genes: My grandmother.

I get told I look like her all the time AND I HONESTLY DO NOT SEE IT, but because I get told I look like her all the time I BLAME HER.

On the left you see my grandpa (full blood native) in his headdress, on the right you see my cousin (also full blood), the great medicine man Mad Bear, here’s a book about him since you seem to be so nosey.

And in case you doubted me, here are a few pictures of me when my ma and I were on the powwow circuit.

This is me with my ma’s regalia (if you call it a costume I will shank you) because a) she had a bad leg day and couldn’t dance and b) mine was not ready and made and I JUST REALLY WANTED TO DANCE. (This is also the day I got burnt ON MY FUCKING HAIRLINE WHERE MY HAIR WAS PARTED. THAT FUCKING HURTS!)

Here’s me in my fancy dance shawl. There aren’t that many pictures of me because a) I fucking hated them b) it’s normally seen as disrespectful to take pictures of dancers out of the circle without their permission and my ma and I were always dancing at the same times AND I NEVER LET ANYONE TAKE MY PICTURE AT THIS TIME IN MY LIFE.

So yes, my family is a very rainbow family, I just happen to be the one WHITE passing one. No really…

Here’s me (in the middle if you can’t guess), Bebe and Audree. I like to call this the ABC Rainbow of the Printup family (because my first name is Cheyenne…..I swear our parents DID NOT PLAN THIS). 

And this is another pic of me and Audree YEARS later

Am I Native? Yes

Do I look traditionally Native? No

Does that mean I am not going to label myself as native? HELL TO THE FUCK NO.

Please reblog and share so that people can understand that there are white passing people of color. Yes even some that pass as white as me. We do exist and no that does not give you the right to basically white wash us. I am proud of my native roots and I will share everything and anything you want to know. The more educational resources we can get out there the better. DON’T BE AFRAID TO SHOOT ME AN ASK. I LOVE IT, but please do not be a dick like this one and phrase it so accusingly. Much appreciated, thank you!

Support white-passing people when they’re accused of appropriating their own culture.

Support white-passing people when they’re told that they shouldn’t get to enjoy their culture because their white privilege should be enough.

Support white-passing people when they’re accused of trying too hard not to be white.

Support white-passing people when they’re told they ARE white just because they “look white” or “act white”.

Support white-passing people who reject white culture and refuse to be labelled incorrectly.

Support white-passing people who embrace white culture and don’t care about their heritage.

We didn’t choose to look this way, nor did we invent the social construct of race. Just because somebody has privilege doesn’t make erasure okay.

just imo but saying that someone is “white passing” as if it’s a description of their appearance (much less a description of their appearance that any one person on the internet can judge, like a lot of weirdos on here try to do) is a misframing of the issue

“white passing” is not a description of appearance per se but rather a description of how someone moves through the world based on how the people around them perceive their appearance. that is, it doesn’t describe an appearance, but rather an experience or set of experiences

& that change in framing (from appearance to experience) is conceptually important bc it brings to the fore the issues that are really at stake when we talk about passing for white, & the differences in lived experience that the term “white passing” is meant to describe. the determiner of whether someone passes for white is not any one person’s judgement of their appearance, but rather, whether or not they actually pass for white!–that is, whether or not they move through the world, in their daily life, as if they are white among people who aren’t in the know

& this is especially relevant given the potentially culture- or location-dependent nature of passing for white (or not)–different potentially racialised features may be more or less marked depending upon how culturally visible members of a specific race are in a specific sociopolitical / geographical context

Being Gay Is More

Being gay is more than rainbows, and kisses, and smiles. Being gay is more than sunsets, and cuddles, and sleepovers. Being gay is more than “be yourself”, and I was “born this way”. Being gay is throwing a brick at the stonewall riots, and lynchings for holding your girlfriends hand. Being gay is yelling at police, sitting still as a preacher spits in your face while he damns you to hell. Being gay is not some aesthetic that straight people can use to consider themselves “progressive” because we both know you’re only on our side so you can watch. If I have to see one more goddamned video of a straight white girl making a rainbow makeup tutorial for pride I’m going to scream. Being a lesbian is not two girls have a secret sleepover, cuddling together sneaking kisses; it’s changing alone in the locker rooms because the other girls are lining up to change in the bathroom stalls so you won’t see them. Being gay is not going to the store and biting organic fruit with your hubby; it’s getting yelled at during back to school shopping because your daughter “shouldn’t have to grow up having two fags as parents. How will you appease her feminine side?” Being bisexual isn’t being straight passing, and having more options to date; it’s being excluded from both the straight and gay communities. Being trans is not some skinny white boy who passes; it’s a person of color being beat up in the woman’s restroom because “HE’S just a MAN trying to sneak a peak at the woman inside”, as if she herself is not a beautiful woman who just needs to piss. Being Queer isn’t dressing cute and wearing a rainbow flag; it’s living with AIDS, which means even though you now test negative because you’ve kept on your meds and are no long contagious, you can’t find a significant other due to fear and propaganda. Being intersex isn’t a “true born transgender” (how could you ever say that and no know you’re being offensive?!); it’s having doctors remove parts of your genitalia for no logical reason at all. Being asexual/greysexual is not being a tease and staying innocent forever; it’s being excluded from the Queer community for some stupid sense of entitlement about what is and isn’t LGBT. Being aromantic is not a fun out-spirited girl who knows how to have a good time; it’s being called a skank on a daily basis because you don’t feel romantic attachments.

I am not an aesthetic for you to use to feel included in the LGBT community. Just because I believe in black lives matter does not mean in any way that I am a person of color. The A stands for asexual and aromantic, not ally. You’re not a part of our community. You support us yes, but you aren’t us. That sounds harsh, I know. I do not intend to hurt your feelings but my struggles are real. So, please stop dismissing them. Actually support us, instead of kinda helping to make yourself feel better. So, support us please, but please don’t sexualize us, or use us for your aesthetic. I am a person. I live, and breathe, and feel. My experiences are real. Hear them. Pay attention. And then do something about it.

I am a white, bi/pansexual, gender nonconforming individual. If you have a problem with something I’ve said PLEASE correct me or tell me what I’ve said to offend you. I will be happy to admit if I’m in the wrong.

(I lumped pansexual in with bisexual because to quote my favorite human @jaxxgarcia “to suggest you need a whole new sexuality to be attracted to trans people is …what’s that words again idk OH gross”. [EDIT the quote meant “don’t feel the need to change your sexuality just because allies don’t understand the difference between bi and pan”. People who don’t think pansexuals exist are gross. Pan people exist, I inserted the quote at a weird spot I’m sorry.] I put agender, gender fluid, demi girl/boy etc under trans to conserve space. I put pan, bi, poly etc under bi to conserve space. I use the word Queer because it’s a word stolen from us, and I’d like to claim it back. Also because I don’t like saying I’m gay, because I’m not a homosexual man, if you get where I’m coming from.)

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Honestly gettin’ pretty sick of people coming to me to trash Joseph whenever I say he’s a complicated character with a lot of nuance, so hey, here’s my take on the whole Mary-Robert-Joseph situation.

I’ll put this all under a cut so here are some disclaimers; This is full of spoilers, I’m writing this under the assumption that all the cult end stuff is non-canon, and yes, this is only one possible interpretation of the information we can glean from the character interactions (also, taken from what may later prove to be incomplete information as more endings are unlocked/glitches are fixed/content is released). I like it because I think it’s the most interesting and empathetic for all of the characters involved and because I don’t think it’s the kind of situation that necessarily has to have a “villain”.

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I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while so I’m sorry it’s so late lmao but on the topic of people on the internet going around calling various visibly brown women (I have… only seen this happen to women) “white-passing” or even “white”–both in general & as it pertains to the recent-ish casting of Aladdin

I really think that a lot of this boils down to an impulse–& I understand to some extent where this is coming from & have felt it myself–to moralise this entire issue. such that having light skin, or being white-passing, or being white, are all cast as moral failings on the part of individuals, & so the three are all basically equivalent. this is why light-skinned people of colour who are doing something you don’t like, or who are even genuinely doing something awful, or occasionally who are just… minding their own business, can be called “white-passing,” or even “white,” regardless of whether that describes their material reality.

par exemple someone once talked about a Hadid woman’s (can’t remember which one’s) wealth & appropriation of Black american culture as a factor of her “whiteness.” I pointed out that she’s not white (having, you know, non-white ancestry that she actively identifies with and talks about) and was asked why I was “defending a rich racist family” or something to that effect. obviously the only reason why pointing out that someone isn’t white would count as a “defence” is if merely being white is seen as some kind of moral evil in & of itself such that all other moral evil committed by a light-skinned or white-passing person of colour must be attributable to whiteness*. if you do something wrong, you don’t deserve the moral high-ground & moral purity associated with being a person of colour. you’ve lost victim status.

of course the thing is that these descriptors aren’t moral propositions! they are, again, merely ways of describing people, their material realities, their relationships to certain social & economic structures, the way that they move through the world, etc. when people use “white-passing” to describe people whom they’ve never seen in person, people whose lived experiences they know nothing about, as an insult, they’re assuming that it is a moral failing that they can cast upon someone. when I & other light-skinned people of colour with racialised features insist that most people recognise us on sight as non-white & that this impacts how we move through the world, we are not defending ourselves from a real or perceived slight–we are merely asserting something that is true about our reality. because, again, “white passing” is not an insult or a moral failing, but merely a way of moving through the world that is, more often than not, itself distinct from actually being white anyway. that is, it’s not that there’s anything *wrong* with being white-passing in a moralistic sense–it simply describes some people’s realities accurately, & it doesn’t apply to others’.

I’ve gone on too long already but: the point of this is not to deny that colourism exists, or that light-skinned people of colour do attain unfair advantages over dark-skinned people who are just as or more qualified, or that it isn’t right to criticise casting teams for choosing actors who are too light for their roles, or to criticise actors for taking roles that they’re too light for. all of these things are absolutely vital to do & to understand. & I in no way mean to underplay the harm that is done by colourism (both by white people & by light-skinned people of colour). or the hurt that things like this cause, & that all of the people calling this woman whose name I’ve forgotten “white” may be feeling. but I do think that calling her, or any other literally non-white person, “white” in order to insult them is counterproductive. because taking something that is just a social locator & turning it into a moral proposition–not to say that these people originated that idea of course–needlessly puts people on the defensive & diverts us away from the necessity of these criticisms. attributing moral evil to “whiteness” prevents us from actually being able to talk about how people of colour can contribute to white supremacy. calling anyone who isn’t harmed by white supremacy in precisely the same pre-approved way “white” prevents us from being able to talk about how people of colour are actually affected differently by white supremacy based on things like wealth, skin colour, & non-blackness. it prevents us from acknowledging that someone can be harmed by racism & yet also contribute to harm against others. saying that Whomstever Hadid must be white because she appropriates Black culture is to rob us of the ability to talk about how nonblack people of colour can & do contribute to / benefit from antiblackness.

not to mention that this puts some dark-skinned people of colour in the uncomfortable position of, defending the right of someone whom they have no responsibility to defend to say that they experience racism (when they literally just do… experience racism), while also not forgiving the harm that’s been done to them. & I think that it’s possible to have conversations that are more healing & productive than the circular ones that we’ve been having. there are ways of talking about colourism & proximity to whiteness that facilitate discussion of structural racial inequality rather than obfuscating it & covering its tracks by acting like race is a moralistic ontology that is innate to individuals.

not to mention that the fact that I’ve only seen this happen to women (when I could name more than a few brown men who are similarly racially ambiguous or whatever), tells me that a whole lot of this is about policing women’s appearances & invalidating their experiences. & that it isn’t always coming from the place that it should be.

*fucking obviously the existence of whiteness as a whole, at all, is a great moral evil, but I’m talking about how equating whiteness with moral evil on an individual level (such that one might as well be another) prevents us from having conversations that are vitally worth having.

Seriously if your blog does not acknowledge colorism/white passing privilege and you get offended when people bring those things up then don’t present your blog as a space for poc, at least not dark poc. 

Colorism is something that darker people of color have to deal with.

White passing privilege is an actual thing.

I’m tired of people trying to ignore these two things. Just say you don’t care about darker skin poc.

LIKE, don’t call someone racist for calling out colorism, or bringing up how darker poc are poorly represented in media verses lighter skinned/white passing people of color.

Like do you know how awful it is to call dark/non-white passing poc racist  for bringing up how colorism affects us or how in media/society we’re poorly represented/ignored in favor of white passing people.

Like miss me with “this is a safe space for poc” if you aren’t brave enough to talk about things that affect people within our community.


• “Nothing ever happens in this small town until ________ happened,”
• The girl next door falls in love with the outcast rugged boy with family issues
• everyone’s white/white passing and heterosexual
• one of the main characters must have a sexual relationship with a teacher for no point what so ever
• someone has to die at some point
• maybe some high quality queer baiting for #views
• lots of random sexual scenes that have nothing to do with the plot except spreading the heterosexual agenda
• all teens played by 24-30 year olds

stop invalidating poc bc theyre not as in touch w their culture as some!!

some people of color dont have ~ethnic~ names. some poc have white last names. some poc are white passing. some poc have white parents or a white family. some poc never got an opportunity to learn the language that belongs to their culture or never had a desire to. some of us dont know all of our cultural dishes or traditions, some of us have never been to our home/family’s/ancestors’ country. some of us dont know who our ancestors are. some of us were forced to assimilate or were robbed of the opportunity to be engaged in a culture(s) we cant quite call our own.

moral of the story please keep that in mind when u automatically assume that all of x ethnicity will look x ethnicity or speak x language etc bc it really can make us assimilated people of color feel kinda shitty and even more disconnected imo so

i love my freckly short son with thickness and a soft squishy middle