For Obama, an Unexpected Legacy of Two Full Terms at War

WASHINGTON — President Obama came into office seven years ago pledging to end the wars of his predecessor, George W. Bush. On May 6, with eight months left before he vacates the White House, Mr. Obama passed a somber, little-noticed milestone: He has now been at war longer than Mr. Bush, or any other American president.

needed: new trans moderators!

hello, everyone! we’re looking for more mods for this blog! we’re on the lookout for mods who experience transmisogyny to join us.

things that are required:

  • must be a black wlw
  • must experience transmisogyny (so, trans women, dmab nb wlw, or otherwise)
  • be a frequent tumblr user
  • cannot be a swerf (sex-worker exclusionary radical feminist)

things that are preferred (these do not have to be true, you can still apply even if you don’t have these traits):

  • be non-white passing
  • be an adult (18+)*
  • have knowledge in LGBT+ history
  • be willing to join a skype chat with all of the current mods

*nothing against minors of course, it’s just we already have a few in the group and those are the ones we know personally, other minors make a few of the adult mods uncomfortable. we’d prefer if the applicant is also under 30 years old.

there is no exact number we will be accepting, so there is no limit to the amount of applications you should send in. if you’re interested in modding this blog, submit us your name, age, and a little about yourself (nothing that would make you feel uncomfortable, of course).

thanks in advice, and we’re excited to be adding to the family.

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I'm pissed

Alright. So, as a white passing Native American, I very rarely deal with racism personally. Cultural appropriation, even, is scarce on a personal level. But today, I was faced with the most racist people in my life so far. First, my physics teacher, who is new to this school this year, called me an apple (which is a term I had never heard before) in front of my entire class, along with two hispanic/white students who she called coconuts. If I was not offended enough already by the incredibly transphobic things one of my “friends” had said just a mere two hours earlier. As I cooled off throughout the day, I was faced with more incredibly racist statements in my last period art class. My teacher, who claimed to be “indian” to defend herself, told a student (who is not at all native, in any way) that they could make a head dress as a project to go with the theme of native art techniques we would be learning this year. I had had enough of being treated this way so I stood up for my people and told her that if she let them appropriate my culture that way I would get up and leave the class. As one of her only students taking art by choice (it’s a catch all class for people that can’t fit a schedule), this was a big statement. She claimed she was Indian to appease the situation, but it only added fuel to the flames. I asked her if she really was, how far back it was, and what tribe she descended from. When she couldn’t answer my questions I sat back down and told her that I was resting my case. As a school with a native mascot (comanches) they’re pushing it. They do have written permission from the Comanche nation to use their war paint designs and their battle cry along with the name, however, last year they had a day during homecoming they called “Indian Day” and had people DRESS LIKE NATIVE AMERICANS. This would not be such a big deal had people not come to school wearing traditional outfits, jewelry, face paint, and head dresses. I did dress up, wearing the coming of age face paint that went with my birthday of that year and I put my hair up in my Mohawk (having already had it shaved). But I digress, I told my art teacher that if she wanted to teach something traditional, something sacred, or something important in our cultures, then I would teach it if I knew how to do it already, such as weaving, pottery, jewelry making, as my tribe does those things. If she were to want to teach something outside of my skill set, she needed to consult someone who does know. I will not stand for systematic oppression being taught by the people who stole our land from us. It is not okay to appropriate my, or anyone else’s, culture. Learning languages and making foods isn’t appropriation. Wearing something that is meant to stand for something as an accessory to your fashion statement is and it is not okay. Do not appropriate cultures.
Signing off, C. Riehl.

anonymous asked:

How do i talk to my white passing friend? We're both mixed but i retained some of my nw features. I'm nt sure how he identifies but I told him there is privilege in being white passing. I was called ugly because of my body, ect. He doesn't get that.

He is not a friend. Friends don’t body shame and they don’t call you ugly. You can tell him that what he says hurts you and you don’t want him to say those things anymore. If he gets defensive and doesn’t apologize or continues to be harmful then you need to move on because he’s only going to tear apart your self esteem and identity and that’s not good for you.

– Jay

// I’m white passing but have always viewed myself as Native because it’s the culture I grew up in. Because of the first part though I’m a little reluctant to speak out about things that affect Native Americans, but one thing that has always bothered me is people using “hipster tribal feather hats” or whatever they call it as a costume. 

War bonnets or feather headdresses are something you earn, not wear. They were worn into war, yes, but they’re still a mark of importance and are often only worn by elders or for ceremony and you just? You don’t disrespect elders like this? What the fuck man. 

You haven’t earned this.

anonymous asked:

sick of "latinx isn't a race" cause mostly (not here) it used to silence / marginalize us. needs to be said that only 7% of mexicans r white, most of us r mixed white native & black, and passing latinx r still poc. latinx actor = latinx character.

yeah I definitely approve of making all Latinx actors roles Latinx characters!  but we have to keep pointing out that the majority of Latinx people are PoC therefore a lot of Latinx issues are going to be PoC issues too.  thanks for bringing up that fact about Mexicans people have to realize that the white/white passing faces on Mexican tv are a very small percent of Mexicans.

mod m

anonymous asked:

I wanted to echo thanks to everyone here. as someone who is mixed 50/50 south asian and mexican, but white passing, ive always felt like i don't fit anywhere. this blog has helped me learn to love myself and my cultures, while making me think long and hard daily about the priv i hold, and how best to utilise those priv to uplift members of my communities w out erasing them. much love and thanks xoxox

Whoa awesome!

– Jay

At this point I’m feeling that the only good posts on the Malachite discourse are the ones that are willing to be critical of the way the writers chose to portray the situation

Because honestly if you’re going to feed a bunch of lines/actions to your characters that could be seen as ‘coding’ them as the ‘abuser’ and ‘victim’ in a situation (of course with the victim being the skinny pretty white passing one) but the way you portray the actual power dynamic between them (you know, the thing that actually defines something as abuse in the first place) doesn’t line up with that or is at the very least not portrayed consistently then yeah, there’s gonna be discourse over it 

And idk if they didn’t mean for people to take the parallels as direct as they have been but

If you’re tackling serious topics that some people are going to see their personal experiences in, it’s gonna happen

And that’s what it basically comes down to  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯