Ok here’s my issue. We’re not gonna talk about dreads specifically as I can’t relate to that example personally. What I’m talking about, is how as a kid, I got made fun of for having ‘squinty eyes’ and my white passing Asian friends didn’t. How kids would pull back their eyelids and say ‘Ching Chong china’ and how the white passing kids would join in on it too. How when my white passing sister and I went to drop off our Chinese exchange student, on the way back a teacher stopped us and told me it was time to leave my host sister bc the exchange students were getting ready to leave. How when I was a child and I wore the cheongsam my grandmother gave me, I got made fun of for it in school and told to go back to china, and yet when a white passing girl wore hers and everyone loved it and told her it was beautiful. How the fact that me taking mandarin as a foreign language in high school is expected, and when a white passing kid does it, it’s fabulous and they’re broadening their horizons. And along the same vein, when I struggle to say anything in mandarin at Chinese restaurants the waiters cringe and when my white passing sister says anything with the same amount of difficulty she’s praised for trying.
the biggest issue here is, kids who are white passing don’t experience the same types of micro aggressions are non white passing poc. The only indication people have that my sister isn’t white is her last name. They’re always SHOCKED to find out we’re siblings. And because of that, she doesn’t really understand a lot of my frustration and thinks I’m overreacting when I speak out about racial equality. But it’s also an extremely fine line, because white passing poc still have every right to their culture, and they deserve to embrace that culture as much as a non white passing poc.

"How are you so pro-black and you're engaged to a white dude?" -a black dude that I've seen diss black women up and down in favor of non-black women.

He’s mixed and white passing. We’ve established this.
I’m engaged to him because of who he is, not because of what he is. I still take the time to love and uplift black men, and I don’t consider my fiancé to be better than black men.
I’ve also never said that if this relationship didn’t work out that I still wouldn’t go after a black man.
Stop projecting your anti-blackness onto me.
Especially because you were in my inbox a few years back.

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hi so i know this is a stupid question but my dad's japanese and my mom's french and i grew in the us but i look more like my mom and one my friends i was wondering does that still make me asian??? because one of my friends told me i didn't look like one

hey!! its not a stupid question xx im not biracial so i dont think im v qualified to answer this but u r still def a poc egen if u r white passing, and i think it just depends on how u want to identify as? bc i know some mixed ppl, prefer to say theyre half // ans half ///. and thats fine!! u can identify as half asian if u want, but i also know some mixed ppl want to identify as justn//// so thats fine too?? someone correct me if im wrong pls!! but yeah i think its ultimately up to u and u shldnt let anyone tell u otherwise and in general to any poc reading this just bc u dont appear to b /// that doesnt make u any less /// smh @ anyone who thinks u hage to meet a certain appearance to b valid lmao. anyway hav a good day anon ily


Do “White Passing” People of Color Have White Privilege?

The age old problem of simultaneously being “too white” and “not white enough”.



I know Raef LaFrentz didn’t dunk this basketball.  Raef LaFrentz didn’t even make the shot.  But Raef LaFrentz did catch it, and that’s what makes it a pass.

If Raef LaFrentz gets hit in the face, or bobbles the ball, it’s not called “The Jason Williams Elbow Pass."  It’s just called a "turnover."  Here’s to Raef LaFrentz.  We’ll be forever grateful for your sole contribution to the NBA.

Conversely, there’s not enough venom and hatred directed at James Posey for fouling LaFrentz, and ruining this moment. All of a sudden, the guy starts playing hard defense at an All-Star Event?  Did you not get the memo?  This was supposed to be an exhibition!!!

I’ve spent a lot of time watching the highlight, but never the context.  Today, I discovered Posey missed a 3-point shot on the other end, which lead to the fast break and Williams’ spectacular pass.  That’s why he fouled.  The guy was, as is the parlance today, butt hurt.  Arrest James Posey.

And to Jason Williams, god bless you.  They can’t erase what you were.