so i told my psych about the racist bullshit i experienced on my teaching prac and she literally said ‘but you basically look white so it can’t have been that bad!!!”  i’m gonna say this once and then we can move on: white passing privilege DOES NOT equal white privilege, privilege is purely circumstantial and whether you are a white passing poc or not, you do not get to judge another person’s racial experience, you do not get to invalidate their struggle, you do not get to erase their identity simply because it doesn’t appear obvious to YOU.

if someone is feeling prosecuted because they are not white, you do not get to poo poo their experiences of racism, especially if you are WHITE. White passing peeps acknowledge our privilege, but that privilege is not present in all places all the time. This has been a PSA. 

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Dude you're only like .000023% black don't even start with the black pride cause you don't even know what it's like to walk down the street fearing for your life. Your white passing and don't even deserve to brag about being black. Sincerely another angry black woman ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿Keep up those white tears hunnyyy

i sent this to myself

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Could someone else start a yellow out/ Brown out? Also, are white passing black people allowed to participate in blackout?

They can start something similar to Blackout but should not use our name and tags as a fill-in-the-blank. They should come up with a unique name. In fact, movements like #PraisintheAsian already exist! White passing black folks are allowed to participate.

- @marissarei

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yes you are biracial but you will never experience much of the discrimination against black people as you can not only 'pass' for white to most people but you also conform to society's view of beauty??

idk how i conform to society’s view of beauty but i literally never said once that i experience colorism or any of the antiblackness that dark skinned black people experience so the only reason losers like you bring this shit up when i talk about how proud i am to be black is because you don’t really see me as black. either way sis i really do not care what you think of me or the fact that i’m black LMAO go get on your soapbox on your own blog.

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All of your post about fandom racism is always on point. I really hate how white women treat people in fandom and your post touch on that. TBH people are always like "it's white dude bros that are so racist" but I've experienced more racism from white women in fandom than white men. This way of thinking also irritates me because it gives white women a pass to keep acting a fool

Thank you!  And I agree, white women have always made up the majority of racist backlash when it comes to the inclusion of people of color in fandom spaces, especially women of color.  And they have always used their white womanhood to rally others around to “protect” their “fragile feelings” by harassing and demonizing the most vocal fans of color.  They get a pass because they’re women and only men can be racist, so no one ever really fixes anything because they’re focused on just the men. 

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So for a long time I've been planning on writing a book and the main character is half brown half white.Since you're also that, I was wondering if you could answer some questions?Like do prefer one side of the family over the other, or identify more as one race?Do you get treated differently by family members? Would you say that you face less racism than if you were not half white?(I'm sorry I'm too shy to go off anon, I really am, and sorry if these are too personal to answer I understand)

hi! there’s A Lot here and in no way do i know the Universal Biracial Experience (i know i have biracial followers though so it’d be cool to hear from you guys as well)

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I'm not sure if I should submit something for the black out.. I always get nervous to post anything for these bc I'm mixed and have very fair skin,,

definitely !! we put in the post white-passing Black ppl are still welcome to submit!

OK but Coco IS copying TBOL to a t, like they even got Gabriel García Bernal who is part of an early 2000s dinamic duo with…you guessed it, Diego Luna. With the plus that García Bernal is white-passing, which I could go on about for ages but it’s not really the point. You got latinx actors in hollywood, pixar, don’t try to tell me you don’t. You cast ONE. And the kid. And that’s it. But you’re still gonna get applauded as super inclusive and proggressive and original and shit. And like…you wanted the kid to be a musician, you know what other instruments mexicans play? ALL OF THEM. Armando Manzanero, Agustín Lara, María Grever , all of them kickass mexican musicians, all of them played piano. Granted, guitar is more convenient for the ‘Mexican aesthetic’ but srsly, even an accordeon works. A VIOLIN. A DOUBLE BASS. ANYTHING. I bet it’s not even gonna be the requinto kind of guitar playing like bolero or trova yucateca, or even norteño, it’s gonna be fucking pop rock ala Maná or something. UGH. HE COULD HAVE BEEN A SINGER WITH LIKE A FUCKING BONGO AND THE POINT WOULD HAVE STILL COME ACROSS BUT NOOOOOO. 

So far the only thing that looks like it has heart about this film is the design. I am so dissappointed right now.  

Whoopi Goldberg to Produce, Possibly Star in Harlem Racial Drama for Bravo (Exclusive)

Whoopi Goldberg may be eyeing a return to acting.

The View moderator is teaming with Bravo to develop an untitled project for the NBCUniversal-owned cable network, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The modern-day drama centers on a Harlem crime boss who is reunited with her oldest son - whom she thought was dead - after he returns to New York City to run for mayor. Being able to pass as white, he faked his death as a teenager and left New York in order to get a new start on life. 

Goldberg is set to executive produce the project alongside her One Ho Productions president Tom Leonardis. She also is eyeing the role of the Harlem crime boss in the drama, though she is not currently attached to star. 44 Blue Productions’ Stephanie Drackovitch also will exec produce. Amitabh Klemm (Swing State, The Art of Stalking, Lifeline) will pen the script and exec produce the project, which hails from Universal Cable Productions.

The Bravo drama comes as Goldberg’s contract for ABC’s The View expires at the end of its current 20th season. Sources stress the Bravo project is in its early stages, and it’s unclear if she does ultimately star in it just how that would impact her future on the ABC talker. Goldberg in 2015 signed on to star in ABC’s Jermaine Fowler comedy pilot and planned to do both The View and the scripted comedy had that project moved forward.

Klemm is repped by Paradigm, MGMT Entertainment and Hansen Jacobson; Goldberg is with CAA.

For Bravo, the Goldberg drama comes as the cable network has found success with its scripted forays that include Marti Noxon’s Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce and Odd Mom Out. Next up is Imposters (formerly My So Called Wife), which is set to premiere in February.

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do you trust white passing pocs?

i don’t understand why you guys ask me stuff like this but here’s your answer: i don’t trust anybody by default and especially not nonblack folks! sorry!

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Y'all I got a theory Epic only lets the girls release music based off their skin color & looks. C (skinny - white passing) been allowed to have a entire solo career for a year. Now L (white passing) is allowed to release her music next even tho A and D (darker woc)'s music been finished and ready to put out for a longer time. A and D still have to wait tho. Then there's N (the darkest) who hasn't started working on her music at all - maybe she's not allowed. What y'all think?

I mean this is extremely discriminatory and Epic can be taken to court for that right? Its possible though.

It’s a very interesting theory and I’m only not wanting to believe it because my heart can’t handle racism and it makes me sad and part of me is convinced we’re a progressive society, but let’s be real - we’re not. There could be millions of reasons as to why only Lauren and Camila are able to release solo music whilst in the band…and colour does seem to be one of the reasons, but I don’t want to jump to conclusions.

I personally agree with you but my other theory is that, Lauren just came out so she got a ton of attention and is using that to her advantage, the same why in which Camila had so many things going on for her at the time of her solo releases. I definitely think they are picking advantageous moments to release things so that it does well. Maybe that’s why DNA have not released anything officially yet - because they want to maximise potential and not flop and they aren’t as famous as Lauren or Camila (and that is because of their skin colour, in my opinion)