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People treat Kylo's character like he will be a revenge fantasy to all those that feel hatred towards entitled white privileged straight cis men, they call him a MRA and a school shooter, I don't think that's the point of his character. Giving him redemption isn't "giving all white men a pass", I really don't think that's his character. People are making so many assumptions about his backstory I'm afraid people won't change their initial first impressions after TLJ about him.

Yes, this is a great point. I think that too many people take an inherently negative and pessimistic outlook on Kylo’s character. Instead of seeing someone who’s broken and lost but can still be brought back and do good again, they see an evil monster who needs to be put down. The former perspective is founded on hope and optimism, the latter on hopelessness and pessimism - and Star Wars is about treasuring hope and finding solutions, not giving up and accepting things as they are. It’s the whole idea that revenge and retribution are to be prioritised over healing and reconciliation, which is something that I fundamentally disagree with, especially in a Star Wars context.

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lmao redhaired hella pale mexican here. i moved around a lot when i was a kid including US and Can so my accent is ... some weird shit. apparently approximately russian wtf. what i wanted to get around to is those painfully awkward moments when these White (TM) people get close enough to me to start ranting about how these "mexicans always speaking spanish" and "they're so fucking lazy and never do anything, they just go on welfare" and holy fuck i just can't

oh hohoho dude i FEEL YOU like being white passing around white people is just a big bowl of aggravation because white people think you’re One Of Them and then they are like *racism* and then you’re like *reveal* and they are like “But But BUt BUt buT you’re not Brown???” and they combust and proceed to unleash 2562376 more racist comments like word vomit 

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hey, i just wanted your opinion on something. I'm a "white-passing" latinx, whereas the rest of my family, for the most part, looks it. And i know that there have and will he comments directed at them because of this and I struggle with how to react. Because on one hand, I benefit from white privilege and they're not saying it to me, and yet it's to my family and ta still about me even if they don't realize. Idk, i'm just unsure of how when to support them and if i can also support myself

i think it’s most important to remember that you are latinx, and many latinx are white-passing but that doesn’t make you any less latinx. latinx is who you are and where your family is from, not just a skin color. i, for example, can be white-passing at times (i tan extremely easy tho so during the spring/summer/sometimes fall it’s a different story but like i’m mexican, spanish, and portuguese so obviously i don’t just look mexican) but most people say i look hispanic. that being said, tho, sometimes i also don’t have comments directed at me, and a lot of times people don’t assume i’m part mexican. but if i’m out with other latinx friends, for example, and if they were receiving hate i would still be offended because if they’re being insulted for their race/culture, my skin change the fact that i’m also part of that group.

you are latinx. if someone is insulting latinx, they are insulting you, even if it’s not to your face. true, it’s important to recognize when you receive privilege for your skin tone, because it is the difference between getting called slurs and not. that being said, you should always always support your culture and race. if your family or friends are being harassed in public, stand up for them. if they tell you about something that happened to them the other night, be there to talk to them and comfort them. but know that it’s ok if it’s hard to hear, because people think this way about your culture.

do your part to spread awareness and put down the haters. for example, you can read my post about how i was called a “dirty farmer c*nt” and, even though nobody told that to your face, ensure that other people in your life don’t think that way. you are allowed to be offended by what people have called me (or anyone else you know) and you are allowed to stand up against hate even if you haven’t received it. fighting for equality can’t just come from minority groups – people won’t always listen to us. but in that way, if you are white-passing in a minority, use that privilege to be heard and shut down these haters. if your friend is getting abused, the abuser might listen to you because they think you are white. it’s tough, because you want to be seen for the ethnic group you are, but at the same time you want to accept your privilege. so use it when you can, but don’t forget that you are latinx, and that we are not about to let this hatred and bigotry beat us down

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I've just been called an anti AND racist because I said that if half of Lance family is white passing, they are probably mixed race; even when that doesn't make them less latin. I mean, where do you think Hispanic names come from? You think they appear thanks of la obra y gracia de la pachamama??? Urgh.

I think the thing people get kinda irked about that is the fact they ‘look white’ doesn’t mean they’re not Cuban and saying they’re mixed race infers they’re not Cuban like Cuba is an incredibly diverse country someone can be white and still be Cuban that doesn’t mean that person is necessarily mixed race

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Are you even native American

Hello nosey nonnie.

Yes I am Native American, but I don’t look it. And no it’s not one of those my great grandmother was Cherokee. I am 2nd generation off the rez Tuscarora, Iroquois Turtle Clan.

This is me and my mother. Yes she is my birth mother, I just got very fucked over in the genes department. I swear I’m adopted but we have many photos of the birth and have several paternity and maternity tests to prove that I fell out of this woman’s vagina.

Here are some more pictures cause I’m pale and I honestly don’t think you believe me:

(My mom actually made every piece of jewelry I am wearing and hand beaded that vest as well).

And here’s pictures of the woman that I blame for my bad genes: My grandmother.

I get told I look like her all the time AND I HONESTLY DO NOT SEE IT, but because I get told I look like her all the time I BLAME HER.

On the left you see my grandpa (full blood native) in his headdress, on the right you see my cousin (also full blood), the great medicine man Mad Bear, here’s a book about him since you seem to be so nosey.

And in case you doubted me, here are a few pictures of me when my ma and I were on the powwow circuit.

This is me with my ma’s regalia (if you call it a costume I will shank you) because a) she had a bad leg day and couldn’t dance and b) mine was not ready and made and I JUST REALLY WANTED TO DANCE. (This is also the day I got burnt ON MY FUCKING HAIRLINE WHERE MY HAIR WAS PARTED. THAT FUCKING HURTS!)

Here’s me in my fancy dance shawl. There aren’t that many pictures of me because a) I fucking hated them b) it’s normally seen as disrespectful to take pictures of dancers out of the circle without their permission and my ma and I were always dancing at the same times AND I NEVER LET ANYONE TAKE MY PICTURE AT THIS TIME IN MY LIFE.

So yes, my family is a very rainbow family, I just happen to be the one WHITE passing one. No really…

Here’s me (in the middle if you can’t guess), Bebe and Audree. I like to call this the ABC Rainbow of the Printup family (because my first name is Cheyenne…..I swear our parents DID NOT PLAN THIS). 

And this is another pic of me and Audree YEARS later

Am I Native? Yes

Do I look traditionally Native? No

Does that mean I am not going to label myself as native? HELL TO THE FUCK NO.

Please reblog and share so that people can understand that there are white passing people of color. Yes even some that pass as white as me. We do exist and no that does not give you the right to basically white wash us. I am proud of my native roots and I will share everything and anything you want to know. The more educational resources we can get out there the better. DON’T BE AFRAID TO SHOOT ME AN ASK. I LOVE IT, but please do not be a dick like this one and phrase it so accusingly. Much appreciated, thank you!

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That shit has happened to me irl My best friend and I are Mexican, she's white passing and I am not, but her name is Xochitl and mine is Monica When we went on vacation to the us fuckboys everywhere confusing us because they didn't equate the name to the skin tone Bonus point: she's not fluent in English

Amazing. Truly amazing

good argument: white passing people have privilege because they are not effected by colorism and they should use this advantage to help others but we shouldn’t invalidate their identity + even though they may look white and their experiences aren’t akin to those who don’t that doesn’t make them exempt from all forms of racism especially even within their own communities

bad argument: white passing poc are white

the funny thing about Blaque Widowmaker™ is that black people in this hell fandom started it as a joke hc and it became super popular bc the only way people tried to disprove it was through anti blackness and it became a joke among black ow fans

literally every argument against it stems out of antiblackness. “She’s french, she cant be black.” france has one of the highest black populations in europe. french names are super common throughout the entire african diaspora.      “she doesn’t look black.” she looked black enough for people to look at her lips and nose and think of a black woman. besides, what do black people look like to yall? What traits do you automatically associate with black people? Why does a nonblack person get to decide what features are black or not? Black folks come in every color there is. “She’s pale in some of her legendaries.” White passing black folks exist. “Her hair isn’t black.” Wigs, weaves and straighteners all exist. Black folks don’t all have one curl pattern either. Yall need to self examine yourselves and think about why black people seeing themselves in a video game character is so damn harmful.


no one is white; acotar
— tamlin, high lord of the spring court

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Opre Roma!!!

There were (and are) precious few depictions of Romani women that don’t fall back on negative and harmful stereotypes. We are not allowed to be human- instead we’re told that all we are is fortune-tellers, thieves, and exotic dancers.

Spoiler: We’re not.

Esmeralda & Notre-Dame de Paris are undoubtedly problematic portrayals. But- as a child- it was all I had. Here was a character who looks like me. Here was a character who seemed comfortable in her identity and fought for what was right. She’s stuck with me for a reason. I explore her character for a reason.

Happy International Romani Day. May our generation create characters who aren’t caricatures.

Opre Roma!

{ Feel free to reblog. Our culture is worthy of pride and celebration}