Day 488 - Lampler | ランプラー | Lampent

Lampler constantly churns hyper oxygenated air in its dome, and ignites it for a consistent burn for its entire time awake. When it is sleeping, even its eyes disappear, leaving what looks like an abandoned lamp. It is said that lamps are based on Lampler that were around from ancient times. Chandela is a fairly modern discovery.

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Decided to go back to an old sketch and ended up being proud of finishing something for once. :) Tried to incorporate some manga tones and such into painting, I’ve always loved mixed media stuff…technically not mixed media but it’s definitely a nice mix.

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ok but

do we know what the war boys paint themselves with?

i mean ive seen a lot of people say its clay but hear me out

  1. enamel paint is used to paint cars
  2. it was also used in the past to paint one’s face white, when being extremely pale was a standard of beauty
  3. we already know war boys spray chrome on their teeth presumably to resemble a machine or a car radiator grill
  4. face enameling causes lead poisoning which would only make the war boys sicker

am i the only one who immediately thought of that when watching the movie

Im sorry but Im really shit at trees, but what do you think?

thank you rivendclls for your permission and the inspiration :) (its based on her photograph)

I finished it quite fast though. I was really excited to make this one because it was going to black and white and probably paintings like these are going to be my next thing. 

please let me know what you think! Pretty please?

Neutral, the binary opposite of black, or a blank canvas.

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