Tumblr Assignment #2

Chapter 1 of Chromophobia talks about whitescapes. After reading chapter 1, it makes me connect to the idea of white on white. In ceramics, the idea could be represented that the white slips or glaze can be put on the white clay body to show the different surface texture. Moreover, when the white color artwork displays in a white space, it is another way to interpret the idea of white on white. The modern artist Kazimir Malevich created an abstract painting White on White in1918. The work showed two different white shades on canvas, which brought the idea that white could be turned into a number of different white shades rather than white being just one color. In addition, the light and the shadow will become the elements that interact within work and space. The shadow from viewer might also become a part of work.

It is interesting to think about how to incorporate different shades of white in a piece of work, and it is also impressive to consider how to display white on white in a work, in a space.

Besides, people associate white color with the ideas of pure, flawless and fancy, which porcelain as a material has the similar connection among pure, flawless and fancy. I had seen an online video that introduced a Japanese ceramicist only using porcelain as his material for his pots. I was impressed at how he keeps his studio clean and organized for creating perfect flawless work. In addition, in ceramics history, people have used white slip on the pot surface to make pottery look more like porcelain before they knew how to produce porcelain. It is fascinating to consider the meaning of white, and how to incorporate white to create work.