anonymous asked:

Where are all of these guys that are interested in black women? I live in Detroit but work, attend school and shop in suburban, predominatly white areas. I'm an attractive chick whose dated a white guy before and would be open to doing it again but I don't get approached by them. What should I do? Where should I go?

I really wouldn’t stress that much about it love. There’s no secret meeting/hang out spot for white men who love black women. lol. I got in both of my IR relationships by just having white guy friends….who eventually asked me out. 

If a relationship is what you currently want, you should focus on finding a great guy, regardless of race. And if he happens to be white, make sure to submit a photo to the blog haha. 

just be careful praising white men and saying they love black women more than black men do. because it’s all good and well until Chad whispers in your ear that your his Chocolate love bunny and that he’s into race play. because the truth is black women receive disrespect from men in general. black, white, alla them. so getting into debates about who likes black women more is irrelevant and never accurate.