“The look of love is in your eyes,”

~Silver & Madi

:When black men praise and love white women it’s just a “preference” but when white men praise and love black women it’s a “fetish?” I am so sick and tired of black men being so quick to diagnose every black woman and white men relationships. I personally will no longer turn down men of other races for black men just to get turn down and degraded by them. What a slap in the face.

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Where are all of these guys that are interested in black women? I live in Detroit but work, attend school and shop in suburban, predominatly white areas. I'm an attractive chick whose dated a white guy before and would be open to doing it again but I don't get approached by them. What should I do? Where should I go?

I really wouldn’t stress that much about it love. There’s no secret meeting/hang out spot for white men who love black women. lol. I got in both of my IR relationships by just having white guy friends….who eventually asked me out. 

If a relationship is what you currently want, you should focus on finding a great guy, regardless of race. And if he happens to be white, make sure to submit a photo to the blog haha. 

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I'm hearing crickets over on the white gay side. Funny how they can count on so much help against homophobia and how gay white men love to pretend they're black women, but during times like these they're silent.

im tired

just be careful praising white men and saying they love black women more than black men do. because it’s all good and well until Chad whispers in your ear that your his Chocolate love bunny and that he’s into race play. because the truth is black women receive disrespect from men in general. black, white, alla them. so getting into debates about who likes black women more is irrelevant and never accurate.


I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately since I follow a few shows where there are interracial relationships (primarily between black women and white men) and I see how excited the other black women that I follow get when they see the representation of a man outside of our race, especially white men, loving black women.

A lot of people see black women as closed off, unfriendly and not open to relationships out of their race, but when society is constantly beating you down, telling you that you’re not good enough and that you don’t fit the accepted mold, you have to find a way to protect yourself, so in some ways we close ourselves off. But when I see my fellow black women tumblr users get excited to see interracial relationships on tv, it just really hits me hard that black women really are just like any other women on the planet. We have crushes, we fall in love, we want to be fallen in love with, we get our hearts broken, we want to be treated well, we want those fun and exciting relationships you see in the movies, we can love guys and girls, we’re complex too. We want to be loved and appreciated and accepted by everyone but it’s this messed up world and all its standards that make us shrink back and put up defenses. I wish the world would see black women as the loveable, loving, attractive, complex, more than worthy people that we are. And I wish that more black women would see that in themselves too. We’re just as deserving as our lighter skinned counterparts. It just makes me sad that things are like this. Black women belong too, we’re not rejects or subpar and we deserve everything the world has to offer.


Awwwwww!!! An absolutely GORGE video about their wedding day!! He treats her very well… soo happy for them!!

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