What does casual racism look like in LGBTQ spaces? A lot like casual racism everywhere else.

Casual racism thinks mixed race people are “exotic,” penis size is determined by race according to “some studies” that probably don’t exist, black women are aggressive, and just about every other common racial stereotype under the sun.

Really, stereotypes fuel casual racism in all its forms.

Casual racism also thinks that LGBTQ people have transcended all responsibility for dealing with racial issues.

For example, if you’re a queer person of color who wants to vocalize a racial concern in a predominantly white queer space and casual racism rears its head, you could be accused of being divisive (extra irony points if you were pointing out divisiveness that actually exists).

Sometimes casual racism masquerades as inclusion or open mindedness. For example, there are some gay people who go out of their way to date someone of another race just to say they’ve done it.

Such gays then receive the Congratulatory Cookie of Open Mindedness from people of color for letting us sleep with them.
But not really, because dating someone because of their race is as ridiculous as rejecting someone because of their race.

The same applies to predominately white gay groups that go out of their way to snag token people of color (oblivious to the fact that these spaces don’t always feel inclusive to the people of color in question).

Tokenism may seem progressive on its surface, but it’s really just another form of othering.

So if you see casual racism, remember it. And talk about it.
Notice if you’re ever guilty of it and, if you are, take responsibility for it.

I would say explain it to other white LGBTQ people, but it’s frustrating when it takes a white person saying the same thing people of color have been saying for ages to convince other white people to change their actions.

Instead, tell them to take the race related concerns of LGBTQ people of color seriously – as in listen to us.

As LGBTQ people, we get silenced all the time, told we’re too sensitive, told not to flaunt our sexuality.

Sexual minorities of color can find themselves silenced further when their concerns about race are dismissed by the predominantly white, mainstream LGBTQ community.

Let’s keep working to change that.

—  –Jarune Uwujaren, “How White LGBTQ People Can Be Inclusive Of People Of Color,” Everyday Feminism 2/5/13
Apparently, Freedom of speech is okay if it's for a white guy

White guy: “I believe in freedom of speech!”

Feminist: “I think women should be equal to men-”

Same white guy: “No! Shut up!”

Black person: “I want police officers to stop killing us-”

Same white guy: “No! Shut up!”

Lgbtq person or anyone not straight and/or cisgender: “I’m sick of people who judge me for being myself-”

Same white guy: “No! Shut up!”

Same white guy: “You can’t take away my freedom of speech! My feelings are hurt! I’m the real victim here! You freaking liberals! *cries salty tears*”

I don’t understand how white people can’t identify with poc characters onscreen but can identify with a dogs, cats, toys, fishes and alien’s perfectly fine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Okay. Wait a minute.

Hi. My name is Jessica.
I am a white, bisexual, cisgender female, and I love using tumblr.
Now I’m sure some of you guys are asking “why did you just tell me this?”
Well, I told you this information about myself because I feel kind of indirectly shamed for these traits that I was born with.
“Different People” such as people of color, queers, and transgenders are recently posting on tumblr what they believe is wrong with society.
These posts are usually referencing how “Normal People”(white, straight and cisgender) are very discriminating towards “Different People”.
I actually agree with the fact that our society is indeed fucked up, but what I have a problem with is that these posts make me feel as if they are targeted towards ALL “Normal People”, including myself.
Wait, what?
I’m sorry, but this isn’t right.
Yes, the people that discriminate are “Normal People”, but not all “Normal People” discriminate.
I am queer, but other than that, I am what is considered a “Normal Person”.
And many other people are under the same circumstances.
And I feel very targeted for racism and discrimination that I did not ever do.
I love all people.
I don’t care what color skin you have, who you love, or what’s in your pants.
And almost everyone I know that is sensible is the same way.
So why do I feel so targeted?
Because I’m apart of the racist bunch.
Because I’m apart of the cisgender bunch.
It’s kind of similar to the hate Islams feel(but not the same! They have it so much worse right now thanks to Trump and ISIS).
Because they are the same race and/or religion as the terrorists, they are automatically categorized as the terrorists as well.
They are categorized by certain groups that are primarily white(fuck you Trump).
And since I’m white, I also get portrayed as a racist.
This isn’t right.
None of it is.
The “Different People” are being discriminated.
The “Normal People” take the blame for the discrimination.
This causes a constant battle fueled by hate and discrimination, and everyone in the end feels targeted.
So what do we do to stop this?
To be honest, I have no fucking clue.
I can’t stop people from posting these hate-fueled posts.
All I can do is simply keep loving everyone.
That’s all I ever could do.
But I just hope so much that if people read this post, it’ll make them think.
I hope it’ll make them think about if they too are indirectly discriminating against a certain group of people.
And I really do hope that maybe, just maybe, this post would start a chain reaction of how we act towards different groups of people.
I mean, after all, “Different” or “Normal”, we are all just People.
So let’s get rid of the “Different” or “Normal” labels that control us, and let’s all just be People.
Hi, my name is Jessica.
I am a Person, and I love using tumblr.

Can I rant?


Everybody and their mothers are blowing up on here about Lexa being dead–which RIGHTFULLY THEY SHOULD BE; I watched her death on YouTube after much confusion, and even with no context, it was ridiculous. The stray bullet was uncalled.

However, as more posts make their way onto my dash, I’m noting a shit ton of PoC who were also killed, violently and with ridiculous reason (at least, as ridiculous as I can understand without context).

So…where was the boycott after the “tortured Latina” died? Or the dead black guy who was but wasn’t a demon…? Where was the Twitter follower plummet?? Where were the “I’m-gonna-throw-Jason-Whatshisface-into-the-sun” people?

I believe we have a severe case of white discomfort syndrome on our hands.

White discomfort syndrome: when white people don’t notice the deaths of PoC in media because they’re too busy worrying about LGBTQ representation.


LGBTQ representation is absolutely 100% necessary and I support it.


This is another example of systemic racism. White people literally do not give a shit until their white favorite dies. White discomfort syndrome allows white people to feel like they have a cause to fight for without noting another problem that has had a larger, much more oppressive foothold in the American entertainment industry.

LGBTQ representation in the media is fucking important. And people need to get their shit together. (coughSwanQueeneventhoughIshipCScough)

But not noticing PoC till the LGBTQ character dies is offensive, shallow, and frankly, a perfect example of privilege. White people don’t wanna interact with or acknowledge PoC at all, so they fight for a cause that includes them too.

Fix this next time.

anonymous asked:

I don't think you are a bad person but this "all cops do is shoot black people" thing ruins your blog. Other races get killed by bad cops too. Cops themselves get killed by any race. It happens in a field that is dangerous because of criminals. Yes innocent people get killed by cops, after all, they are human too. Yes there are horrible cops that disgrace their badge and abuse their power but that isn't all cops. If you don't like cops then don't ever run to the cops for help when you need it.

Yes, other races get killed by cops too, especially and disproportionately racial minorities, white disabled people (so many stories of autistic ppl being killed by cops) and white LGBTQ folks, especially trans people (though trans women who are not white are much more likely to get in these situations)

the same racial minorities who are arrested at disproportionate rates

the same racial minorities who are shoveled into the prison system for minor crimes such as a 3rd count of possession of something as soft as weed, once again, disproportionately.

It happens in a field that is dangerous because of megalomaniacs who pursue a field thats given significant power over the general populace and are going to abuse that power.

Also you make it seem like that when the innocent are killed by cops its a mistake that they make because “they are human too”. Tell me how arresting a woman over a basic traffic violation and then beating her and hanging her in her cell and trying to paint it as a suicide despite corner reports and basic fucking logic saying that it wasnt, tell me how THAT is an accident that happens because “cops are human too”

And you know what, yes, I am aware that its not all cops. But, it is enough cops. These are people who because of their position in society possess significantly disproportionate power over me. These are the people that I have to be careful around if my boyfriend gets pulled over while hes driving because if its a homophobic cop they can arbitrarily write up extra shit and put my boyfriend through more financial hell, with no cost to him.

Ive met a few cops that seemed good, the only one recently was this really cool lady who spoke up against these aspects and problems in the police force, which she saw because SHE IS A FUCKING COP