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Kink no. 85. Office Sex with Jensen x Reader for @bringmesomepie56 (hope you like it, Arie!)

Summary: You decide to surprise Jensen on your anniversary, wanting to try something you’ve never tried before. Is your husband going to be up for what you planned?

Word Count: 2294

Characters: Jensen Ackles

Pairing: Jensen x Reader (established)

Rating: Explicit

Warnings/tags: high school teacher!Jensen, high school graduate!Reader, smut, PWP-ish, teacher/student roleplay, oral sex (female receiving), vaginal fingering, office sex, semi-public sex, vaginal sex, unsafe sex, fluff

Unbeta’d, so all the mistakes are mine!

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You held your coat tight around your body, greeting your old teachers you were passing on your way to Jensen’s office with curt nods. The sound of your heels clicking against the floor echoed through the corridors, making you all too aware of the reason you had gotten to your old school in the first place.

Your tenth anniversary with Jensen was on that day and you had decided that you had wanted to do something both crazy and fun, hoping to surprise Jensen with your idea.

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Who The Fuck Is Negan [Part Four]

Part Five will include Alison’s group and Rick’s.

Negan was itching to find out what all Alison knew about Rick, but it was early and he had some… things that needed to be taken care of.

So, why not let the damn pretty lady sleep in?

It was nearing noon and she had yet to emerge from the room he’d given her, causing him to be impatient and extra huffy with his men.

Not being able to handle how crazy she was making him, he gathered her some clean clothes to change in to, taking a great deal of care when picking them out.

His first thought was to just throw her door open, make a dramatic entrance, but he thought better of it. The goal was to show her that she could trust him, and scaring the hell out of her was not the way to go about that.

Negan knocked softly on the door, Lucille had been replaced with the bag of clothes he’d gotten her and single pink flower.

There was no response to his knock, but he didn’t care. This was his home, he could go in whenever he damn well pleased. He would have told her that when she started bitching at him, but to his surprise, she was still asleep.

In actuality Alison hadn’t fallen asleep until the sun came up, about the time Negan was getting up. She didn’t feel safe sleeping at night, alone.

He just watched her for moment, taking her in.

She’d ditched her blanket by tossing it in the floor, along with her sweatshirt. She must have gotten hot.

She was left laying there in tight jeans and a plain white tank top that was thin enough to give a peek at her pink bra. She was cuddling her pillow, breathing softly.

He sat the bag and flower at the foot of the bed and went to lean down in front of her. Smiling, he touched her cheek. “Wake up sunshine. I have some fucking good news.”

Alison groaned and peeked up at him, pouting.
God damn did that look did something to him.

“Why the hell would you think waking me up would be a good idea after that fight last night?”

“Note to self. Alison does not do wake up calls.” He stood and grabbed his gifts, holding them out to her. “I brought you some clothes. Get dressed and meet me for lunch.”

“Aren’t your wives going to get pissed about you having lunch with another woman?” Alison gave a smirk as she tore into the bag. Clothes were her weakness, even in this world.

“It’ll be worth it baby.” Negan gave a gravelly laughed and left her alone so he could go over see the lunch preparations.

“Holy shit…” Alison was in amazement as she pulled out the dress he’d hand picked for her. It was a beautiful black dress made of silk with a white lace collar. He’d also grabbed her some white lace leggings and pair of black heels with cute little bows on the back.

There was a small bathroom attached to the room and she stared at herself in the mirror, admiring how great she looked. It was unbelievable he had brought her something so amazing…

“But that doesn’t change the fact he has who knows how many wives.” She mumbled, tucking a knife into her bra. She couldn’t hide the gun on her person unfortunately.

Alison took a few more minutes to put on her confident act before heading out.

One of Negan’s men was waiting to escort her to the dinning room. Didn’t want her getting lost of course.

The man left her at the door and at first she didn’t know where Negan was, the room seemed to be empty.

Then he started to sing and she spotted him standing in front of a large window, and noticed the table that was sat up with their lunch.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…”

His voice was lovely, but she didn’t understand.


He held up his hand, telling her to be quite.

“You make me happy, when skies are gray. You’ll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

When he turned to face her, he was smiling a true and happy smile, and despite how horrible of man he had been, Alison couldn’t help but smile back.

“What the hell are you doing?” She laughed and walked over now, assuming she could since he hadn’t ordered her to stop.

“Do you like the dress?” He asked, reaching out and taking one of her hands to kiss. “You look amazing in it…”

“I love it.” Alison answered honestly. “But really. What is going on here?” He had an agenda and she knew it.

“Their gone. A thing of the past. I want to be a one woman man Alison.”

She jerked her hand away from him and placed it on her hip, giving him an annoyed look.

“Oh, you got rid of your wives? Why, all of sudden you love me and only me, and all that bullshit? Stop playing games with me.”

She was just going to walk out on him, take whatever punishment he wanted to give, and be done with his game. But he grabbed her and made her face him.

They stared at each other until he decided she wasn’t going to run away.

Then Negan got down on one knee and Alison almost died.

“Sunshine, Alison. I don’t give a fuck if I don’t know you. I already know I love that dirty, sassy mouth of yours. I want it. I want it to only be mine.”

He noticed she was about argue and he held up a finger, asking her to let him finish.

“I know you probably think I’m doing this just for the sex..”

She confirmed with a nod but didn’t interrupt.

“But I swear I’m not. Even though I bet it will be fucking great to taste you…” He licked his lips.

“I want you to marry me. You’ll be my one and only, till death do us part. I want you to be by my side as we rule this fucking fucked up world. Marry me, and help me destroy anyone who doesn’t follow our rules.”

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