“Valar Morghulis”

Game of Thrones/Avatar mashup! How would it look if GoT’s story happened in an ATLA/LoK universe? This is Arya Stark rockin’ some Earth Kingdom garb. I couldn’t help but design Arya as an Earthbender. Her personality, build and even *spoilers* her final scene of season 5 remind me way too much of our favorite Earthbending master, Toph. Arya even wears green for multiple seasons. I referred heavily to Avatar art books for style. 


This is not my normal subject to post about, but god damn it do I find “the great white-washing of Korra” to be incredibly vexing right now. This particular artist’s comment had me so frustrated that my palm left a damn welt on my forehead.

“I didn’t notice?”

You didn’t notice that the character was brown? I understand. That happens sometimes. That’s also why I’m always seeing white characters colored brown by mistake too? People just don’t see color at all right? Particularly not when they are artists deliberately choosing particular color palettes for their art, right? Riiiiiight…

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I'm sorry but I gotta agree aang was totally coded as white in every way. He went and found an old brown wise guru and used those skills to constantly save brown people from the yellow menace. It was a total white savior story until Korra.

Wow, this is a racist, misguided comment. 

Here’s the thing, though: Aang is not white, and everyone in Avatar: The Last Airbender is Asian or Inuit. So there’s no real “yellow menace”.  Not to mention for a white savior story to work, you have to have a message of neo-colonialism which is not present in Aang’s narrative at all. Especially seeing as he and his people are the victims of a genocide/ethnic cleansing.

I’m not going to deny the colorism present in A:TLA, but even then, there are brown characters who do have agency and independence and are not dependent on fair-skinned characters for help. 


I hope you didn’t pull any muscles with this reach…


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DA - I genuinely appreciate the argument about, "Why can't we just have this one thing?" and to a certain extent I instinctively want to agree with it. But I was at NYCC this past year for the first time, and I saw a 9ish y/o white girl cosplaying Korra. Her blonde hair was in the three ponytails, and she had the water tribe gear on. Very respectful. It was odd at first, but I sure as hell wasn't gonna tell this kid she couldn't pretend to be her hero. Since then, I've changed my mind more.

It’s about the enjoyment of cosplaying who you love.

I can definitely see where the anon is coming from, though.


This is a photshop posted for another FanFic I wrote in, yet another, attempt at re-writing the series in my own style. Hey, I’m not the only one with AU dreams!

It’s a musical retelling of Korra’s story with songs and parodies from the best known and beloved songs from the Disney studios!

After her parents were attacked when she was a baby, and being rescued by the moon spirit Yue, who’s kiss caused part of her hair to turn white, Korra was adopted by Tenzin and raised in a loving air nomad family without any knowledge of her Avatar heritage or that she is a bender. Korra is loved and adored by many, she has a heart of gold, the fiery spirit of a dragon and the loyalty and strength to match, added with a the voice of an angel. Having had an uneventful life alongside her childhood best friend and confidant Asami Sato, both working as mechanics at Asami’s father’s factory. However, things take a surprising turn when on her seventeenth birthday she begins to realize strange things happening to her; she can control water, unleash flames of fire and levitate rocks with a snap of her fingers.

Her grandmother, Katara then reveals to her the truth that she is the Avatar and must take up her rightful place as protector of the world. But will she be able to manage her Avatar responsibilities while also dealing with an anti-bending revolution leader, her social life, her relationships and her dreams?

It’s a musical adventure tale of action, romance, comedy, magic and the importance of realizing that we may not always get what we wish…but we will get what we need. And that Fate always has a much bigger plan in store for each of us. 


And the sequel 


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The moon the sun and judgement

  • The Moon:Describe a dream (or nightmare) you’ve had recently.

BA: Alright, well, last night I actually had a dream where I was in my room, playing on my computer, only the game I was playing let me talk to Mushi who was sleeping literally five feet away in my bed and so I was trying to wake him up but he kept on mumbling about how he didn’t need a ride and the alarm was off so then I tried turning the alarm on. At which point, he practically sprang out of bed, grabbed me, and took me under the covers which was kind of like a tent and then he ah-

BA: I can’t remember anymore after that. Sorry.

Plot: I just had a dream last night where it was like the fifties sensibilities were still a thing and people were starting to get super powers but they were all white. But then Korra suddenly got powers and everyone made a big deal of it and were like gasp and some skeevy guy got his head kicked in by a gold fish it was weird.

  • The Sun:Describe a childhood memory.

BA: Ah, I remember once when I was five I saw a fireworks show I think for the first time. It was the Fourth of July and I was sitting in a wagon as my parents dragged me along a park. I can’t remember if we were in the city at the time though. I just remember being amazed at the spectacle of human-made thunder boasting in the stars. And also having my first cola. I think it was a coke.

  • Judgement:Have you ever done something that you were really ashamed of?

BA: I’ve watched anime.

Plot: I had a crush in middle school on this girl I was like best friends with and then she found out which actually terrified me to the point of completely dropping all contact with her. Like, she told me at a school dance that she knew and I literally just avoided her the rest of the night.

I don’t understand why it’s cool to change a characters race in fanart, like can’t you leave the basics alone? I can’t even recognize some of these characters after people do that. It’s not even “Alternate universe this character.” It’s “Oh I want this character to be brown now” it doesn’t even seem to be the same character at all. Why is it okay to make Mikasa Ackerman who is white and Japanese brown (in the picture I saw, she could easily of been mistaken for KORRA) but if someone made Korra white fits would be thrown.

People want accuracy at least a little bit in fanart I’ve seen, like going through great lengths like hounding people over Rose Quartz’s weight, why doesn’t everything get that treatment?

I personally would want the color scheme of my characters to stay the same.

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PART 1: Glad to receive such a positive reply! I didn't mean the post to sound anti-sjw as I'm starting to see so I deleted it anyway. I dislike people drawing fat people skinny as well, it infuriates me really but I ignore it because sure let them have their fun drawing that. But I dont' support attacking artists over such things as tumblr happens to do it. I don't like it however when people white-wash on purpose

Yeah I felt where you were coming from and agreed with you to a point, but I felt that you kind of went off in the wrong direction a little. I was actually thinking about skinny amethyst and rose and the accidental Korra white-wash too what a coincidence :O This website has a problem with going off the fucking deep end and completely over-reacting in a hateful way in situations like that. Death threats don’t solve anything, we need to just ignore them and their work and that will (hopefully) get the message across.