Based on the incredible map Mudron made (link), here is the Avatar world map in the time after Korra. The white circles are large suburban areas and towns, the white squares are major cities, and stars are capitals. The spirit portals are here too. :D The second map shows the world’s most important trade routes in red, and the green x’s show large deposits of natural resources (coal, lumber, natural gas, etc.). More versions of these maps will become available as the story progresses!

kazemari  asked:

First things first, I have just ended reading maybe all of your posts about Kataang, Zutara and the Avatar State. I have to say that you have cleared a great doubt that I think loomed over everybody's mind when first watching Avatar. But one thing that I'm so curious about is how do picture Legend of Korra's storyline would be, if the Last Airbender's own line wasn't kind of messed up with the rushed Kaatang improvisation? If Katara ended up with a more active political role as the Firelady?

Wow, thanks! That’s really nice to hear. :) Yeah, it’s incredible how much depth Avatar had. It was so sophisticated with the Avatar State, etc. You can really tell that Bryke don’t have as good of a grasp on the metaphysics, esoteric philosophy, and spirituality that Aaron Ehasz and some of the other writers clearly had.

As for Firelady Katara. That’s a good question that I’ve thought a lot about. And actually Aaron Ehasz said one of the things he wanted to explore was how Zuko and Katara’s relationship affected the world if he worked on The Legend of Korra. Too bad he wasn’t able to, so I can only speculate.

So, with Katara and Zuko, I imagine after ATLA, she acts as sort of an ambassador for Zuko coming to the Southern Water Tribe, helping him learn about it, appreciating its rich community and culture, and helping to initiate a reconstruction of it using the Fire Nation’s patronage. Their resources and technology would really help it to thrive, like it does in TLoK. She would have really left a strong political legacy in the Southern Water Tribe as the intermediary for Firelord Zuko. Maybe Varrick could have referenced her contribution. In canon she just seemed like she’d been relegated to “Aang’s wife” and her whole identity seemed to be consumed by him. You see it in the comics, too, it was kinda creepy…It didn’t really suit Katara at all, in my view, and it’s one of the many ways that I dislike how Bryke write the characters.

As for her role when she eventually became Firelady. Well, I don’t see her as a typical Firelady, like Ursa. She’d still wear blue, and retain her cultural identity and Zuko would never want it any other way. She would be free to travel as much as she wanted as an ambassador with Sokka, Hakoda, etc., and use her healing to help people. She could make quite the name for herself like in The Painted Lady. Ehasz even said Katara might have used bloodbending for medical purposes, since in his view there was no “evil” bending.  She could have taught bloodbending the same way Toph taught metalbending. That would have been really cool and could have been significant in TLoK for Katara’s legacy in medicine. And she really should have been there at Yakone’s trial, since he was abusing bloodbending, which links back to her.

Katara as Zuko’s wife would have helped the Fire Nation overcome its xenophobia and elitism. They could have really helped the Fire Nation build up its economy after the war through trade with the Water Tribes and I have no doubt Karara would have a statue in the Fire Nation during TLoK. She would have been able to work with Firelord Zuko to solve the issues with the Fire Nation colonies in the Earth Kingdom, as well.

As Zuko’s wife, she would have helped in the founding of Republic City, and just like Zuko, have a statue there as well. Just like how Sokka does at the Water Tribe Cultural Center. After all, Republic City is all about being a place where the different cultures of the 4 nations merge, and her marriage to Zuko would have been so significant there, since the Fire Nation devastated the Southern Water Tribe so badly. She would have been very highly regarded for being able to bridge the nations and her role in helping heal the damage and rebuild. As well as for being both a rare healer and female waterbender during the war. She was the last waterbender in the South, and the North only let women be healers, so I’m sure she’d be kinda legendary. People’s reaction to meeting her would be just as star-struck as when Bolin met Zuko and Toph.

Her relationship to Pakku would be important. Now that he’s back with Gran Gran, Katara and Pakku would probably have grown closer. Katara could have facilitated relations with the North and South Pole. That could tie into Zuko and the Fire Nation, regarding political relations and trade. Her actions standing up to Master Pakku and her role as a war hero, would have probably helped the Northern Water Tribe to stop oppressing women and let them finally learn waterbending other than to heal. She’d have a statue there, probably. Eska can obviously fight, and she was gonna marry Bolin, an earthbender peasant, so she obviously has a lot of freedom that Yue never did. It’d be cool if that was linked back to Katara and maybe even Sokka, regarding Yue.

She could still aid the White Lotus in training Korra, but instead of just being a healer and mentor, she could also fight and give Korra quite a shock with her skill, even at her age. I remember Ehasz saying how he wanted to see Katara fight in LoK, and I agree. The civil war would have also been a perfect opportunity to fight and also maybe try to stop Korra from making some bad decisions and try to help when Korra’s parents were in trouble from Unalaq. Instead, in all of LoK, all she ever did was heal, give emotional support to Korra, and be a lonely grandma. She should have been given a chance to be assertive and a leader, it’s more fitting for her personality.

She also could have helped Zuko and Tonraq while they were dealing with Zaheer and the Red Lotus. That would have been very cool to see them fight together, instead of Katara getting sidelined. It seems like Bryke didn’t want Katara and Zuko to even be on screen at the same time together. It’s so ridiculous.

If Book 4 of ATLA happened, I know Aang was supposed to find more Airbenders hiding in the Fire Nation, instead of it being because of Harmonic Convergence. Aang could be able to marry one of the airbenders and then all his children could be airbenders. That solves the “Aang neglects his kids” problem. I think Katara would have remained great friends with Aang and Tenzin (he’d have a different mother), and she and Zuko would have helped the airbenders rebuild their culture as well, giving her even more of a legacy in the new Air Nation. And I’m sure they’d remain friends with Toph, too, and the Metal Clan would respect Katara like they do Toph. Katara could have played more of a role in Book 4 of TLoK. She could have been there with Zuko at Prince Wu’s coronation and been involved a little more with the Earth Kingdom/Kuvira problem instead of just “leaving it to the kids.”

Well those are my ideas of what I’d liked to have seen. So much potential there that Bryke really squandered, in my opinion.


Theory time! 

Wan founded the White Lotus

Firstly, this is not a new theory I’ve had, It actually occurred to me back in Book 2 and was reinforced when I re-watched Spirits this past January/February. And was further reinforced during Bk3’s “The Stakeout”.

We know that the Statue of Avatar Aang in Yue Bay has Aang standing with one foot on an open lotus blossom to symbolize the White Lotus coming out of hiding and “openly serving the Avatar”. (exact wording from Zaheer, though we knew this before he said it)

We also know that Wan’s statue is (currently) the only other known statue in the statue line up that is standing on an open lotus blossom.

In The Stakeout, Zaheer spoke of Avatar Wan by name and his struggle against Raava and Vaatu - something he learned about before Korra ever did because the belief that Chaos was the natural order and Vaatu needed to be released/the avatar destroyed was a core tenet of the Order of the Red Lotus, who broke off from the White Lotus before Korra was even born. Which means the White Lotus knew about Avatar Wan and that he split Raava and Vaatu and have had this information for as long as they’ve been around.

Seeing as how Bryke has had a habit of including little clues and hints about things in the series in the architecture and background designs (the lion turtles in Piandao’s home as an obvious example), I don’t believe my theory is particularly far-fetched.

Though, until and unless anything is said by The Powers That Be (*cough* bryankonietzko michaeldantedimartino *cough*), it remains a theory.

Hey LoK characters, is the dress blue and black or white and gold?

As basically everyone knows, two weeks ago people were raving about whether the dress was this or that, both or not, warring and not caring, etc. So of course, the LoK characters find this out a little late, and react … in a variety of reactions.

1. Korra

At first sees blue and black. But…

Korra: This dress is obviously blue and black.

Korra: [looks again]

Korra: Wait it’s white and gold now.


Korra: [keeps looking]


2. Asami

Korra tells her about the dress.

Asami: Hm, I see white and gold.

Korra: Keep looking…

Asami: Korra? I see white and gold still.


Korra: AM I GOING CRAZY? Asami, don’t you see it changing colors before you’re eyes??

Asami: Sweetie, it’s white and gold.

Korra: [twitching] …O-okay, if you say so. 

Asami: Are you…twitching?

3. Mako

Seems to not care, as “he is above the craze”.

Korra: Hey Mako! What color is this dress?

Mako: Why are you asking me? Do I look like a fashion expert to you?

Korra: Well…

Mako: Don’t answer that. Just ask Asami.

Korra: I did! You’re no help, I’m going to ask someone else.

[Korra leaves picture with Mako]

Mako: [makes sure Korra left]

Mako: Never mind the color, that dress is atrocious.

4. Bolin

Doesn’t really know.

Opal: Bolin, Korra just showed my this picture. Do you think it’s blue and black or white and gold?

Bolin: Uh.. What do you think?

Opal: Hm, I see blue and gold personally.

Bolin: Ahahaha.. So do I!

Opal: Bolin…

Bolin: Sorry, I have no idea.

5. Zaheer

Believes the dress has the freedom to be whatever color it wants to be.

Zaheer: Unlike other people who insist on labeling the dress a specific color, I think it has its own right to be whatever color it wants.

Zaheer: It can be black and blue, white and gold, purple and green, orange and red, if it so chooses.

Zaheer: Now this dress is an example for us all. It defies the expectations of society!

Zaheer: This dress is a symbol of freedom of choice!

Mako: … It’s a dress.

6. Kuvira

Sees the dress as blue and black. Forces everyone in the Earth Empire to think the same.

Kuvira:This dress is blue and black.

Kuvira: If anyone is found spreading lies that the color is white and gold, then they will be sent to a reeducation facility. Understood?

Kuvira’s Army: Yes, Great Uniter!

Soldier #79: [whispers] In my opinion, I see blue and gold.


Soldier #79: AHHH! WHAT HAPPENED TO “In my opinion”??

7. Desna and Eska

They make factual observations.

Desna: It is a dress.

Eska: Indeed. A subject quite small to be the center of such a large controversy.

Desna: Yes. It appears the lighting is what causes the appearance of the number of different accounts on its hue.

Eska: It’s humorous that this could cause our own cousin to break into hysteria.

[Desna and Eska laugh]

8. Toph

Bolin goes to ask her thoughts on the subjects.

Bolin: What do you think about the dress?

Toph: Ah, the dress, I can feel everyone across the world going crazy about it.

Toph: I see a sparkling purple dress with wings attached to it.

Bolin: …What?

Toph: I’m BLIND you idiot!

9. Spirits

Believe the humans are being ridiculous. Until they themselves get dragged into the argument as well.

Aye-Aye spirit: Can you believe these humans? And the Avatar too! Gah, the dress is only one color and that color is-

Baboon spirit: White and gold.

Aye-Aye spirit: No, you baboon, black and blue!

Baboon spirit: Who you calling baboon… anthropomorphic lemur??

Aye-Aye spirit: You, obviously! IT’S BLACK AND BLUE JUST LIKE YOU’RE GOING TO BE!

10. Azula

“What dress?” Says she.

[Azula burns photo of dress]

Azula: As you can see, there is no dress to be spoken of.

Azula: Now stop talking about it unless you wish to be ashes just like it over there.

Azula: [sees another photo]


[Azula burns other photo]

11. Airbender kids

2 vs 1, majority rules, but Ikki’s not taking it.

Ikki: The dress is black and blue!

Jinora: Ikki, it’s white and gold.

Ikki: Na uh!

Jinora: Meelo believes me.

Meelo: It’s white and gold, woman!

Ikki: But-

Meelo: No, you’re a girl, so you can’t tell that it’s white and gold. Girls can’t tell what the right colors are.


Jinora: Nevermind, it’s black and blue. Now what were you saying about girls, Meelo?

12. Vaatu

Doesn’t care. Just cares about the fighting.

Vaatu: Ah, the chaos from this dress is delicious!

Vaatu: Yes, yes, continue arguing!

Vaatu: I will grow strong enough to overpower you Raava!!


13. Amon

Says that the white and gold believers are opposing anyone who believes otherwise. Begins another revolution. Over a dress’s color.

Amon: As you can see, the tyrannical white and gold have suppressed all other opinions!

Amon: We must strike back, not just for what we as individuals believe in, but as a whole that despises white and gold!

Amon: They must realize that we are all equal, that they are not better than us!

14. Shiro Shinobi

Commentates on the dress’s color and the reactions to it.

Shiro Shinobi: The dress appears to be black and blue.

Shiro Shinobi: Wait, it has no changed to white and gold.

Shiro Shinobi: I have no idea why it is doing this.

Shiro Shinobi: From the cries across the city, neither does anyone else.

Shiro Shinobi: Fights are breaking out everywhere! Everyone is going crazy of what the dress’s real color is!

Shiro Shinobi: The dress appears to be black and blue again.

Shiro Shinobi: I believe I’m going crazy. That’s all for tonight, Republic City.

15. Varrick and Zhu Li

Plans to make a mover from it.

Varrick: Zhu Li, do you have your notebook?

Zhu Li: Yes.

Varrick: Okay! So there has been a conflict that has lasted generations! The Bruises and the Fairs are represented by the colors black and blue and white and gold, of course. Are you getting this?

Zhu Li: Yes.

Varrick: The continuous war was due to who was right and wrong about which side killed their leader, see, they used to be one people, but then started having different opinions and such.

Varrick: There was always one, though, that always changed sides for some unknown reason, probably since the poor guy wanted to tick everyone off…

Varrick: And so this random soldier switch back and forth between sides, having his descendents do the same.

Varrick: But then, he realized something! That the BRUISES were right all along!!

Varrick: And then he made a whole lot of peace and saved the day. The end.

Zhu Li: “That the FAIRS were right all along!” Done.

Varrick: Did you say Fairs?

Zhu Li: …No dear.

Katara: Consumed by Destiny, Part 2!

 Part 1 here. We are watching Legend of Korra from back to front, assuming we know nothing about the A:TLA main cast except their names, who is a nonbender/bender of what, and who was the Avatar in Korra’s past life.

 Legend of Korra, “The Calling”:

 Korra:  I’m so sorry. This is Meelo, Jinora,  and Ikki, Aang and Katara’s grandchildren. 

Toph: Your grandpa was a real pain in my butt. 
Meelo: Wait a minute, cranky, old, blind… You must be Toph! 
Toph: Oh,  I like this one. 
Jinora: You need to come home, Korra. Kuvira is taking over the Earth Kingdom. 
Ikki: You have to stop her. 
Korra: I don’t know. I’m not the Avatar I used to be. I can’t even go into the Avatar State. 
Ikki: Please, Korra. 
Jinora: The World needs you back. 

Working backward, we’ve now met one person from A:TLA–Toph, who is being introduced to Aang’s grandchildren. But who is this Katara they keep talking about? This is the second mention of Katara, and it is little better than the first. Katara is a mother and grandmother—but we only hear about Aang here, and nothing about Katara. Since there is next to nothing to see here, let’s keep going:

Keep reading

Aang is not white.

Katara is not black.

Sokka is not black.

Toph is not white.

Zuko is not white.

Suki is not white.

Iroh is not white.

Azula is not white.

Ty Lee is not white.

Mai is not white.

Korra is not black.

Mako is not white.

Bolin is not white.

Asami is not white.

Tenzin is not white.

Lin is not white.

Tonraq is not black.

Eska is not black.

Desna is not black.

Kya is not black.

Bumi is neither black nor white.

Jinora is not white.

Ikki is not white.

Meelo is not white.

Suyin is not white.

Opal is not white.

Kai is not black.

They are all ASIAN, or at least Asian-inspired, as you can tell by the architecture, art, writing, names, music, general apperance, outfits and many other stuff in the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra universe.

Why Avatar the last Airbender and Legend of Korra deserves cred for pushing boundaries on stereotypes

One thing I absolutely love about Avatar the last Airbender and Legend of Korra is that they have really proved themselves worthy of some serious cred for going outside of stereotypes and showing us developed characters who are more than their gender, physicality, background, appearance etc.  

So let’s begin the count of things I’ve found particularly awesome about these shows 

  • Zuko switched sides (aka there is no definite bad guy/good guy)
  • Azula, a woman, was seriously the most skilled bender in the world until her breakdown (she could totally beat Ozai imo)
  • Killing someone isn’t always the answer (cred to Atla)
  • Killing someone is sometimes the best option (cred to LoK)
  • P’li was taller than Zaheer
  • Katara was taller than Aang in the beginning of their relationship
  • Katara was older than Aang
  • Toph was blind but still proved to be the best earthbender in the world
  • Ming Hua was physically disabled but still badass as fuck
  • Sokka loved both Yue and Suki, and displayed complexity in that 
  • Azula was the mentally strongest character during the series, but what she suppressed to be able to have that strength finally ate her up from the inside
  • Katara was a person of color/not animated with caucasian features
  • Legend of Korra has a female lead
  • Legend of Korra has a person of color as lead/not animated with caucasian features
  • Tattoos are a sign of wisdom, mastery and skill among air nomads, not criminality, irresponsibility and being immature 
  • There is no age discrimination. Skill and mastery come from all ages.
  • Asami runs her own business 
  • Jinora shaved off her hair proving skill is more important than expectation of long hair on women
  • Bolin is a very emotional and dramatic guy
  • Korra and Mako end on good terms instead of lovey dovey
  • Asami and Korra don’t let love quarrel get in between them (aka men isn’t the only thought on women’s minds)
  • Korra is a muscular woman
  • Korra has PTSD, which is much more realistic than bouncing up again like nothing happened + a support system of friends and family who don’t expect that from her either
  • There is approximately 50/50 badass guys and girls in both Atla and LoK