PSA - Social justice and Jews

If your social justice does not involve Jews, or only involves Jews of Color and excludes white Jews (because you don’t regard white Jews as being oppressed on the basis of being Jewish) your social justice is shit and so are you.

Edit: I meant to underscore that SJWs dismiss antisemitism on the basis of white privilege held by white Jews, not to imply that SJWs actually give a shit about the antisemitism faced by Jews of Color (which they fucking DON’T).

I worded that poorly and I apologize.

If your social justice only cares about Jews when it pertains to pitting them against each other (like using Jews of Color as props to show how bad white Jews are and then ignoring their actual issues), then your social justice is shit and so are you.

If you ignore Jewish voices who try to point out antisemitism when it masks itself as merely being anti-Zionist in favor of shouting them down, then your social justice is shit and so are you.

If you think that your stance of anti-Zionism is an automatic “get out of being called on antisemitism free card” when you talk about Israel/Palestine, then your social justice is shit and so are you.

If you dismiss Jews who criticize your anti-Zionism by assuming that they are Zionists, or if you goysplain to them that anti-Zionism does not equal antisemitism, but ignore the fact that there is a very real an undercurrent of antisemitism infesting the movement that needs to be called out,  then your social justice is shit and so are you.

If you accuse someone who defends Israel on any issue whatsoever of defending the occupation and by extension, of being complicit in it, then your social justice is shit and so are you.

If you ignore the fact you can unintentionally further antisemitism and/or hold unconscious antisemitic views by virtue of your gentile privilege, then your social justice is shit and so are you.

If you pride yourself on being an ally to oppressed groups, but scoff at the idea that Jews even *need* allies, especially if they’re white, then your social justice is shit and so are you.

Stop being shit.

Or at least, make an effort to learn.

We Jews would appreciate it.

I urge everyone, Jew and gentile alike, to reblog this.

Thank you.

White Goyim don’t speak for White Jews. Yes, White Jews have conditional access to White Privilege in many places. Yes, White Jews can experience White Guilt. But White Goyim are not White Jews. White Goyim violently excluded us for centuries. They have and still do racialize us as other except when including us suits them. They can’t suddenly claim to speak for us now.

So, Why Are There “White“ Jews?

There are Jews, whos skin tone is lighter, and who are more genetically distant than their counterparts. Ashkanaziim have a roughly 50% leventine match, compared to sephardim and mizrachim’s ~75% and 80%.

Why is this?

Anti semites, usually antisemitic LEFTISTS, will claim that this is because white people (polish, german, russian, ukrainian, ect) have infiltrated and corrupted Judaism. They claim ashkanaziim are the descendants of the Khazars.

They are wrong, or atleast they are not correct.

The existences the Khazars is a widely disputed topic. If they did exist, it is unclear if they were founded by Jews, converted in, or if mearly the rulers converted.

so: claim 1. Ashkanaziim are descended from converts, who are not “real jews“, and thus have infiltrated Judaism.

debunkment: Converts are concidered real Jews by judaism. If the claim that a great rabbi convinced the King to convert and his nation followed suite is true, then theya re all VALID converts.

Claim 2: Khazars were white in the first place

debunkment: Given the geographical area at the time, they most likely weren’t. If they existed, I supped they could technically be qualified as true Caucasians or possibly Russian. They were most likely from the same group as Armenians, Georgians, chechnyns, ect. They might have also possible have been ethnic Slavs, which I’d like to kinda remind tumblr, have never been considered white. Even if they all are to be considered white NOW, certainly they wouldn’t have been so at the time.

claim 3: “white“ Jews are white, because converts.

debunkment: most jews who are white passing are white passing because of the cossacks, or because eastern europian pogroms that occured later on.

claim 4: “white” Jews.

Ashkanazim come in all colors. Sephardim come in all colors. They are culture identifiers. Jews, by definition, CANNOT be white. “White“ is a social construct wich emerged during the colonialist era, and jews were not part of it. Jews ability to whitepass is directly related to those individuals will to hide their jewish-ness. It is conditional. Traditional jewish wear is middle eastern. If I wore my traditional garb, which I intend to do somewhat when I’m older, It would be a headscarf or a turban if a man.

- a “white passing” Sephardi woman who intends on going Hijabi when shes older.

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At the end of a long uneducated rant from curvesincolor I saw this point here. Now I’m going to educate her ass and make her listen to us for once.

After the destruction of the second temple in biblical Israel, the Jews were kicked out of their own country. This became known as the Jewish diaspora because we went anywhere and everywhere that could take us. Many Jews settled in the Middle East or Africa (although they were the minority) and many ended up at some point or another, in Europe. THEN we began our long history of being systematically oppressed and exiled from every country we ever tried to settle in. England, Spain, Russia, Poland, Germany, you name a country and at some point or another they tried to kill us out.
But at the end of the day, these countries were the only ones that would take us, however terribly they did it. So we adjusted, left behind our middle eastern roots and our heritage there, and over the centuries we became the white European Jews that you hate so much.
Isn’t that fun?

anonymous asked:

how could you say that Ashkies benefit from white supremacy and that Zionism is a form of white supremacy if all white supremacists and neo-Nazis seem to hate all Jews and Zionism? They don't consider Jews white, and while they do hate Palestinians, many of them side with the Palestinians because they hate Jews (including Ashkenazim) that much.

self-proclaimed white supremacists like neo-nazis do not determine who is considered “white” in society. whiteness is larger and more complex than that. it’s a system, one that white american ashkenazim have socially, economically, and politically assimilated into well enough to be included in. white ashkenazim have benefitted from white supremacy historically when they colonized entire continents, when they were encouraged to immigrate into countries to “whiten” them, particapated in the slave trade, etc. and now when they’re not stopped and frisked by police, racially profiled, denied jobs, red-lined, given longer prison sentences etc. because of the color of their skin. if you need a more concrete example, it’s when a white jewish fraternity can joke about embracing their “inner klansmen” when joking about black people and muslims.

saying white jews actively benefit and support white supremacy is not “grouping the oppressed with their oppressors” because white people do not oppress white jews because of their RACE (when they do it’s because of ethnicity but that happens to all jews including jews of color). on the other hand, white jews and their fellow white gentiles together DO oppress POC and benefit from that oppression.

Only Reblog if Black and/Or Jewish

On the topic of Drake, speaking as a White Jew, we need to acknowledge that too many of us were surprised to find out he was Jewish. That’s a sign that we’ve normalized the false idea of Jewish Whiteness. We need to deprogram ourselves out of doubting the Jewishness of anyone who doesn’t look like us. It does genuine harm to our community that we cannot allow. 

Really, is it so hard to understand why Jews might not just nod along as they’re told about how privileged their experience is?

Let’s just take the twentieth century…

Got off to a smashing start with Kishinev. Then, pogroms, the Beilis trial, the Leo Frank lynching, Jerusalem, Jaffa and Hebron. The ethnic cleansing of Jews from Western Russia. The ethnic cleansing of the Jews from Afghanistan.The Soviet Union. The Evian Conference, the turning back of the St.Louis, the Wagner-Rogers Bill.  The Nuremberg laws, the death camps, and the murder of a third of all the Jews in the world. Baghdad. Then the ethnic cleansing of the Jews of nearly all of the Middle East and North Africa, another 900,000 displaced. The forcing out of the surviving Jews of Poland. The Doctors Plot trials. (Did we mention the Soviet Union? Continued persecution of Jews in Ethiopia. The Paris synagogue bombing. The Goldenberg restaurant attack. Refusniks. Arrests and executions in Iran. The LA JCC shooting.

And this is just a kind of haphazard Greatest Hits list. For one century. And this shit did not stop in 2000, either.

Looking at this, is it so hard to figure out why the response to “you get extra special treatment because you’re white, well, most of you, not all of you, but anyway, you’re rich and influential,” gets a response that is less “gosh, let’s examine our privilege!” and more “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT NOW, EVEN MORE BLOOD?”

Especially when our presumed wealth and influence, half the fucking time,was used as a REASON to come and kill us?

I had originally planned to write a long, drawn out post in the argument about “white Jews” and such, but it’s a complicated issue, and I just have a few bullets I want to make.  If people want to talk about any of these things, I will, but otherwise, I’m just…done with it, at least for now.

  • I am conditionally white, or what some people call a “white jew”
  • I DEFINITELY have institutional privilege over Jews who cannot pass as white
  • I am an American Ashkenazi (fairly assimilated) Jew, so I also have Ashkenazi privilege
  • I do NOT consider myself white.

That last point is kind of an important one for me, and the one that I believe the the most controversial and which upsets many others.  Here is why I don’t consider myself white

  • I have been told, my whole life, that I’m not white by white people
  • Literally, they have told me “You’re Jewish? Oh, I thought you were white” or “Jews can’t be white“ on occasion followed by (when they think I can’t hear anymore) “Fucking Jew/Kike/Hebe.  Of course they can’t be white, they’re barely human.” (this is in the US, in the vicinity of NYC and Chicago)
  • I have been threatened many times by white supremacists, so whatever others say, I do not believe that I have actual access to white supremacy nor that I can uphold it while still being Jewish (and, being a born Jew, I can’t “stop being Jewish”)
  • I cannot hide being Jewish effectively.  This is just a personal thing, but though I don’t speak Yiddish, there are enough Yiddish words, structures, phrases (and similarly, plenty of random bits of Hebrew) that I don’t even realize that I’m using them.  I’m pretty obviously Jewish, even though I can pass, appearance-wise only, for white
  • My ability to pass is actually seasonal.  During the winter, when I’m not in the sun, I get very pale.  But if I spend any time outside in the summer, my skin darkens quite a bit and quickly.  Especially if I haven’t gotten a haircut recently, I’ve had people just come up to me on the street and start speaking Arabic at me (and once, anti-Arab slurs), and be disappointed that I didn’t understand (Jews who see me in the summer rarely mistake me for an Arab or a white goy, for that matter)
Jews are white
—  literal shitbabies who can’t be assed to consider that we have complex race relations within our communities or that people could possibly come from anywhere but Germany, because it’s much easier to buy into white people’s idea of Jews than the reality (bc that would make it harder to be anti-Semitic to us~~~)
"White Jew" Problems

When someone asks me “are you Jewish,” I’m afraid to answer “yes,” because that allows them to apply a set of prejudices to me. If I say “no,” I can be sure they will continue to treat me as a human being. If I say “yes,” I can’t. Most people on this site identify as “White” or “People of Color.” I don’t fit either category.

Please understand that there is a space in between. Realize that denying that place exists denies my own experience and the experiences of other people who have to choose whether or not to lie about who they are for their own safety every time they meet a new person.

did this-is-not-jewish REALLY just say that black jews experience anti-semitism within the black community due to “Black Power groups, Nation of Islam members, and others who claim that Jews “controlled” the American slave trade”? like those words really came out their mouths? 

because it’s still 1971 and the black power movement currently in full force. because the black power movement as a whole was anti-semetic. b/c the Nation of Islam has been a central force in the black life/politics with hundreds of thousands of members. because all black people believe that jews controlled the slave trade.


jesus FUCKING christ……..as if the NOI isn’t seen as sketch or bombastic by most black folks ANYWAY……….and throughout its entire HISTORY…..

The real danger of that post isn’t the post itself, it’s all the people who are uncritically reblogging it, cheering the op on and telling Jews that “we just don’t get it.” The dismissal of anti-semitism against “White Jews” and the literal erasure of Jews of Color in posts like that is dangerous. That people actually tell Jews that we should listen to blatant bigotry against us instead of recognizing anti-semitism for what it is is very dangerous. The idea that Jews don’t have a right to call out lies that put our very lives in danger is rhetoric that is so abhorrent that I’m literally sick to my stomach right now thinking about it.

Who Is Donald Sterling and How Did He Become Synonymous With Bigotry?

Donald Tokowitz was born to Jewish immigrants in Chicago who had, in fact, fled Eastern Europe to get away from the kind of attitudes their son — if it is confirmed that it is him — was caught on tape adamantly defending as part of a “culture.”

Arriving in L.A. with his parents as a child, the future Donald Sterling was raised in East L.A.’s then-predominantly Jewish neighborhood of Boyle Heights, the only son of a produce peddler.

In an interview, he once claimed that his father changed the family name when he was young. But friends say that he changed it to Sterling himself in the early 1960s.

“I asked him why,” a coworker told Los Angeles magazine in 1999. “He said, ‘You have to name yourself after something that’s really good, that people have confidence in. People want to know that you’re the best.’”

Of course Donald Sterling changed his last name from something more obviously foreign and jewish. Of course he plays the philanthropist to distract attention from his cruel and racist business practices. Of course he’ll defend it all as “We live in a society. We live in a culture. We have to live within that culture.” Assimilation and white supremacy go hand in hand.

and since there is just all kinds of stupid on my dash today

someone splain how the term “white jews” erases non-white jews

like, that’s what the qualifier “white” is there for

it’s an implicit acknowledgement that there are jews of more than one race

otherwise you’d just say “jews”

so you say “white jews” to specify that you are talking about jew who are or pass as white

esp in the U.S. because everyone wants to be like “JEWS AREN’T CONSIDERED WHITE IN EUROPE AND IN MANY OTHER PLACES”

that is true and that does not erase the fact that many of them ARE read as white in the u.s. so why can’t we ever talk about that, esp when we’re talking about a piece of media that was produced and is set in the u.s.???

i mean for all these white jews howling about being called “white” they sure are acting like white people in that way how white ppl can’t stand being seen

“omg why are you saying ‘white people’ when what you’re saying applies to ALL people”

Immigrants Must State Their Race and Nationality, Bureau Rules

From the archives of the JTA, for those out there who are still insisting on the idea that European Jews were ‘white’ in the early to mid twentieth century

March 6, 1927

Washington, D. C. (Mar. 4)

(Jewish Daily Bulletin)

The United States Bureau of Immigration today corroborated the instructions issued by the Norddeutscher Lloyd in a circular to its agents in Germany.

The Bureau of Immigration here stated to the correspondent of the “Jewish Daily Bulletin” that it requires steamship companies to ascertain the race of aliens. Under the laws and regulations, every steamship must keep and submit a list or manifest of all alien passengers, giving among other things the nationality, race and country of origin. For purposes of this record the race of the Jewish people is designated by the term “Hebrew”, “Jewish” being avoided because the Bureau interprets “Jewish” as referring to religion rather than race, and Hebrew being considered a racial designation. Nationality refers solely to the political allegiance, according to the Bureau, which states that the law requires both the nationality and the race to be given, a clear distinction being maintained between the two for purposes of statistical record. It was pointed out as an example that many races come from Canada, including, Irish, Scotch, English, yet such aliens may all be of British nationality, that is, political allegiance.

Can I say though

Ok curvesincolour. What the actual fuck though?
You think because your PoC it gives you a license to shit talk any other minorities and pass us off as white. The jews were discriminated against by the Nazis because we were seen as less than white and now your coming along being a shithead because in your opinion we are white?! Like wtf can the frikkin nazis make up their minds please? And the whole “being paid money by Germany thing”? Firstly, yes there are laws in place (certainly in Poland idk bout Germany) about giving jews back the property they owned before the holocaust if they have proof it was theres but in my opinion that’s FAIR ENOUGH.
Lemme just say this: if I’m a jew and I choose to identify as white OR just as a Jew then that’s MY call not yours. You fuck off back to your shitty little “oh I’m so much better than you” corner of the Internet. The Jews don’t need your dumbass prejudices. Goodnight.