Don’t be distracted by the title of Netflix’s latest, button-pushing TV series, Dear White People.

Because, one look at this insightful, irreverent examination of race and society at an Ivy League college reveals it really doesn’t focus much on white folks at all.

Indeed, the title Dear White People is a bit of a head fake. This slyly assembled series is really about how a wide range of black and brown students at the fictional, predominantly white Winchester University deal with race, sexual orientation and other identity stuff in the modern age.

The show begins with a focus on the curiously-named Samantha White, head of the Black Student Union at Winchester. She’s also host of a provocative, socially-conscious campus radio show called Dear White People, which often speaks out on how students of color feel marginalized at the school.

This Time, ‘Dear White People’ Is Not So Much About Them

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Got back into American Gods, and I would like to know how a Black guy who is in no way a stereotype, is less interesting than a selfish white woman?

Laura is not badass for killing some racist blob people. She’s not badass for being unapologetic in her affair. She’s not badass for refusing to give Sweeney back his coin. Laura is a female character, who is being given the opportunity to move about the show the way most white male characters do. That’s not badass, that’s decent writing.

Shadow surviving being lynched without cutting that white boy’s head off, is badass. Shadow not seeking revenge on Laura when she was in the ground, after learning how she died, is badass. Shadow being a Black man who expresses his confusion, heartbreak, and fear of the world he’s currently surrounded in, is badass. Shadow refusing to use violence to get his point across, despite the many people who automatically expect it from him, is badass.

Shadow breaks the mold, while Laura remains steadfast in one that people have been toting as cool and revolutionary for decades if not at least a century. Strong white female characters is not a new thing. Black men with more than one personality trait, however, is.


This is just more of a what if on my part.

Based on the idea I head for White Paladin!Lance here and here

UPDATE: Fixed pages 3 and 5 sob

Disclaimer: this is all just only a fancomic. I do not own any of the characters except Mitan (who is my voltron fan character)


got this lil guy 2 weeks ago. he had a touch of white spot a couple of days after i got him but i think i treated it in good time and he’s looking completely better now.

his name is Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III (but you can call him Percy),

some sad things
  • being with friends but not feeling included
  • thinking back to happier times
  • not knowing anyone to talk to
  • being convinced that nobody cares
  • being stuck in destructive cycles and not knowing how to get out
  • not knowing how to cheer someone up
  • the white noise in your head when you’re trying not to think
  • the feeling that no one likes you
  • deep apathy after a brief happy mood
  • feeling inadequate in everything you do
  • feeling ugly
  • not seeing the point of anything
  • getting addicted to harmful things because they are stress relief
  • the stress from avoiding all your responsibilities
  • never completed to do lists
  • dreading everything

Summary: Dan is an innocent virgin and Phil is the bad-boy who likes to make him flustered. High school Pastel!Dan and Punk!Phil AU

Genre: Smut that’s kinda kinky but mostly cute

Word count: 4,039

Kinks: Feminization, daddy kink, dirty talk, a little verbal humiliation

You can also read on AO3 here.

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I’m ready for the inevitable Lifetime movie called Fyre Island where rich white kids do talking head interviews and they have Instagram models giving their testimony too but they do the voice changer and put them in a shadow and theres the dramatic reenactment following a guy named Chad fighting dogs and stuff and the token “I sold my kidney to come here and went bankrupt” character to solicit empathy for everyone


And I was lucky in a way that I came into the game just when we’re moving from that stage one, caricature kind of thing, into stage two. So a lot of my early work kind of deals with the issues around the world on terror and Islamophobia, but I’m proud to say I think it deals with those and engages those issues in quite creative ways, and I hope in ways that kind of move us forward rather than doubling down on, you know, lazy stereotypes.


This is my new mustang. His tag number was 5118, he’s a six year old gelding, and he’s around 15 hands tall. He’s a liver chestnut with a beautiful little streak of a stripe down his face, white feet, and the head of a dinosaur.

It happened exactly the way I worried it wouldn’t but knew it would. My group and I (TIP trainer, my sister, me) went into the second gelding pen. I already had a few good looking horses in mind from the first, and then I see this face. We basically locked eyes and -confetti jazz hands- he came to investigate, and followed our group around, and gently nibbled my fingers. It was perfect.

The Pawns And The Kings

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Smut

Plot: The reader is kidnapped, left alone in utter darkness. Once the day of her auctioning comes, she’s given to the head of one of the worlds most powerful gangs, Jungkook. She was nothing but a gift to him. But her little soul turns out to have the power to turn the tides in the worlds angriest ocean. And it turns out, Jungkook isn’t the only man whom eyes have settled upon her.

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It was White Diamond

I have a hard time believing Yellow Diamond shattered Pink Diamond. While seemingly very ready to get rid of Earth and anything else connected with Pink, Yellow seems to commiserate with Blue Diamond and openly admits that she misses her in the song What’s the Use in Feeling Blue. During all this, White Diamond is no where to be found.

During the trial, Yellow does not want details. Blue makes it very clear that she needs to know everything for her personal closure. Yellow abruptly poofs both Zircons after being semi-accused along with Blue. Yellow is definitely acting very suspicious and many would think that Yellow is the the one who shattered Pink and wishes to hide it from Blue, but I think it goes much deeper than that. I believe Yellow is covering for White Diamond. 

When we first heard the accusation that Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond in Back to the Moon, Pearl visually was very upset after being reminded of this. Why would Pearl be upset if Pink Diamond was terrible enough for Rose to need to shatter her? Because Pink Diamond didn’t deserve to be shattered. We learn in the later episodes that Pink Diamond wanted to preserve some of Earth’s inhabitants, showing mercy towards humans. Rose would never harm someone that felt similarly to her, and especially not a strong ally such as a Diamond herself. It would be stupid for Rose to pass up the chance to get a Diamond on her side of the rebellion.

I wouldn’t doubt it if Rose did attempt to convince Pink Diamond to join her cause. If she did succeed, Pink Diamond would become a traitor to Homeworld. It is definitely Rose’s fault that Pink was shattered, but it was not her doing. 

In all imagery of the Diamond Authority, White Diamond is on top. It could be understood that because of this, White Diamond is the head of the hierarchy. In her mural, she has conquered the most planets. You could believe that White Diamond would have to most to lose if the rebellion was successful. White Diamond shattered Pink since there is no room for a traitor in the Diamond Authority, and anyone going against her rule would be a threat to her personally.  

If Homeworld had learned that White had shattered a fellow leader, many of Pink’s loyal subjects would have been furious and most likely would turn against the Diamond Authority. Yellow’s loyalty is to Homeworld and not her fallen Diamond, although she is hiding this from Blue due to her mourning the loss so greatly. Yellow may fear Blue herself may also turn against White, and be shattered as well. Yellow is very close to Blue, and probably wishes to prevent losing her too. Because of this, all blame was put onto Rose Quartz to avoid further rebellion. We know so little about White that it would make the most sense since as to why they are holding out on introducing her. They are hiding something big.

Only a Diamond can cut a diamond.

A Soft Spot (Montgomery De La Cruz, 13 Reasons)

There was an annual scavenger hunt that took place every year at a local park in your town. You’d gone every year in your childhood, and it was now your turn to take your three year old niece. You’d convinced your boyfriend, Montgomery De La Cruz to go with you. He didn’t want to go necessarily, but he had a self admitted soft spot for not only you, but young kids.

“Zach is taking his little sister, and Bryce is taking his little cousin. I said we could meet up with them.” He grabbed your hand. Your niece sat comfortably on his shoulders. She loved Montgomery. Or “Monty” as she called him after hearing you call him that quite a bit.

“That’s fine. Where are they though?” Montgomery gestured to an area a few yards away. Sure enough, there his friends stood. Bryce stood with a young boy who couldn’t be older than five, while Zach stood with his sister who was a few years older than that.

“I told you I was too old for this, Zach!” His sister crossed her arms over her chest, she looked embarrassed.

“Oh yeah? Stop acting like you’re two.” Zach said in a kidding tone, bringing her into his chest for a hug. This seemed to lighten her up, though she still rolled her eyes and pushed him away.

“Let’s go Monty.” Your niece jerked his head towards the sign in table.

“You’re letting a little girl order you around?” Bryce laughed. You sent daggers his way. He knew this was your niece. You two didn’t like each other, plain and simple.

“We came here to do a fucking scavenger hunt, we’re doing a fucking scavenger hunt.” Montgomery rolled his eyes at Bryce. They were friends, but not so much after you two had started dating.

“Language, Montgomery.” You said quietly and sternly. You didn’t need your niece running home and dropping F bombs after hanging out with you and your boyfriend.

“She has you by the balls, doesn’t she?” Bryce nodded in your direction. Monty looked like he wanted to lunge at him, but you simply grabbed his bicep and led him to walk in the opposite direction.

“You’ve worked so hard not be such a hot head, you can’t let someone like Bryce ruin this for you.” Montgomery mumbled something before nodding in agreement.

A few hours later, after finding a few things on the scavenger hunt’s list, you guys had reached the words “sea shell”

“I see it! I see it Monty! Auntie!” She chanted on and on excitedly. Once you and Monty caught what she was looking at, you both turned to walk that way.

“I want to get it.” She said quickly. Monty knelt down and let her off his shoulders. She trotted over to the shell. Just as she reached it, so did Bryce’s cousin. Luckily, your niece grabbed the shell first. She giggled happily, turning to walk back to the two of you.

“That’s mine.” Bryce’s cousin said with little to no energy, taking it, and turning to walk away. Your niece was feisty, however, and she never went down without at least a little bit of a fight.

“Give that back right now!” She demanded. She hopped up and down, as he held the white shell over his head. She finally yanked on his arm hard enough to where the shell went flying out of his hands. Before she could take off running for it, he shoved her to the ground and ran for it himself.

“You little shit!” Monty didn’t take any hesitation before picking her up and handing her to you. He took the shell from the little boy.

“What makes you think you can do that? Do you go around hitting girls a lot?” The little boy’s lip started to quiver before tears streamed down his pink cheeks.

“Did I seriously just see you take that away from my little cousin, Monty?” Bryce approached. He didn’t look angry, just annoyed.

“He stole it from her.” Monty said, shrugging and handing it to the little girl.

“Woah, I’m gonna have to ask you to give that back to him, it’s his after all.” Bryce approached the little girl. You whipped around, shielding her from him.

“Don’t come near my niece, Walker.” Your maternal instincts came out as you grew more protective of her by the second.

“You’ll be handing that over.” Bryce said simply. Montgomery scoffed at the comment, as though it was an unbelievable idea.

“Enough about the shell, who’s going to teach your cousin not to hit girls?” Montgomery approached Bryce.

“I’ve never met someone who’s fought more people than you, Montgomery.” Bryce let out a loud laugh before staring right at Monty.

“I may have knocked a lot of guys around, but never a girl.” Montgomery stated. He seemed to want to make that very clear to anyone and everyone who may have been listening.

“You’re telling me you’ve never knocked miss priss around?” Bryce smirked, pointing at you. Suddenly, a growl escaped Montgomery’s lips. You’d never heard anything like it.

“Absolutely-Fucking-Not.” And with that, Monty lunged at him. You didn’t stop him this time.

Long story short, you all got kicked out and only Zach and his sister finished the hunt. That night, after dropping your niece off, you sat, visiting with her parents.

“Did you need to eat dinner, baby?” Her mother asked her. The little girl shook her head.

“Absolutely-Fucking-Not.” She said in a sing-song tone, before prancing down the hallway.

You slowly looked at Monty, who was bright red and refusing to make eye contact with you, or anyone else for that matter.

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