I had a New Years party and we were all fucked up beyond belief. Someone suggested karaoke as something fun to do and all of us were super down. I asked if we could do “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion (the Titanic song). Everyone was enthusiastic about it, especially Lena because Lena is in love with Leonardo DiCaprio. Well, as soon as the penny whistle solo starts, Lena begins SOBBING. Like hardcore just sobbing. And we sing the song anyway. She cries the whole way through because she thinks about Leo dying and is thoroughly convinced that he’s actually dead. Someone tells her that Leo is alive and well and has won 6 Oscars in order to make her feel better. This eventually works. Come this morning, the only part of this that she remembers is the phrase “Leo is okay.”


I literally can’t even🙌 (w/ willygurl68)