You know what really gets me?

White people and non black poc don’t bat at eye at posts calling black women ugly, loud, ratchet, ghetto, bitter, ect. They just keep on scrolling and laugh.

BUT let a post come along that talks about how black girls are beautiful and smart, basically anything positive and suddenly its:

“*all women :)”
“Why does skin color matter?”
“This is what’s dividing us. :(”
“Black girls aren’t anything special.”
“We’re all human. :)”

Sooo ya’ll only want the spotlight on black women when we’re the punchline of ya’ll’s jokes? We only deserve the spotlight when ya’ll need to feel better about yourselves because hey, at least I’m not one of those ratchet ugly black girls!


I seriously need to know why some white boys find it okay to even vocalize that they’ve never had sex with a black girl but want to.


Can you not treat women of color as if they are only here to complete your weird ebony jungle fever fantasies.

Last time I checked we didn’t do anything different.

We don’t wear an African head wrap and sing negro spirituals while we’re on top of you.

Stop it.

Have you ever heard that one song or smelled that one smell that reminded you of that one person and for that moment in time you just want to go back to what it used to be.
—  I miss you (via @anotordinaryteen)