white girl over the summer: look how tan I am I’m almost as tan as you!!!
me internally: bitch ur red…,, and in the future dont ever compare ur lobster ass skin to my God given beauty again

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  • me: racism against whites doesnt exist because racism relies on institutional oppression and while we as white people may experience minor prejudice due to our race, we don't experience actual racism - plus, this minor prejudice is usually due to the people it's against spouting racist rhetoric themselves and is often well-deserved. besides that, by trying to insist that white people do face racism, you're negating centuries of oppression and REAL racism faced by POC and equating it to someone making rude comments on the internet. basically, whites dont experience racism and saying otherwise is actually kind of racist in itself
  • some white girl, inevitably: *posts a screenshot of the google definition of racism* um :) sweetie :)
how to win an argument

When you run out of comebacks just insult the person you’re arguing with and call them a random name

“you always think you’re right, heather”

“shut up joel you’re so stupid”

“amber you need to change your attitude”

you will break them

sexism and racism in fandom

In predominately white/fantasy fandoms how come it’s acceptable to talk about sexism, but it’s not acceptable to talk about racism. Is it because most of the racism is being done by the very white woman the fandom is trying to protect? Or because for such progressive fandoms, white people still don’t want to admit that they, their trends or their favorite characters are racist so they try to ignore.

Refusing to talk about racism does also tie into sexism. Because in the event that women of color are involved in fantasy fandoms, racism and sexism go hand in hand, and when white fans get offended when people bring up racism condoned by white characters, they are silencing sexism and racism woc in fandom go through—both in the text and outside of it.  

refusing to talk about racism in general is just bad. racism is as much a problem in fandoms as sexism but still no one cares about racism. And when people are talking about sexism it is mainly just for the defense or privileged white women, woc always get ignored. Moc in fandoms both predominantly white/fantasy and sci-fi are always mistreated and mischaracterized. Some are objectified and fetishized and some have racial stereotypes forced upon them by the fandom and I hate it. and I especially hate trying to call out racist white women in fantasy/white fandoms. For the most part, people are more open to accepting male characters are racist but when it comes to white female characters, you can be branded sexist for speaking against her and that is awful! As a woc, having white girls call your sexist and claim you’ve never experienced sexism is infuriating and humiliating. But that is what most woc go through when calling out white women.

In general, sexism and racism should be hand in hand when discussing flaws in fandom. It is generally accepted as being an important part of fandom calling out sexism and making sure that sexist people are corrected—and that’s good. Ending sexist tropes, and uplifting women is good. But sometimes, that only extends to white women.

But racism is still taboo in fandom. calling out racism is equivalent  to “making the fandom toxic” people, aren’t ready to accept racism the same way they do sexism, not even these white girls making these huge posts calling out sexist trends—they’re some of the people who try to silence racism in fandom if it’s working against their favor.

Like I hate to see so many girls making posts about fandom sexism, and sexist tropes but are quiet and sometimes even angry when racism is brought up.

We need to discuss fandom racism and hold it to the say esteem we do fandom sexism

To all the straight men sending me sexual messages, I haven’t shaved my legs in a month.

That should turn you off. Now go away and go jack off to skinny white girls who post “daddy” in all their captions lol

Niggas: “black girls always have an attitude that’s why nobody likes they black asses”
Same Niggas: “I need me a spicy Latina with a attitude. I can’t wait to have a daughter with a Latina, she gon look so good and remember no nappy hair😊
Niggas: “black girls are too independent and think their better than men. I need a girl that’s submissive someone that’s gon hold down the house…” or “ black girls are so fuckin lazy, they ain’t got no job and always begging for child support, dirty ass bitches
Same Niggas: "see that’s why I like white girls, they got they own job, make they own money, throw down in the kitchen (😳), is always home when I get back from work and don’t complain when I get them pregnant every year and don’t pay child support. White girls are winning🤓🤡

before I shut up about this topic for hopefully forever

I once posted a screenshot on peach of a white girl on here posting something making fun of another “white girl” & something racist in quick succession, & I was like “is there a non-racist interpretation for this or am I not crazy here.” & Serena commented like “isn’t she white? girl 😂😂😂” or something to that effect. which is a white girl making fun of a white girl for making fun of a white girl. which is too many layers for me to comprehend

You know what I fucking hate?

Books with straight people in it, they get to be heroes. Space cadets, medieval knights, a super-special white girl who saves the post-apocalyptic world while hugging her equally super-special manly man heterostraight boyfriend.

You know what us LGBT people get?
-Middle class (usually white) LGBT person comes to terms with their sexuality (or even rarely gender) and gets a significant other.
-Bury your Gays trope.

and while coming of age stories can be good, that shouldn’t be all there is. And please, don’t use queer characters as cannon fodder for you to torture and kill.


i didn’t react to this specific part of that awful interaction i had with those three white girls on my post about lbpq solidarity but let me just tell you that if you ever try to tell me again that bi women are “less oppressed” than any other women or that we will “never” face the same level of physical or material violence as other women again i will not bother being civil with you, and i don’t care what identities you hold or try to weaponize against me. frankly if you believe that bi women have privilege or benefit from the exploitation of other women or that we invented homophobia or lesbophobia or misogyny or that we don’t face physical or material violence of our own, you can choke on glass. log the fuck off for once in your life and stop quoting the garbage you see on here you fucking idiots. and that’s my mean, cunty, bitchy, bihet hot take. thanks for listening. 

also it’s really irritating that i have to repeat this like every two months, lol! i find myself saying this exact same thing so many times! wow!