Phichit cheers up Yuuri

“Ok! Open your eyes- NOW!”

Taking his hands away from his face, Yuuri surveyed the sight before him, and promptly burst out laughing. “Phichit,” he gasped. “What the hell are you wearing?”

“My outfit for your cheer-up dance!” Phichit cried merrily, twirling to show it off. “What do you think?”

Yuuri looked him over, trying with all his might to take him seriously. Phichit was wearing the tightest blue top he’d ever seen, to the point where he wondered if he could even breathe in the thing let alone dance. The shirt was so tight that it fit rather easily underneath the high-waisted, dazzlingly white flared jeans (complete with sparkling belt buckle of course).

But it was the silver platform boots that really broke Yuuri.

“You- you look like the seventies threw up on you,” Yuuri laughed. “Grow a moustache, get a leather jacket and you could pass as my father.”

“I am your father, and you are going to respect your elders Yuuri!” Phichit replied, deepening his voice to Darth-Vader style of speech. Spinning Yuuri around, he frog marched him to the edge of the room. In one swift movement, he had Yuuri sat down, cross legged and facing him as he quickly went to stand in the middle of the studio.

“I’m older than you,” Yuuri smiled, leaning his back against the wall and grabbing the remote to the speaker system.

“That’s neither here nor there. Now start the music! I’ve been working on this for almost a whole week and it’s your cheer up dance! Oh! Don’t forget to record this too, I want it for insta!”

That feeling when you write 2000+ words in one writing sitting! ^O^

I’m determined to finish the next chapter of Hold Me Close, Sway Me More tomorrow and update it on Monday, and considering I only have a tiny bit left to do! ^O^ For now here’s a snippet.