1. Photographer Andrew Suryono captured this amazing photo of an orangutan using a banana leaf to shield itself from the rain in Bali

2. Morning hour: This fascinating photo from Georg May shows a white fallow deer standing in the morning mist in Eifel National Park, Germany

3. A Hindu monk is silhouetted in sunlight on a winter morning at a mango garden in Dinajpur, Bangladesh (photographer: Jubair Bin Iqbal)

4. These mother and the cub Kermode bears were photographed by Kyle Breckenridge at the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia, Canada

5. Desert dawn: A hot air balloon is pictured over sand dunes about 30 minutes after sunrise near Dubai (photographer: Gareth Lowndes)



The word scut refers to the uniquely short, perky tails of deer (and rabbits and bears). But not all deer tails are the same! With over 30 different species of deer all across the world, scuts are designed to fulfill many different purposes and thus boast many different appearances. From short and fluffy, to long and spindly, deer tails are all varied and intriguing!

The shortest deer tails belong to the Chinese water deer, moose, elk, and roe deer, whose tails rarely exceed more than 2 inches in length and may appear entirely nonexistent at first glance.

The longest deer tails belong to the fallow deer, white-tailed deer, and the Père David’s deer, whose tails frequently exceed 12 inches in length. In fact, Père David’s deer tails can be over 20 inches long!