Sometimes I get so excited to watch an anime I will cry during the opening…

Black Tumblr, you get what you pay for.

If you call someone a racial slur, expect the same in return.

If you call me (a)

  • mayo
  • cracker
  • honkey
  • peckerwood
  • whipped tub of butter
  • white devil
  • (white) demon

or any other racial slur towards whites, expect me to call you (a)

  • nigger/nigga
  • coon
  • jigaboo
  • darky
  • black, midnight, evil motherfucker*
  • boy
  • uppity (nigger)
  • cotton picker
  • spear chucker
  • nappy haired

or any other equally offensive slur.

No, I don’t care about whatever reason you think you have to justify your hatred against me. Hating me because I’m white is something I don’t have to put up with, just like someone hating you for being black is something you shouldn’t have to put up with. Stop being hateful towards people for their skin color. We’re in this together.

[*props if you get this reference]


Jadis The White Witch: Edmund, I would very much like to meet the rest of your family.

Edmund Pevensie: Really? They’re nothing special.

Jadis The White Witch: Oh. I’m sure they’re not nearly as delightful as you are.

Jadis The White Witch: But you see, Edmund, I have no children of my own. And you are exactly the sort of boy where I could see, one day, you becoming prince of Narnia - maybe even king.

Edmund Pevensie: Really?

Jadis The White Witch: Of course, you’d have to bring your family.

Edmund Pevensie: Oh. Do you mean Peter would be king, too?

Jadis The White Witch: No. No, no. But a king needs servants

Edmund Pevensie: I guess I can bring ‘em.

-”The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”


I wanna give you guys an example of white privilege.

On top we have Johnny Manziel. Johnny has been a piece of shit for a minute, from the domestic violence against his girlfriend at the time who reportedly lost her hearing during his attack, to the drug use…but I haven’t seen him get called a thug, a boy, or any type dehumanizing term the way they are doing Cam. In fact his disgusting behavior has some what flown under the radar.

On the bottom we have Cam Newton. The MVP of the league, a hero to children, a guy that likes to celebrate when he makes it to the end zone and last but not least a new father. Cam has been slandered and labeled a thug for DABBING! Called a BOY for walking out of a post game conference. He’s faced so much because he’s BLACK and that’s it.

That just goes to show you how bad white people want to demonize blacks, they find the smallest things to drag us down about but when there a person with white skin behaving like a lunatic they turn their back on it! They swear it’s not about race, it’s about character but… Let’s be honest.

i tried to prepare myself for all the “yfip coldplay” and the receipts waving around in circulating tumblr posts trying to make the most angelic whites alive seem like demons, but when you see over a thousand note post saying their old viva church bell they bought on ebay years ago is cultural appropriation i realize i didnt prepare myself this much

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Imagine Taylor performing You are in love. We all know it's about KK (I mean, we don't... but it is ^^)

Listen, as far as the Kaylor fandom goes, we’re somewhat divided on the whole “Who is YAIL about?” thing. My opinion is that while Taylor has said that it was inspired by the relationship between Voldemort and Jack Antonoff, I prefer to go the whole “music is subjective” route and pretend it was instead inspired by this actual human cinnamon roll…

Instead of it being about a relationship that is ½ made up of this thin lipped, white feminist, white devil demon

Hats off to my followers that regularly get in to fights/try to argue with white racists

Just got sucked into the dumbest fight with the dumbest man. Practically said that innocent black people who are murdered are just casualties of all the actually guilty black people out there. Said that “you people” are all the same, but swore he wasn’t racist. NEVER AGAIN. If some of you guys want to make racist white people your cross to bear, more power to you. But not my black ass. I can’t fuck with white demons.