This is so damn extra like you could have put this amount of effort into schoolwork or something but you wrote this long ass post trying to convince yourself that vanessa is not a darksided white demon but u know damn well that’s exactly what she is

Here it is! Inked and penciled!

Here is sword fused Zabuza “Mr. Pajama puffy pants” Momochi and Juzo Biwa. These two fused with the executors blade and here comes the kick. The sword prefers Zabuza.

Zabuza’s design: I was going for A demonic great white shark but I failed as usual and Zabuza became a preverbal batman. I kept his pants from when he first appeared. I messed up on his other leg but it’s fine for now. I wasn’t sure if I was going for digigrade or normal but I know my goof ups :D.

Juzo’s design: like Zabuza, I had the whole Batman vs Joker theme. I made a better version of him some where in my blog. Since Juzo was already like an ugly evil twin of Zabuza, I thought it would be appropriate to make him the ugly evil version of a executers blade fusion. I also added inspiration from an old favorite show of mine, Ben 10. If you look up Ripjaws you’ll see. He also has a very short and stubby tail if you guys think I didn’t draw him one. Remember, he’s an unstable form and Zabuza is the stable form.