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In africa, white people are discriminated. they have no power. And since racism=power+prejudice, that means that in africa, white people cant be racist

Shh, don’t confuse them by reminding them that there are other places in the world besides America. It ruins the narrative.

P.S., I don’t know that what you said is true for all of Africa but I know it’s true in at least a couple of places

Ok here’s my issue. We’re not gonna talk about dreads specifically as I can’t relate to that example personally. What I’m talking about, is how as a kid, I got made fun of for having ‘squinty eyes’ and my white passing Asian friends didn’t. How kids would pull back their eyelids and say ‘Ching Chong china’ and how the white passing kids would join in on it too. How when my white passing sister and I went to drop off our Chinese exchange student, on the way back a teacher stopped us and told me it was time to leave my host sister bc the exchange students were getting ready to leave. How when I was a child and I wore the cheongsam my grandmother gave me, I got made fun of for it in school and told to go back to china, and yet when a white passing girl wore hers and everyone loved it and told her it was beautiful. How the fact that me taking mandarin as a foreign language in high school is expected, and when a white passing kid does it, it’s fabulous and they’re broadening their horizons. And along the same vein, when I struggle to say anything in mandarin at Chinese restaurants the waiters cringe and when my white passing sister says anything with the same amount of difficulty she’s praised for trying.
the biggest issue here is, kids who are white passing don’t experience the same types of micro aggressions are non white passing poc. The only indication people have that my sister isn’t white is her last name. They’re always SHOCKED to find out we’re siblings. And because of that, she doesn’t really understand a lot of my frustration and thinks I’m overreacting when I speak out about racial equality. But it’s also an extremely fine line, because white passing poc still have every right to their culture, and they deserve to embrace that culture as much as a non white passing poc.

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Just read your blog & wanted to say do honestly think white priviledge doesn't exist? Have you never opened a text book or something, never stepped foot inside a museum, art gallery, looked in a magazine or turned on the tv! White people are everywhere & way over represented! You must be blind to not be able to see whites are more privileged & society need to change!

Ahaha they are represented JUST IN THE WHITE COUNTRIES YOU IDIOT. If you go to a Chinese museum you’re not going to read stories about ‘‘white’‘ men and you’re not gonna experience ‘‘white’‘ culture or gonna see ‘‘white’‘ people. Why should a person expect to read things about or see non-whites in European countries? What the fuck? Idiot.

Europeans gained the power with their own hands and minds, so fuck yourself, no one is going to apologize.

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How can blacks be culturally appropriating comic book characters? They said whites have no culture let alone one worth stealing.

(Re: Wonder Woman should be black post?)

Is there anything more nerdy white boy than comic books? 

Women POC are trying to appropriate white male nerd culture. 

  • Things that exist:Bulgarian culture, Spanish culture, Canadian culture, Ukrainian culture, Swedish culture, Dutch culture, Basque culture, Austrian culture, French culture, Portuguese culture, Bosnian culture, Irish culture
  • Things that do not exist:"White culture"
  • Things that exist:Honduran culture, Indian culture, Japanese culture, Mongolian culture, Venezuelan culture, Moroccan culture, Egyptian culture, Iraqi culture, Cherokee culture, Jamaican culture, Korean culture, Bangladeshi culture, Shoshone culture
  • Things that do not exist:"PoC culture"

“white people have no culture!!”


i’m sorry

what’s that?

i wasn’t


that europeans

don’t have rich

and fascinating cultures

or that culture

has to comply

with tumblr’s definition

of what culture is

in order to be counted as legitimate

white people have tons of culture so shut the fuck up about white people “not having any culture”

White people be like “I’m 53% French, 21% Irish, 4% Italian, 20% Swedish, and 2% milk” and expect us to appreciate their cultural background but then don’t even make an effort to distinguish between different types of Asian cultures and are like “lol all Asians r basically the same xD”


Teen dresses as a thief for culture day because “white people steal everyone else’s culture”

On Tuesday, Springbrook High School students dressed up in traditional garb for the school’s cultural day. Josh Welch, a senior at the Maryland-based school, opted for a black tee and sweatpants to make a bold commentary on cultural appropriation.

While many have since commented with praise, saying things like, “I’m shook” and “god bless,” an assortment of trolls thoroughly misunderstood his point.

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