Race Matters, But Not The Way You Think

Some time ago, I made a post stating that I feel that modern Heathenry is largely racists who don’t know they’re racists arguing with racists who know they’re racist about who is more racist. Now, I think I will expound further on this.

From what I can gather, there are two main groupings of Norse/Germanic Heathens/Asatruar:

The first would be Universalists, or what I tend to call the average-liberal-heathen/pagan, who generally believe that Heathenry is equally for anyone who wants to be heathen, regardless of race, nationality, or practice. They usually have a very leftist political affiliations and harp strongly on equality and being inclusive.

The second would be Folkish (or some flavor of that), or what the first group like to call racist/nazi heathens. Generally, they seem to believe that to be able to be included in Heathenry or be able to be a “real heathen” one must be…..some kind of white person, preferably of Norse/German/“viking” descent.

I believe both groups are wrong about why race is or isn’t important.

To begin, I don’t think anyone will argue that culture doesn’t exist, or that cultures aren’t different (cultural diversity and all that). And what is religion/spirituality if not a part of and a reflection of the culture from which it emerged? And can we not all agree that in order to fully understand a religion, we must also take into consideration the cultural context?

Culture itself is formed over time by groups of people through shared experiences because of events through history and geographic location. Is it unbelievable then, that people who perhaps had a family who has lived in that culture for generations would not have a deeper understanding of the culture’s spiritual beliefs? And is it unbelievable that those groups of people would not have evolved over time to favor certain traits that would allow them to survive better in that context?

This then, is the genetic component. The sensitive topic that Universalist Heathens don’t want to touch. If there is a person whose ancestors lived in a situation where, say, independence was a more favorable trait for survival, then the children of those who survived would have a higher percent chance to be a more independent person (not to mention if they grew up in that culture, that trait would be praised, developed, and encouraged).

But, this is not 100%. It is not foolproof. Humans are individuals, who could be born and develop with a number of combination of traits, not to mention anomalies and mutations. Therefore, one could not say that ALL people of Northern European descent are fit to be or even inclined to be Heathens. Nor could one say that ALL people who are not never have it in their nature.

I am ethnically Chinese, almost 100%, but I can not relate to Chinese culture or the way most of them think on a fundamental level. This is not only because I was born in the U.S., a western country. My father who was born in Taiwan also has many stereotypically “western” traits in his way of thinking (among other things) as well, and we are considered “weird” by other East Asian people. I suffered ostracization and bullying from other Chinese or East Asian children growing up because I was different. Imagine how my life might have been changed, or limited, had I been born in China, surrounded by only Chinese people, and you might start to see a concrete example of how ancestry does have an impact on the average person of a certain race.

However, because I grew up largely around Chinese people, there are also things I understand and know intimately about Chinese culture that I am often surprised to find is not common knowledge to the average white American. And the more I visited Norway(the place I feel most at home), the more I realized being American and growing up in American culture, even if I disagree or feel uncomfortable with a lot of it, has shaped me differently than if I had grown up in Norway. I still responded to my surrounding influences, either for or against.

Therefore, I am compelled to take that into consideration in my practice, in my Heathenry. I have to acknowledge that I am not Norwegian, or Icelandic, and that I am not even an American of European descent (whose families still have traditions that echo those of the old world, however faint they may be). That is my starting point. A different context of understanding the world.

The past shapes the present and the future, whether it’s nature or nurture, and we are so afraid to admit that to ourselves, often even on a small scale. We wish to distance ourselves from our own past foolishness, or our parents’ or ancestors’ mistakes, so much so that we want to believe that our past has nothing to do with who we are now, but the effect is there whether we acknowledge it or not.

I conclude that an average person of Norse or Germanic descent would be a better Heathen than an average person who is of a different descent. However, we are not average people. We are individuals, and any one individual may find something in particular stirs their heart for one reason or another. I only ask that we all examine where we came from, and where our paths of choice come from with honesty, respect, and a desire to Know.

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Don't you think that basically entire Europe is white culture? Like Europe is 'white' continent full of many cultures, traditions, regional clothing and whatnot so.. saying that white people have no culture is.. less than smart

A lot of people miss the entire point when it comes to culture.

Spoiler alert: there is no such thing as “white culture,” just as there is no such thing as “black culture.” 

There’s French culture. There’s Polish culture, Greek culture, Russian culture. English culture. Even inside countries with a unifying culture, there are massive differences between different areas. The difference of local culture between where I live and other parts of England was a huge shock to my system when I lived away from home to go to university.

But in regards to general cultures? They depend on a lot of different factors. And the thing is, everyone knows it, they just want to pussy-foot around it.

Who is going to argue that Somali culture is the same as Nigerian culture because both peoples are black? You wouldn’t, because that would be highly disrespectful and would erase both of those cultures.

You want to know why the US seems to be different? Because black citizens (who have been there for generations) had their original culture severed from them, and because they were excluded from the general US culture, they made their own and kept together for a long time. At the same time, different white cultures mixed and became part of a melting pot, so there’s nothing that’s too-obviously distinct aside from successful examples of Americanising different cultures and adopting them.

European, African and most other cultures are based in long histories and traditions. General American culture is much more modern. But instead of celebrating and trying to improve the melting pot, there seem to be a lot of Americans that just dismiss their country’s achievements and complicated negative and positive history to nothing but apologetics and oh, the US is and always has been terrible.

Every culture, every country, has positives and negatives in their history and in their application. But the Americans that fall back on, “No white culture!” are just ignorant people that can’t recognise their own and are ironically so US-centric that they believe that everyone that looks like them has to think and act in exactly the same way. 

It’s childish and myopic. And pretty damn embarrassing.

When ppl say “white people have no culture!” And ppl respond well “look at europe, germany, ireland, etc!” I just get so odmdjshvav

Because those are ETHNICITIES lmao there are black germans and asian irish ppl those countries arent exclusively white yall fail again

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everything with 7 in it

thank you !

7) Has someone ever make you cry ?

who hasn’t made me cry is the question to ask. i cry super easily

17) Do you have a middle name ?

no, but when i was a kid i decided i wanted one so i added Manon Nina to my name. i gave up on that two months after.

27) Has one of your friends ever backstabbed you ?


37) Which concerts have you been to ?

i dont really like concerts. i went to small ones in bars or parks, to my cousin’s ones in a jazz festival and the one of a canadian singer.

47) Do you believe in karma ?

i think using “karma” as a white person is cultural appropriation ( i think ? ) but i do believe that our actions can be punished by fate or whatever you want to call it.

57) Are there any friendships you regret ?

yes. please refer to question 27

67) If you could have a superpower, what would it be ?

teleportation. i want to see my friends around the world.

77) Have you ever seen a shooting star ?

once ! it was sooo beautiful

87) Have you ever told anyone you loved them, and didn’t mean it ?

no. i take love ( all kinds of love ) too seriously for that

97) Have you ever been turned down, or have you ever turned anyone down ?

yes to both. the guy i turned down was a massive jerk and i learned not to feel bad about it.

53% of white people … I don’t wanna hear anymore BS about blaming millennials, or third party voters, or Russia, or anything else until we stay focused on addressing the REAL problem: white voters.

Whiteness — more than education, age, class and more than gender — was the most reliable indicator of whether someone was likely to vote for Trump. Including non-Black people of color who are white-passing, or who self-identify as white.

If you’re foolish enough to think Trump is so bad that just anybody can beat him in 2020 (kinda like everyone thought in 2016, remember?) then you really haven’t been paying attention. Despite what they might say publicly, a majority of white people love Trump.

“white people have no culture!!”


i’m sorry

what’s that?

i wasn’t


that europeans

don’t have rich

and fascinating cultures

or that culture

has to comply

with tumblr’s definition

of what culture is

in order to be counted as legitimate

white people have tons of culture so shut the fuck up about white people “not having any culture”

  • Things that exist: Bulgarian culture, Spanish culture, Canadian culture, Ukrainian culture, Swedish culture, Dutch culture, Basque culture, Austrian culture, French culture, Portuguese culture, Bosnian culture, Irish culture
  • Things that do not exist: "White culture"
  • Things that exist: Honduran culture, Indian culture, Japanese culture, Mongolian culture, Venezuelan culture, Moroccan culture, Egyptian culture, Iraqi culture, Cherokee culture, Jamaican culture, Korean culture, Bangladeshi culture, Shoshone culture
  • Things that do not exist: "PoC culture"

Support white-passing people when they’re accused of appropriating their own culture.

Support white-passing people when they’re told that they shouldn’t get to enjoy their culture because their white privilege should be enough.

Support white-passing people when they’re accused of trying too hard not to be white.

Support white-passing people when they’re told they ARE white just because they “look white” or “act white”.

Support white-passing people who reject white culture and refuse to be labelled incorrectly.

Support white-passing people who embrace white culture and don’t care about their heritage.

We didn’t choose to look this way, nor did we invent the social construct of race. Just because somebody has privilege doesn’t make erasure okay.

If you say, with seriousness, “white people have no culture,” you’re only proving your ignorance. Slavery and colonialism, nor any number of wars and crusades negate the fact that white people have a long, rich history and culture in Europe. 

Finally, I’d like to remind you that history and culture must include the bad alongside the good, that bad doesn’t negate the good, and that every race and ethnicity has terrible things they’ve done in the past, and many still do those disgusting things today.