People break up
But love breaks down.
Blue swirls of depression
Bring sanities walls
To the ground.
Impure love blackens
A white cotton dress.
As Her black hole heart
Sucked the life from her chest.

A reflection
of hopelessness
Hatched from a glass egg.
As She grasp its frame
Mumbling lies
To Calm her head.
She was going to be alright
She repeated
time And time again.
As a tear of disbelief
Ran from her eye
to her chin.
Time was the only narcotic
That could heal
The pain she was in.


Gauze dress, ca. 1826-1827 by KSU Museum
Via Flickr:
White plain cotton gauze dress with yellow embroidery (A) and yellow silk shoulder brace (B). Dress with high waist, scoop neck, long sleeves with puffed shoulder, hem with 5 tucks alternating with embroidered wool sprigs, yellow silk bands at cuffs. Braces: yellow silk taffeta shoulder brace with tabs alternating on each side. As the 19th century progressed, the high waistline of the first decade began its descent to the natural waistline. At the same time the sleeves became fuller and the skirt began to widen. By the mid-1820s, the first leg of mutton sleeve of the century appeared as in this dress. English, attributed, ca. 1826-1827. Cotton gauze/silk. Silverman/Rodgers Collection, KSUM 1983.1.31ab.

Take Me to Church

AJ Styles/Reader
1720 words; smut/explicit

Vague set-in-some-unspecified-time historical AU and priest/preacher AU.

Also the religious imagery in this is pretty overt, so please don’t read it if that might upset/offend you.


It’s always too hot in church, the air thick and heavy. The wooden pew is hard against your body, and droplets of sweat are inching down your spine in a steady trickle. You shift slightly as you try to concentrate on the words of Brother Styles’ sermon, aware that your best white cotton dress will show the damp.

You hear your mama’s voice in your head, telling you to sit up straight, and you put your shoulders back, taking strength from the words. She passed a few years ago, in an accident along with your daddy, and as an only child, you were left alone in the world. But it’s not so bad, as you’ve managed to make your way a little, finding work as a seamstress in the Ladies’ Fashion store in town.

Brother Styles was the one who put in a word for you, helped you get the job and find a room in a boarding house of good reputation. He was so kind to you after your parents died, a true gentleman. You listen to him speak now, pacing up and down the raised platform at the front of the church, warning of the fate that awaits all sinners: fire and hell and eternal damnation.

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anonymous asked:

Hello dear! I saw your witchy outfits post and adored it! If it's not too much trouble, would you do another but for faeries? Thank you so much! Your blog is absolutely gorgeous❤️

i absolutely adore this idea!! here is what i came up with; i do hope you like it! 🙊 (+ thank you endlessly, little flower ♡ :,) 🌸)

✨🌿 faerie outfit ideas: 🌿✨

- forest queen: a floor-length skirt (or dress) in a light shade, a white peasant top, rings with gemstones, tiny earrings in the shape of insects or flowers, ballet flats

- meadow nymph: a soft summer dress (perhaps with a floral print), a flower crown in your hair, sun-kissed skin, no shoes

- little princess: a tulle skirt with a matching crop top or bralette, silver highlighter, shiny charm bracelets, color coordinated kitten heels or flats + ruffle ankle-socks

- shadow dancer: a lace leotard with glittery tights underneath, hair up in a bun, little sticker-jewels on your face, wing-shaped earrings, closed-toe lace-up sandals

- creekside spirit: a long and white cotton dress, soft shimmer on your eyelids, a leaf crown in your hair, long necklaces made from hemp


“The haul that was almost my downfall bc i frickin bEEPED IN MÖNSOON GDI!!”
On the upside i prefer this haul to my last one☺️

• Large unicorn gift bag - £4.50
• Large Peter Rabbit gift bag - £3.75
• Small gift bag - £3.50
• Father’s Day card (absent) - £3.00
• Birthday card - £2.25
• Cello shredded tissue - £2.00
• Silver shell pen - £8.00

• Patricia Rose spring duvet set - £65.00
• Clean Cotton Yankee candle - £19.95

• White cotton dress - £69.00
• Seaspray and cotton candle - £17.00

🍰Total: £132.95🍰

The Father’s Day card is absent bc i got it for my mum to give to my grandfather. The Pàperchase stuff is to wrap my commissions in - i’m selling my own framed botany art n i’m rly excited about it!!☺️🌸🌹🌼
This was my first time lïfting at Pëarsons n i’m sooo pleased bc i’ve been looking for nice stuff for my new place!❤️❤️ turns out it’s fairly easy pickings
If u want the story of moi beeping, it’s here: https://heavenlylifter.tumblr.com/post/161958918970/i-beeped-like-a-fool

Modern AU - Ian and Rachel’s Wedding

Anonymous asked: Can I request your own version of Ian and Rachel’s wedding night and subsequent honeymoon?

I keep thinking I’ve already done a modern Ian and Rachel wedding, but I can’t find it. So we’ve got this one instead! I’ll continue/conclude their honeymoon in the next installment, but this part felt like a good end. Shout out to @everythingyouweretooafraidtoask for helping me brainstorm some fun things for young Ian.  Hope y’all like it!

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Gif credit as listed

A Blackpink Rose fanfiction

~by Admin Mari

Word Count: 6,700

A/N: So we have a few requests but I’ve had this idea for a while. We decided that Wednesdays will be for requests now and all the other stuff that comes from our brains will go up on Sundays still, so keep sending stuff in if you’d like posts on Wednesdays. Also you gotta love Blackpink. And Rosie. And balloons.

A girl sits on a bench with a balloon tied around her wrist, and all the boys walk around with needles. They tolerate her and her balloon, neither using their needles to sew the string to their own wrist as well or to pop it.

She wishes that she wasn’t so timid. That she could take her balloon and smack a boy with it to get his attention.

But she’s shy and worrisome and she can’t bear the thought of rejection. So on most days, like today, she sits on her bench and watches the boys that pass through the park. Usually they’re rambunctious and sometimes they will throw things in her direction: footballs, frisbees, but never their glances.

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Royals (Michael)

Originally posted by mcliffordmadness


|| in which you are royalty but michael is not.|| 

“No, no.”   Your etiquette teacher shook her head in annoyance. 

What’s wrong this  time?” You ask. If looks could kill, Ms. Bailey would be lying  dead on the floor. 

“My dear, how many times do I have to tell you? That’s the salad fork.” She says, pointing to the offending utensil you had in your hand. 

You rolled your eyes and picked up the  smaller fork for the “dessert’ you were supposed to eat. Dessert? It looked more like a heap of dough held together by glue. 

“Uh, Uh.” MS. Bailey says shaking her head again at you  again. 

“What did I do this time?” 

“Your tone, Y/N. And for one,  princesses don’t roll  their eyes even at discomfort.” 

You swear you would do it again,  just to piss her off, already imagining knocking that fake ass wig off her head. 

“Sorry, Ms. Bailey. How inconsiderate of me.” You mumbled, gritting your teeth and straightening up your back, leaning slightly  on the expensive yet uncomfortable wood of the chair. 

Ms. Bailey smiles and looks you up and down. “You are forgiven, Y/N.” 

You nodded your head, almost letting out a sigh of relief when you heard the  dinner bell signalling it was time for your actual dinner instead of this horrible  etiquette schooling.  

“mm..” Ms. Bailey hums once you stood up from your chair, desperate to get the hell out of there. 

You bit your lip and sat back down. 

“May I please be excused?” You asked innocently, standing up from your chair again. 

“That’s better, Y/N. And remember: Manners!” 

You nodded slowly before scoffing and  leaving the room. 

Manners her ass.  

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Preference 2: All I Ever Wanted
  • Derek: Everytime you looked at him it hurt, physically and emotionally. You saw him with her, the way his hands gently cupped her jaw, thrumb brushing over the hill of her cheek like she was porcelain. His eyes would twinkle, pupils dilating as his gaze ran over her face, soaking in every aspect of her. Derek’s lips would tug at the corners, a small fully ready to crack his face in two. Derek’s flickered over her shoulder, blue grey eyes locking with yours. The sudden pang of regret and sorrow constricted your chest. You smiled at him, lifting the cup in your hand up, tilting your head forward slightly. Derek will never know how much it hurt, and in truth, you would never tell him, even though he was all you wanted, you couldn't ruin his happiness.
  • Stiles: Your heart was in your head, loud enough to block out the sound of music that filled the venue. The flowers in your hands were slipping between your sweaty fingers, the sudden heat and nerves making the white cotton and lace dress itch. You kept walking through all of it, zeroing in on the man that was at the end of the line, black suit cut perfectly, hair pushed back and the softest of stubble dotting the line of his jaw. Stile’s amber eyes looked tear filled as he watched you intently, hands reaching out to you. You barely made it to the alter, taking his sweaty palm and bringing it to your lips. Stiles brought your knuckles to his, chuckling softly as he whispered against the soft skin and bone. “You’re all I ever wanted.”
  • Isaac: The soft rasp of knuckles on wood brought you from your reverie. Isaac looked pensive as he stared at the bundle of life in your arms. She was sleeping right now, blue eyes shut from the world, small ruddy lips opened, tiny hands fisted and cheeks dusted with a blush. “You could hold her, I know you won’t drop her.” you whispered, walking gently over to the tall wolf. Isaac’s eyes burned as he looked up at you, he was scared beyond words. He didn’t want to be like his father, he didn’t want to hurt you or her. The tears gathered in his eyes, breath hitching in his throat. “You guys are the closest thing I have to my whole family. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. You and her are all I’ve ever wanted.”
  • Liam: You gripped the pillow tighter, looking into his blue eyes. Liam looked the furthest thing from okay, but it was the only thing he kept mumbling the more you pried. You hated when he blocked you out like that, it made you feel useless. “Please tell me something, anything but that you are okay.” you mumbled through the thick tears. Tired didn’t even begin to describe what you felt, and Liam must be going through hell. “What would you like to hear?” he said sarcastically. You ignored his attitude, snuggling closer to his side. “Tell me what you want most right now.” You watched as Liam’s determination on ignoring you unfolded, his concentration evident through the soft moving of his lips and flickering got his gaze. “I don’t know… I want a lot of things… like fresh baked cookies and movie nights, vacation, stress-free life, game night, sleep. But, I think I just want to do all these things with you the most, all I ever want is you.” his voice trailed off, blazing blue eyes boring into yours. "Me too."
  • Scott: “I know I am an asshole, you don’t have to tell me, but… I didn’t mean what I said all those years ago. I had to protect you, I had to make sure you wouldn’t get hurt.” “But I did Scott, it hurt like shit when you left. I don’t need your protecting, I wanted you to be my boyfriend not my fucking knight in shining armor!” “It’s practically the same thing.” he tried reasoning, taking a tentative step closer. “No they aren’t, I’m not your damsel in distress just because I’m your girlfriend. Together is how we protect each other, together is how we fight.” “All I wanted was to keep you safe, I didn’t mean for it to go like this.” You took his jaw in your hands, looking into his big brown eyes. “I’m sorry, (Y/N).” “All I wanted was for you to stay, and now… you’re just three years too late.”
  • Peter: You could see the autumn leaves falling, a spectacle of little flames raining. You yelped when your feet were lifted from the ground, strong warm arms wrapping around your waist. “Peter!” you laughed, grabbing his thick wrists. He twirled in a small circles, lips awfully close to your ear, to your neck. “Put me down.” you giggled. The twirling halted, your feet barely meeting the ground if you tried tip-toeing. His mouth was just behind your ear, warm breath tickling. When he put you down, his arms tightened, a small circle for your to turn in. His nose was drifting over your cheek, eyes closed of and breath ragged. “I know you don’t want this, but I do. This… right here… it’s all I’ve ever wanted.” he mumbled between the kisses on your feverish skin.
  • Brett: His heartbeat felt like a million drums beneath your palm, lips like a hurricane and words murmured between kisses. You sighed into the crook of his neck, circling your hips over him, sliding is length deeper and deeper. “Oh god,” Brett grunted, hands grasping hips, mouth falling slack over heated skin. “Go farther.” he whispered, gently pulling you over him. The tight coil curled in the pit of your stomach, the white hot pain of pleasure creeping its way up your spine. For the longest time, this was all you wanted, all you ever wanted. He was so close, so soft and gentle, so… “Fucking christ.” he grunted again, clutching you tighter to keep you moving. He needed you to move to he was going to lose his mind. “Brett.” you moaned, eyes screwing shut as your lips parted. “Say it again.” “Brett.” “Say it louder.” He was there again, hitting that spot that got your toes curling and nails digging. “Brett!”

Medium: White cotton

Date: c.1915

Country: USA

This afternoon dress from about 1915 is a transitional garment from the 19th-century “lingerie dress” (which was intended to be worn out on summer days for leisure activities) to the 20th-century day dress. White is a traditional summer color because it reflects the sun and can be easily laundered and bleached. This white cotton afternoon dress has military-style double belts, and a fashionable dropped waist. Gone is the high collar of 1900, replaced by a V-neckline. The corseted waist and expansive bosom have given way to a loosely-fitting dress with a vertical silhouette. Elements of the lingerie dress remain in the delicate bobbin lace collar and thin batiste cotton blouse-styled bodice with satin stitch whitework embroidery delineating a thistle pattern on the front, back and sleeves.

anonymous asked:

im going to india this summer? any outfit ideas?

I’d probably wear a lot of cotton wrap dresses ,and lots of whites and blues, leather wrap sandals, gold cross earrings would look bomb with a white cotton wrap dress.

Ride (Part Three)

Read parts one and two here:

Part One  / Part Two  

Part Three : You Can Take My Breath Away

Firstly before I launch into it there are some people I have to thank. My bother for literally sending hours putting up with me running ideas for all three parts of this by him and for encouraging me to start publishing my works. @marvelgoateecollection for encouraging me to start this and keep going, your comments on the last two parts literally gave me so much joy! And finally the sweetest @moreinfinite for letting me borrow the name Lucille, I hope I did it justice, and thank you for just being amazing in general. And finally thanks to everyone who has read these works so far I hope you enjoy the final piece.

Feedback is always, always appreciated and requests are open!

Based loosely around this music video and the title for this chapter comes from this song, so please watch and this will make a lot more sense:  Enrique Iglesias - Hero

Warnings: Mentions of violence, Bucky is beaten up by Brock. However if you watch the video it basically follows along the lines of that. Potential character death- I don’t want to spoil anything. 

Words: c. 3,400.

You spent the next couple of weeks moving between different motels, but Bucky’s money was slowly running out so you knew you would have to come to a more permanent arrangement somehow.

Bucky slipped out of bed one morning leaving you with a kiss on your forehead and a coffee in a to-go cup left on your bedside table.

When he returned you were sitting on the bed, legs crossed, sipping your coffee in your underwear with his charcoal coloured AC/DC shirt and for a moment he wanted to forget what he had come back to tell you and just devour you right then and there but then you were looking at him with those beautiful eyes and his breath caught in his chest for a moment as he bent down to capture you in his arms. 

He pulled your giggling form off the bed and began to haul you outside, placing both hands over your eyes as you reached the door, and placing a quick kiss to your soft bed messed hair and slowly guiding you outside.

Once he had successfully manoeuvred you to where he wanted you, he removed his hands and said softly “Okay you can look now doll,” and your eyes opened and focused on a beat up convertible that was parked in the motel lot.

“What is this?” you questioned looking back between the car and Bucky.

“It’s ours,” he said grinning, moving to rub his hand along the smooth lines of the driver side door, grinning widely at you, “Do you like her?”

“But. Where’s your bike?” you questioned aloud, still a little groggy and trying to process the situation.

“Sold it,” he said simply with a casual shrug of his shoulders.

“But you loved that bike Bucky!” you protested.

“But I love you more,” he answered honestly “This offers us a little more safety, we won’t have to worry about trying to hide the bike every night. Plus, I can hold your hand while I’m driving, it’s worth it for that alone. But you never answered my question doll, do you like her?”

“She’s real pretty!” you smiled making your way towards Bucky, wrapping your arms around his torso in silent gratitude.

“She is pretty,” he agreed “I named her Lucille.”

You scoffed looking up at Bucky and laughed “You cannot name her Lucille!”

“Why not?” he asked feigning offence “Lucille is a fantastic name, she is a lady and she deserves a lady’s name.”

“You already love her more than me,” you joked with a roll of your eyes.

“No doll, you’re winning by this much,” he placed both of his hands about two inches apart and grinned at you cheekily.

“I love you, you giant dork,” you joked, before a more serious expression crossed your features and your smile dropped a little as you told him, “Thank you for Lucille.” You explicitly named Lucille but the look in your eyes was thanking Bucky for everything. For keeping his promises to you. For loving you. For just being Bucky and the look he returned told you he’d understood it all, particularly when his response was “Anything for you.”

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@ndolphin552 I hope you enjoy it x

Dance With Me (Chris Motionless) (Motionless In White)

Word Count: 1,624


“See I knew if I got you in to help the routine would get done quicker.”

You sit cross legged on the floor of the dance studio your best friend had dragged you to because she needed help choreographing a routine for an upcoming bands new music video. She hadn’t told you which band but apparently it was one of your favourites, you wanted to know who but your friend was very good at keeping secrets from you. The only reason you helped was because you owed her a favour.

“So now you have to go and teach it to a bunch of extras.”

Your friend sighs loudly as she picks up her dance bag and the camera she’d used to record you dancing out the whole routine.

“That’s the least fun part because they think they know more than me and I’m like bitch please this is my job.”

You laugh at her over dramatics. You would never tell her but you were slightly jealous that she got to choreograph for bands while you struggled to pay the rent teaching ballet and contemporary to teenagers and little children.

“I’m teaching the dancers the routine in studio 2 and then the band is coming to watch it this afternoon so I have a lot of work to do. What are your plans for the rest of the day?”

You shrug your shoulders and start to stretch again.

“I’m going to work on my dance a little bit, I need to perfect it.”

Your friend rolls her eyes as she leaves the studio.

“It’s already perfect babe, don’t overwork yourself. See you later.”

You’re left alone and set about making the studio just the way you like it. You change out of your sweats and into the cotton white lace dress you would be wearing for the performance before closing the blinds and focusing the main spotlight onto the centre of the room.

The song you were dancing to was Bring Me To Life by Evanescence and the routine was quite dark and twisted. Years of dance mixed with gymnastics made you able to bend and contort your body that added something different to your performance. Also once you were in the zone you phased the outside world out and danced like no one else was around, so much so that you didn’t hear the studio door creak open.


We had been dragged to this dance studio to sign off on the choreography for our new music video. The girl who had put the dance together for the extras was great, the routine portrayed what the song was but it felt a little safe. I made the excuse that I had to take a phone call and slipped out of the room.

As I walked through the corridors I heard the familiar Evanescence lyrics float towards me, and I found myself following where the music was coming from. I poked my head around the glass window frame outside one of the dance studios and found myself enthralled by the girl dancing alone in the darkened room.

The only light came from a single spotlight in the middle of the room where this girl moved and contorted her body in time with the music. She was portraying the story behind the song and executed each move with precision but it didn’t feel safe, I doubted half the extras in the other room could do half the stuff she was doing.

I needed to get closer to her in a none creepy way, I wanted to get to know her. So I walked into the studio cursing the creaky door, but she was so lost in the music that she didn’t notice my presence. So I stood there and watched until the routine came to an end. As the last note died out I started to clap which made the girls head snap up and her eyes widened.

“Err hi. Can I help you?”

The confidence she had when she was dancing suddenly vanished, I found it kind of funny that she suddenly became nervous.

“I was taking a breather from watching a dance in the other room when I heard the song. I saw you through the glass window and found myself unable to look away. I’m not a creep I promise you.”

The girl laughed.

“You’re Chris from Motionless In White. I’m a fan but not a crazy one. So you’re the band my friend was choreographing a routine for, is it really that bad that you had to leave the room?”

I didn’t know how to reply, this girl was friends with the other and girls told each other everything.

“I won’t tell her honest. In my eyes the routine felt a little safe, it told the story of the song but it needs something a little less safe.”

I let out the breath I’d been holding; thank god she thought the same thing as me.

“I think the routine needs something dark and twisted like yours has.”

“I’m y/n by the way.”

y/n was a beautiful name for an equally beautiful girl. I walk over to her iPod and decks and she didn’t make a move to stop me when I scrolled through her songs until I came to ours.

“Well y/n I want you to show me how you would improve the dance.”

“I can’t, my friend would kill me if she knew.”

I press play and the song fills the room, y/n sighs in defeat and motions for me to come over to where she stands. Without shoes she was considerably smaller than me.

“Fine, but if she kills me I’m coming back to haunt you Motionless.”

I chuckle, not minding the thought of being haunted by her.

“There’s one main female dancer who’s leading the others, the two of you are suppose to be opposites though end up being one by the end of the song. At the minute there’s no contact between you, there needs to be a connection made. Do you mind if I show you?”

“The stage is yours y/n.”

She nods just as the chorus kicked in. I was shocked momentarily when I felt her arms wrap themselves around my waist but I soon relaxed as she moved her hands seductively down my chest, I then decided to make the next move.

“I then grab your wrists and push you away.”

I grab her wrists and push her away.

“Then I move around to face you and wrap one leg around your waist while I stretch the other. Your eyes follow my leg and then you trail you fingers up my thigh our eyes locking momentarily.”

I was impressed as she stretched her leg, the white dress riding up just enough to make me forget for a second that I hardly knew this girl but she was hot as hell. Our eyes lock and she slides down my body until she is sitting on the floor at my feet.

“You then start backing away from me but I stalk you.”

I get down on my knees and start to stalk towards her, she takes my note and starts to scurry backwards but I grab her foot and pull her under me as I climb on top of her. Her breathing catches, I could end this now and kiss her but I wanted to see how this dance played out.

“The people my character controls tries to free me from you, but at last you have the upper hand and take the opportunity to kill me.”

I play along brushing my fingers down her face and trail them along her throat, until I pretend to wrap my hands around her neck and snap it. Around us the music stops and both y/n and I look up to see several sets of eyes on us, including the rest of the band and y/n’s friend who looked a little upset.

“Now that’s what I call chemistry.”

Ricky claps his hands together and the others join in. y/n blushes as I help her back to her feet. Just how long had they been watching? And as if he could read my mind Balz spoke up.

“Long enough, I already ship you guys.”

y/n’s face was turning redder by the second. Ryan met my eyes and grinned before ushering the others out of the room. Once the door closed behind them y/n started laughing and I couldn’t help but join in.

“Well that was kind of embarrassing Chris.”

“You really are something special y/n. Maybe I can get you in the video; I wouldn’t mind having you touch me.”

y/n blushes harder and bows her head.

“I’m not that great Chris, plus I think my friends a little annoyed. I did like dancing with you, normally I come up with ideas on my own but we fed each other.”

“Maybe we could discuss it more over coffee y/n.”

She quirks an eyebrow in my direction.

“Are you asking me on a date Chris?”

Now it was my turn to blush, luckily she broke into a huge smile.

“Of course I’ll get coffee with you Chris.”

“That would have been awkward if you said no, besides Balz already ships us.”

She laughs and playfully punches my arm. Coffee was my chance to get to know her better; if I couldn’t convince her to be in the video with me then I could at least try to convince her to go on a second date. It was cliché but I think I was falling head over heels in love with this girl. Our personalities matched and we thought alike, I just needed to know now if she was single or taken.



{Flowing white robes worn with a turban, a small round white cap or red fez are popular with the Hausa people of Northern Nigeria. The turban is a useful head-dress because it affords protection from the dust storms which at certain times of the year blow down from the Sahara Desert.

The illustration shows a District Head from Kano wearing the Riga Na Aiki (dress for work). This is the usual dress worn by the prosperous classes. Formerly, it was only allowed to be worn by an Emir’s family. The patterns around the neck and front follow conventional standards and denote the region of the wearer. The patterns in this illustration show that the District Head could only come from the Kano, Zaria, Sokoto or Katsina areas.}


{Dan Lepide in olden days acted as the Emir of Kano’s champion; he was supposed to challenge to fight any who spoke evil of the Emir.

The scarlet and green of his robes denote that he is one of the Emir’s servants. Dan Lepide’s helmet is an elaborate structure made of brass and copper padded below to protect the head, and decorated on top with ostrich feathers. The shirt and shoulders are protected and edged with ostrich feathers. The sash supports long silk tassels and a sword. The riding boots are made of  soft Kano leather.}


{The Sulke is a bodyguard to the Emir of Kano and the dress illustrated is worn on all ceremonial occasions whether he is on horse-back or on foot. Over the Sulke’s white cotton dress is a coat of chain mail said to date from the time of the crusades and to have been brought to Nigeria from the Arab countries to the north. It is probably of Arab manufacture and of great age.

The sword has been made in Kano and is a typical example of Kano metal work. An interesting and unusual feature of the dress is the long, pleated cuffs which partly conceal the hands. A wine-coloured sash and cummerland complete the dress.}



{Yaro Sarki Inuwa is the Emir of Kano’s Senior Messenger. It is a purely honorary post today, and on ceremonial occasions Yaro Sarki  Inuwa is gorgeously clad in rich costly robes containing many yards of rich brocade. The vast turban is of a metallic blue colour, the effect being obtained locally by dipping white cotton cloth in indigo dye and beating it with flat sticks when still wet.

The bright yellow riding boots with long toe caps are locally made, as is the sword and scabbard. Kano has long been famous for its fine quality leather. The special feature of dress is the long sleeves covering the hands. The embroidery on the sleeves is of local work but the brocade, tassels and sashes are of imported materials.}