etsyfindoftheday | 8.13.16

‘j’adore’ vintage cotton lace wedding dress by lostinparisbridal

are you a sucker for this style of cotton lace wedding gown? you’re in luck — lostinparisbridal has all different cuts, lengths, and designs for you to find your perfect bridal look.

Medium: White cotton

Date: c.1915

Country: USA

This afternoon dress from about 1915 is a transitional garment from the 19th-century “lingerie dress” (which was intended to be worn out on summer days for leisure activities) to the 20th-century day dress. White is a traditional summer color because it reflects the sun and can be easily laundered and bleached. This white cotton afternoon dress has military-style double belts, and a fashionable dropped waist. Gone is the high collar of 1900, replaced by a V-neckline. The corseted waist and expansive bosom have given way to a loosely-fitting dress with a vertical silhouette. Elements of the lingerie dress remain in the delicate bobbin lace collar and thin batiste cotton blouse-styled bodice with satin stitch whitework embroidery delineating a thistle pattern on the front, back and sleeves.