jungkook: oh, the smell’s nice. it’s soap fragrance.

taehyung: yeah, i like those things. those that smell good.

jungkook: it’s my style. thanks hyung. imma use it well.

taehyung: yeah. i told you i’m gonna give something meaningful.

Medium: White cotton

Date: c.1915

Country: USA

This afternoon dress from about 1915 is a transitional garment from the 19th-century “lingerie dress” (which was intended to be worn out on summer days for leisure activities) to the 20th-century day dress. White is a traditional summer color because it reflects the sun and can be easily laundered and bleached. This white cotton afternoon dress has military-style double belts, and a fashionable dropped waist. Gone is the high collar of 1900, replaced by a V-neckline. The corseted waist and expansive bosom have given way to a loosely-fitting dress with a vertical silhouette. Elements of the lingerie dress remain in the delicate bobbin lace collar and thin batiste cotton blouse-styled bodice with satin stitch whitework embroidery delineating a thistle pattern on the front, back and sleeves.



The beach was crowded, as was the fair on the pier up above.
I was sat with a group of friends on the cool sand, watching the way the waves went white as the moon shone through them before they crashed onto the shore.
“So, who’s coming to my party tomorrow night?” Asked a girl who’s name I couldn’t remember. She was the date of my friend Harley.
I smiled at my friend Alice who was sat opposite me and she smiled back, before her face dropped as she looked at something over my shoulder.
I turned my head to follow her gaze but I saw nothing.
“Alice, what’s wrong?” I frowned.
“Nothing” she shook her head “Come back to the pier with me”.
I was completely confused but I didn’t question it as she grabbed my arm and pulled me up.
My white cotton dress blew in the slight breeze as we walked back up to the flashing rides “Alice, what’s wrong?”.
We stopped beside a cotton candy stall and she was moving her head quickly to look around “I might be wrong…I swear I just saw Harry Styles”.
I felt myself pale instantly and my heart dropped.
No. He couldn’t be back.
Harry had left five years ago, why on earth would he come back now?
Alice smiled at me reassuringly “I’m sure it was just someone who looked like him. Shall we get some beers and take it to the others?”.
All I could do was nod. If Harry was back then I’d…I don’t know what I’d do. Punch him in the face maybe?
I’m not a violent person but that guy really deserved it.
Once we bought enough beer to last us a couple of hours, we headed back to the group.
We were almost halfway when my hand was tugged, pulling me under the wooden supports of the pier and sending the beer in my other hand flying.
His smell hit me before I even looked to see that it was him.
But when I did look, I was taken back to when I was sixteen years old.
Harry stood in front of me, wearing black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt and boots. His dark curly hair was short and slicked away from his face.
His eyes were sparkling from the reflection of the light above us and he had that all too familiar smirk on his face.
“Your back” I said in a whisper. I couldn’t believe my eyes.
“Y/N, are you okay?” Alice asked from behind me “Want me to get the boys?”.
Harry’s expression turned angry and he ripped his eyes from me to glare at my best friend “Fuck off, Alice”.
“I’d say nice to see you Harry, but it’s really not” Alice snapped back “Y/N”.
“I’ll be right there” I said in a small voice, willing my feet to move. They didn’t. I was glued to the sand.
She must have walked away because Harry turned his gaze back to me “Did you miss me, baby?” He smirked.
“Miss you?” I asked in disbelief “Are you serious? You left me! For money! From my mum!”.
He let out a small sigh “Well, I’m back now” he sounded so casual and I really did want to punch him in the face “And I’m sorry”.
“Sorry doesn’t make up for the last five years of wondering if you were going to come back” I was shouting and the people around could obviously hear. But I didn’t care.
He held his arms out to the side of his body, smiling fully now “And now you don’t have to wonder, baby”.
I pushed at his chest angrily “You’re an asshole!”.
I turned on my heel to get away from him as fast as possible but he grabbed my arm once again.
This time I didn’t stop myself from lashing out and I slapped him across the face “Don’t fucking touch me!”.
“Y/N, wait!” He said as he rubbed his cheek slowly “I know that what I did was wrong but I was seventeen years old, for fuck sake! I didn’t know what to do!”.
I shook my head “I’m not doing this with you. You broke my heart and you don’t just get to walk back into my life with that stupid smile and expect me to fall at your feet!”.
I turned to walk away again and this time he didn’t stop me.
He didn’t even shout a reply as I made my way towards Harley, Josh and Sam, who were stood a few feet away with angry expressions. I expect they wanted to hit him just as badly as I did.
“You okay, Y/N?” Harley asked with a concerned frown.
I felt the tears fill up my eyes and I shook my head “Can you take me home, please?”.
“Sure, babe”.

I couldn’t sleep that night. I cried, swore into my pillow and promised myself that I’d never speak to him again.
I was a fool to think that that would work.


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Gauze dress, ca. 1826-1827 by KSU Museum
Via Flickr:
White plain cotton gauze dress with yellow embroidery (A) and yellow silk shoulder brace (B). Dress with high waist, scoop neck, long sleeves with puffed shoulder, hem with 5 tucks alternating with embroidered wool sprigs, yellow silk bands at cuffs. Braces: yellow silk taffeta shoulder brace with tabs alternating on each side. As the 19th century progressed, the high waistline of the first decade began its descent to the natural waistline. At the same time the sleeves became fuller and the skirt began to widen. By the mid-1820s, the first leg of mutton sleeve of the century appeared as in this dress. English, attributed, ca. 1826-1827. Cotton gauze/silk. Silverman/Rodgers Collection, KSUM 1983.1.31ab.

Aesthetics for WaD
  • Shahrzad: the sky at sunset, hot chocolate from scratch, golden lanterns held in the night, reading about your astrological sign, the scent of lavender perfume, cinnamon coffee cake, smug half-smiles hidden behind dark hair, white cotton dresses with lace, and bare feet on wet sand.
  • Khalid: smoke rising in the dark, seeing your breath on cold mornings, narrowing eyes, the second half of a thunderstorm, jack-O-lanterns flickering out, mountains looming in the distance, the relief of good news, and crumbling castle columns.

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‘j’adore’ vintage cotton lace wedding dress by lostinparisbridal

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He pushes the invasive word to the back of his mind as he places his palm atop Caroline’s squirming belly.  The life inside performing acrobatics inside of her, making her giggle excitedly.  Stefan smiles at the sound and at the feeling of a tiny foot beneath his hand. 

“Doesn’t that hurt?” he asks with a grin, replacing his hand with his lips and kissing her stomach atop her white cotton dress.

“Not really, it just feels….really bizarre,” she admits, contentment in her voice, running her fingers through Stefan’s hair.


Stefan ignores the persistent feeling that has been nagging him ever since he’s gotten Caroline…gotten everything he’s ever wanted.  Stability and trust.  Love and happiness.  Too good to be true. 

Too good for him. 

He closes his eyes and ignores the thoughts as best he can. 

“This will be over soon,” she says dreamily, and he can’t tell if she’s more relieved or disappointed. 

He wonders if she feels it too.  The transience of this time between them.  When, even with the insanity of the circumstances, they’ve been able to pretend.  To play house.  To be normal.  Or go through the motions anyway.  If nothing else, it’s been cathartic.

For him to grieve his unborn child.  For her to grieve her mother.  Just a little bit of positivity.  Of light among the darkness.  Of life among the death.  Even though, in the end, they’ll be left with nothing but each other. 

He looks up at her, wondering if he’ll be enough to replace the hole that will surely be left in her heart at the end of this.  To fill that unfillable void.  He smiles sadly as she rubs her belly and scolds one of the twins with a laugh.  And he knows that he never will.


Stefan lays down next to Caroline on the bed, scooping her up in arms, swollen belly and all and holds her securely against him.  Feeling Alaric’s twins squirm between them.  The light and the life that will be taken from Caroline all too soon.  And it’s fleeting… passing….ephemeral and he wishes he can trap the moment.

Caroline meets his eyes and if she reads everything he’s thinking, she has the decency to try to hide it.  She kisses him softly, taking his face in her warm hands.

“I love you,” she says, her voice sugar and honey.


Stefan’s heart turns to ice as the word bullies its way into his mind. 

concept: wandering through a lush garden at dawn, gathering softly glowing lilies and lilacs, the sky a bruised blue with streaks of rosy pink light spreading over the horizon. fairies are curled up asleep inside the flowers and elves watch us curiously from the misty forest. bare feet on dewy grass, white cotton dresses damp from the midnight swim, where water lilies that looked like stars brushed against clammy calves, the water icy-fresh in the humid night. still drunk on honeysuckle wine, tangled hair falling in our faces, singing hymns to the moon, wallowing in the feeling of being born again.

Ribbons and Lace

Lauren had taken Quinn while the blonde walked to class, there was something hypnotizing in the beauty of the teen. The blonde was angelic in her looks, a doll in every meaning of the word. Lauren had been looking for another toy for her collection. The brunette already four dolls at home, four perfectly chosen girls whom she made her perfect beings. 

When Lauren got Quinn home, the girl was bathed Waxed of any hair on her arms, legs, or cunt. Makeup was applied to her face, hair blow dried and straightened until her sleeping form was intoxicating to look at. Dressed in a pink ruffled dress, white cotton panties beneath it, and a pink ribbon in her hair. The blonde was laid in her own bedroom, a white bed frame with pink sheets perfect for any princess. In cursive scrift, Lucy Quinn was written on the wall. A closet full of dresses, baby pink and white. Ribbons, ruffles, and bows decorated every peice of clothing. Lauren was obsessed with making sure that her toys were perfect looking, perfect beings