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What are you thoughts on white people who wear dreadlocks?

I think it’s a very touchy subject and I’m not sure I know all the answers.

According to the ever wise Wikipedia dreadlocks are worn as as “an expression of deep religious or spiritual convictions, ethnic pride, as a political statement and in more modern times, as a representation of a free, alternative or natural spirit.”

There are many cultures that wear dreadlocks for varying reasons and some of those reasons are solemn ones.

The question that often arises is if white people wear dreadlocks is it cultural appropriation, or, cultural appreciation? In my opinion it really depends on the intent.

Emanuella Grinberg wrote a really good article for CNN called “Dear White People With Dreadlocks: Things To Consider”. It goes through the history and significance of dreadlocks and eventually gets to the question of “can white people wear them?”. Is it appropriation our appreciation? The part that sticks out to me is this….

“Cultural appropriation is about the power dynamic. When people with power and privilege decide to ‘validate’ customs and traditions that oppressed people have long been marginalized for by saying 'This is the hot new thing,’ then we have serious problems. Or when they refuse to credit the people who innovated those styles or traditions, but claim them as original ideas, then we get into appropriation.”

There are so many things that culturally belong to minorities and then white, corporate America takes them and claims them. They often do it with things that have previously been considered “bad” or socially unacceptable. This is wrong.

So, to answer your question, I’m not sure how I feel exactly. I think it’s wrong to put dreadlocks on a white person as part of an ad campaign for a new fashion line, or, to get dreadlocks because you think it looks “so exotic and hip”. But dreadlocks are worn for spiritual and religious reasons too. If a white person is Buddhist (for example) it might be appropriate for them to have dreadlocks.

I think it’s really important to look at the reasoning behind the decision.

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Thoughts about Scarlett Johansson playing the lead character in Ghost in the Shell (and the issue of whitewashing in modern mainstream media in general)?

I actually saw it this weekend and, yeah, it makes no sense. Like, the film takes place in Toyko and all the mooks and extras are Japanese but almost none of the speaking roles are? I mean, okay, given that Johansson’s character has had her brain placed in a mechanical body created by a white-owned (and bad) corporation you could argue that there’s a in-film commentary there about cultural colonization via technology but… it’s really not that deep.

The film is visually gorgeous and unapologetically about style over substance, but the reveal (spoiler!) that Johansson’s character is actually not white (i.e. the person from whom her brain was removed) could have been a fascinating exploration of racism and colonization and… it wasn’t. It was just uncomfortable. Also I was annoyed by Johansson’s blatant mispronunciation of Japanese names.


Seriously this entire episode was one long takedown of colorblind racism. The premise was that the company’s systems were, due to a bad upgrade, rendered unable to see black people and left them all trapped in dark rooms because the light sensors and automatic doors didn’t recognize that they existed. There was a scene where the black employees try to protest this system and get it replaced with a more equal one and they can’t even get an audience with the people in power without a white person joining their cause because if they set foot on an elevator without a white person, it just shuts down and leaves them trapped. At one point, the company actually tries to say that the system isn’t racist because it doesn’t target black people, it just helps everyone but black people. The company refuses to replace the system. They try to “fix” it by sending in white saviors interns to activate doors and elevators for black employees who can’t do it themselves, instead of just getting rid of the system that keeps black employees from activating doors and elevators by themselves. They also try to “fix” the very racist system by installing separate, manual water fountains for black employees. In the end, the (white) corporate bigwigs do get rid of the racist system, only because it wasn’t financially viable, and tried to pass it off as a great blow for equality in the workplace, even though they’re the ones who installed the system to begin with. 


Me (Dantelian) as Levi Ackerman
Alambresion as photographer
This is my color
This is my legacy
Take what you need
and leave me behind ©

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Greetings, why do you think western media is obsessed with portraying Africa the way it does?

Cuz it validates Capitalism and White Domination.  

The corporate Western media seeks to show Africans as unfit or incapable of self-governance, show African nations as impoverished and unable to get beyond petty/tribal conflicts; which absolves the West of their past and ongoing crimes against Africans and Africans.

If Africans were not inherently dysfunctional then we’d have to look elsewhere to explain the conditions in much of Africa and we’d have to employ solutions beyond NGO & foreign nations intervention into Africa’s affairs.

Classic victim blaming scenario.   

Most Western media portrayals of Africa are Anti-African Propaganda.

Oh, and the West wants to sustain the rift between African and the African Diaspora; while reinforcing the inferiority of the African Diaspora by promoting they false inferiority African nations.

The Reality of Heaven

Prompt: If you’re still taking requests, could you do one where the reader always breaks out of her personal heaven to see her friends. Even though the reader is always sneaky, she gets caught by Michael but instead of being mad he’s more amused. The rest is up to you.

Word count: 3,157

Warnings: Water. No, really. Lots of water. Leave your devices on the bench.

Author’s Note: So, this is my first Michael story. Just so we’re clear, though: 1) This is pre-SPN, when heaven was not corporate-like white walls and dick angels, but more like the heaven Ash had. 2) I imagined Michael like Henry Winchester, whom I imagined would be his vessel at the time (bloodline and all), but since in heaven he doesn’t need an actual vessel he just looks like him. Feel free to picture him as Young John though.

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German Vocab - Crime

I’ve tried to steer clear from too much vocab relating to legal terms (stuff like witness, court hearing, defendent etc.) as I think they would be better off in their own vocab list :). I hope you all enjoy!


jmdn verhören - to interrogate (by police/courts) so1
jmdn erpressen - to blackmail so1
etw. verbieten - to ban sth.
etw. kriminalisieren - to criminalise sth.
auf der Flucht sein - to be on the run
to flee [from so1/sth] - [vor jmdm/etw.] fliehen
jmdn. einsperren - to jail so1
jmdn. fesseln - to handcuff so1
auf jmdn/etw. schießen - to fire a gun at so1/sth
stehlen - to steal
jmdn. töten - to kill so1
bestrafen - to punish
jmdn (wegen etw) verhaften - to arrest so1 (for sth)
ein Verbrechen begehen - to commit a crime
das Gesetz brechen - to break the law


illegal/ungesetzlich - illegal
strafbar - criminal/punishable
hinterlistig - deceitful
ermordet - murdered
abscheulich - abhorrent/outrageous
belastend - incriminating
argwöhnisch - suspicious
bewaffnet - armed
gesetzestreu - law-abiding
schuldig - guilty


Types of crime:

die Brandstiftung(en) - arson
der Taschendiebstahl - pickpocketing
der [bewaffnete(n)] Raubüberfall(äe) - [armed] robbery
der Diebstahl(äe) - theft
der Einbruch(üe) - burglary/break-in
die [versuchte(n)] Vergewaltigung - [attempted] rape
die Geschwindigkeitsüberschreitung(en) - speeding
der Mord(e) - murder
die Messerstecherei(n) - stabbing
die Unanständigkeit(kein) - obscenity/indecency
die Steuerverkürzung(en) - tax evasion
die Wirtschaftskriminalität(kein) - corporate/white-collar crime
die Umweltkriminalität(kein) - environmental crime
[die] Trunkenheit im Verkehr - [the] driving under the influence
der Betrug(üe) - fraud
der Identitätsdiebstahl(äe) - identity theft
der Terrorismus(kein) - terrorism
die Bombendrohung(en) - bomb threat
der Aufruhr(e) - riot
die Internetkriminalität(kein) - cybercrime
das Attentat(e) - assassination attempt
der Hausfriedensbruch(üe) - trespassing or breach of peace
die häusliche(n) Gewalt(en) - domestic abuse
die Kindesmisshandlung(en)  - child abuse
die Verleumdung(en) - slander/defamation
der Drogenhandel(kein) - drug trafficking
die Prostitution(en) - prostitution
der Menschenhandel(kein) - human trafficking
die Urheberrechtsverletzung(en) - copyright infringement
die Tierquälerei(en) - animal cruelty
der Totschlag(äe) - homicide/manslaughter
der Genozid(e) - genocide
der Vandalismus(kein) - vandalism
die Bestechung(en) - bribery

Nouns referring to people:

die Polizei(already pl) - police
der Polizist(en)/die Polizistin(nen) - police officer
der Verbrecher/die Verbrecherin(nen) - criminal
der/die Gefangene(n) - prisoner
der Bandit(en) - bandit/outlaw
der Gefängniswärter/die Gefängniswärterin(nen) - prison guard
das Opfer(-) - victim
der [Privat]Detektiv(e) - [private] detective
der Trickbetrüger/die Trickbetrügerin(nen) - con artist
die Mafia(s) - mafia

Nouns referring to ‘punishments’/methods:

die Strafe(n) - punishment
die Geldstrafe(n) - fine
die gemeinnützige(n) Arbeit(en) - community service
die Auslieferung(en) - extradition
die Jugendstrafanstalt(en) - juvenile prison
die einstweilige(n) Verfügung(en) - restraining order
das Knöllchen(-)/der Strafzettel(-) - “ticket” you receive for any traffic violation; e.g. speeding, running red light, parking ticket - you can say Strafzette für zu schnelles Fahren specifically for speeding.
das Strafregister(-) - criminal record
die Folter(n) - torture
die Gefängnisstrafe(n) - jail sentence
der Todestrakt(kein) - death row
der Lügendetektor(en) - lie detector
die Leibesvisitation(en) - strip search
die Polizeikontrolle(n) - stop and search of a person
das Alkoholtestgerät(e) - breathalyser
das Verhör(e) - interrogation

Misc Nouns:

das Gesetz(e) - law
das Verbrechen(e) - crime
die [Un]Gerechtigkeit(en) - [in]justice
die Devianz(kein) - deviance
die Kriminologie(kein) - criminology
die Kaution(en) - bail
die Gefängniszelle(n) - prison cell
das Graffiti(s) - graffiti
die Handschelle(n) - handcuff
der [gerichtsmedizinische(n)] Beweis - [forensic] evidence
der Fingerabdruck(üe) - fingerprint
der Polizeiwagen(-) - police car^
die Schusswaffe(n) - firearm
der Zeugenschutz(kein) - witness protection
das Geschoss - bullet
die kugelsichere(n) Weste(n) - bulletproof vest
die Hintergrundüberprüfung(en) - background check
der Schlagstock(öe) - baton
die Straftat(en) - offence
der Haftbefehl(e) - arrest warrant
das Patent(e) - patent

^You can use this to figure out how to say police van, police dog etc.