One of my favorite Dragonflies, the White Corporal (Ladona exusta) is a skimmer that is only found in the northeastern U.S. and southeastern Canada. They are very common at my local state park, but they have a very quick flight period, mainly the second half of May and first half of June. This male was one of 21 I saw on that day, but I saw none the next time I went a few weeks later. 

“My wife challenges injustice and the reason her character has been so severely attacked is because she chooses not to function the way the white corporate man insists. A big “fuck you” to those of you who have the audacity to claim that I’m so naive and stupid that I would allow myself to be taken advantage of and manipulated.” - Kurt Cobain on Courtney Love

The Washington Post Slams Republican Party As The Party Of Traitor Jefferson Davis

The Washington Post Slams Republican Party As The Party Of Traitor Jefferson Davis

If Abraham Lincoln were alive today, he would not only find his beloved Republican Party unrecognizable, he would find himself unwelcome in it.

That’s because the Republican Party has abandoned its liberal roots for the conservatism that once dominated the Democratic Party, thus resembling the party of Confederate president Jefferson Davis more than it does the party of Lincoln.

Even the Washingt…

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If I Wrote For SNL’s Weekend Update...

COLIN: A feud between Sen. John McCain and Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., escalated Wednesday when McCain called the 2016 presidential hopeful “the worst possible candidate” on the issue of national security. McCain’s made his comments to what he thought was a Fox News camera but turned out to just be a very tall ficus plant in the corner of his house.

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Look I’m not saying don’t vote this election, and I’m not saying that Hillary Clinton is The Worst Person Ever. What I’m saying is that people don’t seem to realize that many of the polices that she supports are the exact opposite of what a lot of people on this site say that they want.

Like people will reblog posts about how horrible the mass incarceration of people of color in the United States is, but are supporting someone who played a major role implementing the policies that made that happen.

People will reblog posts about how the way that big companies treat their workers is awful and unacceptable, but are supporting someone who was on the WalMart board of directors for almost a decade and did nothing to help their workers.

People will reblog posts about how every single person deserves to have enough money to survive, but are supporting someone who pushed hard for one of the biggest cuts in aid to poor people in US history.

People will reblog posts about how the US needs to decrease its military spending and stop invading other countries, but are supporting one of the most vocal backers of the US invasion of Iraq.

And of course, vote for her if you think that she’s the best choice out of a series of bad options. Just please understand what she actually believes in, and realize how incredibly, unbelievably terrible those options are.

haepenny asked:

i think people are more irritated by the fact that White People™ are always taking things that black people make and trying to change it to how it suits them, not necessarily because it's about jesus.

Which is a legitimate issue in various industries, especially music and fashion. See: dreads, rap, thick brows. Society without a doubt glorifies the white versions of poc’s pre-existing movements or even natural qualities. There’s absolutely no way to argue that these kinds of trends don’t get whitewashed. But there’s a stark difference between protesting the distortion of or a lack of appreciation for black culture– and bullying. These kids are a group of teenagers adapting a mainstream craze to celebrate their faith, not attempting to undermine or exceed the popularity of the original version. They’re not a white corporation making bank off of a fad started by black teens. When you reblog a video with the sole intent of mocking and humiliating minors, the only thing it does is perpetuate the idea that they have something to be ashamed of. Which, in this case, turns out to be Christianity. Look at some of the comments on this video. They’re unnecessarily cruel.

I can completely understand the frustrations of an oppressed minority constantly having their ideas and trends stolen and relabeled. I can acknowledge that I have privileges as a white person that keep me from relating to that kind of frustration. But vilifying some kids praising Jesus in a vast and public forum isn’t the answer.

And just as a side note, my vacation starts today. I ain’t about to argue with all the pitiful attempts at harassment in my inbox. If you want to come off anon, I’ll be perfectly happy to have an adult conversation with you. If not, your message will be deleted.

i’m going to bite my fucking fingers off i want to strangle corporate fucking america and eveyr asshole who’s in charge of hiring people

fuck traditionalist values, fuck this job market that caters SPECIFICALLY to the previous generation, and fuck this capitalist, white-male-led society that throws every other fucking person under the bus

Ashley Diamond

Government physically cannot take care about each of us - especially American government which is so corrupted by connections with mercantile corporations. The White House declared that the state will support LGBT community, but still everything depends on us. Despite of special “Fundamental Principles Inherent in the Comprehensive Care of Transgender Inmates” transgenders are still treated wrong. In some cases it leads to terrible distress or even death. If the government cannot care about people, then we should help each other.

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