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Hi, Brianna! Love your blog and you seem to be a really interesting person! So, I wanna know your idea about one thing - do you think that reverse racism is real?

Hey hey! Oh thank you, that’s kind of you to say 💖

No, it’s not. Reverse racism doesn’t exist.

Racism only exists because of the systematic oppression of people based on their skin colour. White people have never been oppressed because of their skin colour, they haven’t ever applied for a job and had their application thrown away bc their name sounds “too black”, they haven’t ever had to fear for their lives when walking down the street because they know that the colour of their skin puts them at risk, they haven’t ever had to fight for their basic human rights that weren’t afforded to them bc the colour of their skin had them viewed as less than human in the eyes of the law. Reverse racism doesn’t exist. Racism is systematic oppression.

And of course, PoC may have a distrust or dislike of white people, but that’s not reverse racism. That’s a direct result of actual racism - White People have treated PoC badly en masse for hundreds of years, and it’s something that is ongoing today. You may not all be racist, of course you’re not, but it’s enough of a problem that sometimes PoC worry that you might be, and put a guard up in order to protect themselves. This isn’t racism - you are not being oppressed here in this scenario, it’s prejudicial yes, but racism requires oppression.

I think a lot of the time on here, what people refer to as reverse racism, is actually xenophobia. Which is something entirely separate from race, it’s not to do with the colour of your skin, it’s to do with where you’re from. And living in Europe, xenophobia is almost a bigger issue than racism. Or at least it was until the crisis in the Middle East reached boiling point and so now apparently every brown person is a terrorist.

Anyway, Xenophobia. In Europe, you can be white and have your job application thrown away because of the way your name sounds. It’s not because your name “sounds white” though - it’s because your name sounds Eastern European. Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian and Czech nationals have an especially rough time of it in Europe, and they’re mostly white. They have their property destroyed, they have their homes and businesses broken into or vandalised or robbed. They get attacked, beaten up, killed. Since the Brexit vote, xenophobic hate crime in the U.K. has increased by 100% in some locations. I’ve witnessed first hand the abuse that people from that part of the world get in this country. They are stereotyped by police forces across the west of the continent, in the U.K. there’s a real attitude that they bring trouble and drugs into the country. And it’s absolutely nothing to do with their race, but the way in which they are viewed and treated, shares a lot of similarities with the way racism displays itself in America.

And I think that’s where the idea of “Reverse Racism” comes from. People don’t talk enough about Xenophobia, or maybe they don’t know enough about it, and it’s quicker to just call it racism because it so closely mirrors it. But they’re different forms of oppression that stem from different things, and they’re both awful, and they both really shouldn’t be happening in 2017. But they’re different and should be treated as such.

Guardienne Tag!

Rules: This is for your Guardienne. Fill with what your Guardienne could answer.

Thank you @marmita-tuga ^^

Tag more than 6 people you want : @redrose04 @foresthuntermajrach @eldarya-no-lorraine @driadatujest @ondriaprice @vanillaamoursucrethings @velvet-black-cherry

Name or if they have a nickname: I´m Andreia, simply Andreia as I let my last name behind….oh! my friends call me Andy!

Gender: Female

What race are they ( Faeries/Human/or something in between) :  Well, I´m half-human and half-faery…I don´t really know what my fealinne power is called like :/

What guard are they in ? : My exam concluded I could be in either Shadow or Obsidian, but I opted to to go Obsidian ^^

Which Companion do they have ? :  I´ve a Ciralak named Tânato. He´s the best!

Favourite Food: Strawberries and white chocolate!

Favourite Colour: Black, purple and turquoise ^^

Crush(and why): >\\< t-this….I…it´s Nevra! >\\< I know that everyone sees him as a womanizer, but…behind all of his cockiness and flirtness, there´s a very kind soul and he helped me so many times now….for thevery first time, I felt safe besides someone and the fact that he never fails to surprise me! He´s special >\\<

Describes yourself in five words: There´s darkness inside me.

What do they like to do in their free time ? : I like to walk at night where everything is quite to simply enjoy the nature around me. Read is something that I like to do a lot! Giving love to Tânato is something I enjoy doing sinceit´s very relaxing. Aside of this, I tend to train if there´s no one around ^^

What do they think about the Human World ? : The human world…I never went there, but my hometown…is considerad oneof the most similar places to earth asour thecnology was as advanced as theirs. From the books I´ve read, the human world sound very passionate and full of adventures to which I would like to go once and see for myself how they really are ^^

What your Guardienne looks like :

I was tagged omg 🌻

thank you @monstermunch321! 😊 I feel like I needed a month to post this bc I always forgot.  

  • Age: 18 (omg)
  • Biggest fear: being unhappy 
  • Current Time: 17:38 
  • Drink (as in the last one I had): water (how boring) 
  • Everyday starts with… : not wanting to leave my bed and thinking of him 
  • Ghosts - are they real?: Nah, maybe idk
  •  Hometown: A very little town in a very little city in a very little country 
  •  In love with: my family, friends, sunsets,.. 
  • Jealous of:
  •  Killed anybody: what kinda question is that? of course! 
  •  Last time I cried: probably yesterday 
  • Middle name: Melanie 
  • Number of siblings:
  • One wish: happiness 
  • Person you last called/texted: both my bro 
  • Question you’re always asked: non 
  •  Reason to smile: spring is here
  • Song Last sang: Save Rock And Roll - FOB
  • Time you woke up: 6:58
  • Underwear colour: white
  • Vacation destination: UK /France /US / Italy
  • Worst habit: overthinking probably, but wait is that really so bad …..
  • Your favourite food: depends on my mood, i like pizza tho
  • Zodiac: Aries

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I was trying to design casual outfits for Human Allura and Coran and then thought what mysteries could be under the jacket, then I imagined and I laughed.

If I ever get stuck in space, I want to be wearing that shirt.