Six Movies I Can Watch Anytime

I was tagged by the lovely @ashzombie13 😘

I love a lot of movies so this was very hard but I did it!!

1: The Lost Boys

I watch this move religiously. These hot motorcycle riding vamps were my first crushes. Who doesn’t love a bad boy?😏 (Star is also gorgeous af) but seriously, this movie is amazing. My absolute favorite!!

2: White Chicks

This movie is an absolute comedic classic. I’ve watched it probably a million times and it never gets old. I’m also guilty of quoting it quite often.

3: Captain America Movies

Captain America has always been my favorite superhero. Give me some popcorn, an iced coffee, comfy clothes, and I can spend an entire day watching these movies over and over again.

4: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure/Bogus Journey

LISTEN! These movies are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I can’t even fathom how amazingly funny and awesome they are.

5: Hocus Pocus

A childhood classic that I still absolutely love to this day. These witches are amazing, and don’t even argue with it.

6: The Losers

Chris Evans, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Idris Elba? OVARY EXPLOSION. Seriously though, this is a great action movie with some comedy thrown in there and it’s really awesome!

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