Things the MCR albums remind me of

Bullets: Dead roses, torn wedding gowns, foggy mornings, shouting when you’re angry, angst, dimly lit rooms, black and greasy hair, dreadlocks, porcelain dolls, sketch pads, sketching pencils

Revenge: Red and black, red flowers of any kind, coffins, ciggarettes, old churches, black widow spiders, black ballet slippers, red eyeshadow, black glitter, torn skinny jeans, clear nights, full moons, graveyards, horror movies, demons

Black Parade: Hospital rooms, heart monitors, IV drips, pale skin, being cold to the touch, black and white striped arm warmers, nightmares, ghosts, being sick, wanting to give up, but continuing to press on, wheelchairs, blood transfusions, lethargy, medicine

Danger Days: Bright and vivid color, living in the moment, muscle cars, large cities, any 50s diner, hot days and cold nights, laying next to someone you love, giving your all in relationships, leather jackets, steel toe boots, neon lights, energy drinks.

Androgynous Punk Akhlut Fashion

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anonymous asked:

May I request a Sasusaku fanfic with a bit of Naruto during the couple of months Sasuke stays in the village before leaving in chapter 699? I love your writing!!

Let me tell you something about my two best friends in the whole world.

One is kind of dense and the other is Sakura-chan. And we all know that Sakura-chan is the smartest and that she’s always right. At least, that’s what you believe if you want to live a long life.

Maybe I’m not the person to say this, given that it took me years to realize that Hinata actually likes me… and maybe it’s extra bad…given that Sakura-chan was the one to tell me…. 

Okay. Let’s just forget all that.

I’ll tell you a story instead.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young girl. She was smart and crazy strong. And she fell in love with her prince. A brooding, avenger prince charming who liked to wear white arm warmers that actually looked pretty dumb if you ask me. Girl confesses love. Prince with bad fashion sense runs off with a creepy snake man with a long tongue. Years later Prince is now a douche prince with even worse fashion sense and nipple-revealing tendencies. Prince tries to kill girl. Girl tries to kill prince. Girl and prince team up to kill a crazy immortal goddess. 

Girl and prince live happily ever after (?)

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