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[Teaser] UNIQ 유니크 Luizy(승연), Flowsik(플로우식) - RECIPE

Pokespe Overwatch Mains
  •  Red
    • Soldier 76 simply because Red is the type of person who would want to be in charge during a session, and everybody knows the Solder 76 is team dad so you must listen to him. His stats are also fairly standard, which I think fits with Red pretty well.
  • Green
    • Phara. Green is that person who spams the rockets every few minutes. I also didn’t think Green would play defense, support, or a tank, so that left me with an attack character. Phara seems like the ideal choice due to her heavy use of artillery and focus of power.
  • Blue
    • D.Va. She thinks it’s adorable to play as a young girl in a mech. D.Va’s in game attitude is also very similar to Blue’s, sassy and kinda rude. Blue would manage to spend most of the game in her mech, constantly using it to blow enemies off the point.
  • Yellow
    • Mercy. This…I shouldn’t have to explain this.
  • Gold
    • Believe it or not, I feel like Gold would play support, but also in a reckless fashion. I can see him playing either Mercy or Lucio depending on the day, having perfected Battle Mercy.
  • Silver
    • Either Reaper or Genji, depending on his current team. Reaper because he’s dark and edgy and Genji because, let’s admit it, Silver’s a little bit of a weeb.
  • Crystal
    • Widowmaker. One of Crystal’s main characteristics that have followed her throughout the series is her ability accurately aim and catch whatever pokemon, which, to me, sounds like she’d be a pretty good sniper.
  • Ruby
    • Symmetra. Ruby doesn’t seem like a direct fighting character, and he’s probably very good at strategically setting up turrets around the map.
  • Sapphire
    • Tracer seems ideal for Sapph because she’s one of the faster characters with cool abilities I think she can utilize in her own unique Sapph way. Tracer is also very cheery,  kind of like Sapphire when she’s not pissed off.
  • Wally
    • Bastion. Before you question the validity of this post, consider this: Wally is a fairly weak human being, but maybe he’d try to compensate by playing as that fucking trollbot that can never goddamn die. I think it’d work quite well.
  • Emerald
    • Torbjorn. He’s got gadgets. Emerald would put his turrets right behind a corner so that nobody would see them and then BLAM! they dead. Em’s happy.
  • Diamond
    • Reinhardt. Dia always seemed like a defensive type person to me and, while I know Rein’s a tank, he does have that big ol’ shield for other players to hide behind. This was a particularly easy choice on my part.
  • Pearl
    • Junkrat. Junkrat’s bombs and traps fuel Pearl’s need for immediate action because, unlike a bullet, bombs go off quickly and damage those around them rather than who it’s directly targeting.
  • Platinum
    • Mei doesn’t do very much attacking, which I think suits Platinum. She’d create a wall and freeze foes, then call someone else to come take them out because she isn’t the best at combat yet.
  • Black
    • Zarya. Black would definitely play a tank, but it was hard to pick which tank. In the end, I went with Zarya because I think her simple design and heavy play style would appeal to him. While some people would expect him to play Tracer because she’s fast or Junkrat because he’s loud, Black would probably want to kill enemies in the quickest and easiest ways, which I think a tank would be good for.
  • White
    • Ana. This one was really hard, but I went with a support character because it was established that White only started battling recently in the manga, so I think an attack or tank character wouldn’t really make much sense. I chose support because she seems like the kind of person to help someone rather than old the enemies at bay. Ana in particular can both put enemies to sleep and heal allies.