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rodrigobera04  asked:

Do you have a any creature of brazilian folcklore?

If you mean in Mythika I say yes, I have a couple of brazilian monsters running around my project, namely the Minhocao, Mapinguari and the Curupira.

But I think you mean in general.

Well I know a couple of Brazilian creatures which I find pretty awesome:

Anhanga – Is like a guardian of the jungles, they are shapeshifters but mostly appear as beautiful but ghostly white stags. They have incredible powers over nature.

Aunyaina – Not really from brazil, but close enough, the Aunyaina is a terrible creature, half boar and half gorilla, they are known child eaters and live in trees.

Boitata – A gigantic Anaconda which is on fire, it isn’t really evil and acts as some kind of oracle to gentle people.

Capelobo – Like the werewolves of Europe, the Capelobo is a were-anteater that feeds on brains.

Cuca – Half crocodile (probably caiman) and half hag, these are bogey-women of Brazil, they love to cook their meal, they always remind me of the female crocodile enemy in Kissyfur.

Curupira – Little gnomes with burning/bright red hair and backward-pointing feed which confuse people that may follow them. They often ride peccary pigs into battle and love the sight of open flames.

El Tunche – The most powerful spirit of the jungle, they appear as plant-matter and can take any form, they are calmed by flute music.

Encantado – The famous pink dolphin that can shapeshift into a beautiful woman/man and which love to party.

Mapinguari – In some legends a giant with a maw in its stomach and a single eye, in others a giant sloth (megatherium) with the same features. In still other sightings they are just Megatherium.

Minhocao – Enormous worm-like monsters covered in black pangolin/armadillo like armor, that live in both water and underground.

Saci Perere – I’m not a huge fan of this creature, search for it on google. They have one leg and some smoking pipe and too much abilities that make other monsters special, one of those is invisibility.

Yacumama – The biggest of all Anaconda’s the mother of all snakes, also known as the bull-killer or megaconda. She has special meaning in religions in those countries around the Amazon river.

Yacuruna – Merfolk that live in the Amazon river and which wear snakes around their neck and which ride giant caiman crocodiles.  They have huge cities underwater made from beautiful coral, shells and emerald.

Those are all I care about, when I dig deeper I can maybe find some more. (There are also many normal-looking mermaids, werewolves and the silly headless mule.)

For even more obscure Brazilian Monsters from legends check this page: https://abookofcreatures.com/category/brazil/

Model wearing Fortrel and cotton sailing suit by White Stag and Vision Unlimited sunglasses. Photo by Jean-Jacques Bugat,
Glamour Magazine, May 1968


The Grisha Trilogy Meme - [1/5] Creatures

Morozova’s Herd

I thought back, remembering Anna Kuya’s voice in the dormitories late at night. “They were white deer, magical creatures that appeared only at twilight.” “They’re no more magical than we are. But they are ancient and very powerful.” “They’re real?” I asked incredulously.[…] “Kings and Darklings have been searching for Morozova’s herd for centuries. My hunters claim they’ve seen signs of them, though they’ve never seen the creatures themselves.” "And you believe them?” His slate-colored gaze was cool and steady. “My men don’t lie to me.” […] Several white bodies emerged from the trees, their graceful necks bent to nibble at the grasses on the edge of the snowy glade. In the middle of Morozova’s herd stood a massive white stag. He looked at us with great dark eyes, his silvery antlers gleaming in the half light.

Adder Stone  -  Believed to have magical powers by the Druids, adder stones have been used to cure eye diseases, whooping cough, snakebites and prevent nightmares. Superstitions also say they can aid the holder by giving a person the ability to see through to the fairy world.

My entry into the Wunderkammer book that Falmouth University 3rd Year Illustration is putting together!