white haired mermaid

My newest mermaid is finally done ! After three days of running everywhere to find the proper material and inks !!!

[A white haired mermaid is swimming in an ink black sea, she has a bag made out of a cone shaped shell and some seaweeds, her tail is made of fish bones, she has a moon crescent on her forehead and her breasts are covered by purple shells]

Fishy Feathers Chapter 3

Can’t stop won’t stop~💙

Pidge was minding her own business, collecting shells with her pod member and close friend Allura, when she saw something swoop overhead, a shadow cast across the water. Clicking in curiosity, she surfaced… and promptly had to duck because of the young Avian diving out of nowhere. “AAAAAAHH!!! SORRY!!!!” The young teen screamed as he careened away, wings flapping frantically to stay above the water. “Lance?!?” Pidge gaped, eyes wide as another Avian, an older male, she noted, swept in to lift her feathered friend away from the waves of the sea and back towards the sky.

Allura surfaced next to the stunned guppy, clicking worriedly. “Katie, you need to dive, I don’t like the looks of those Avians-” Pidge shook her head and started following the two sky high birdies. “No way, Allura! I’ve never seen an Avian fledgling having first time flying lessons before! This is so cool!” Allura took one look at those starry golden eyes and groaned, her friend a goner. Curse Katie and her uncontrollable inquisitiveness! “Ugh, fine, but I’m telling Matt and Shiro!” The white haired mermaid warned before diving away to do just that.

Pidge rolled her eyes and swam closer, circling under their swooping shadows overhead and squinting up at the sky, barely making out the two flying figures up in the clouds, one shaky and unstable, the other graceful and practiced. She knew better than to call out to her best friend, since this was an open area and she wasn’t dumb enough to let it slip that she knew this particular Avian. She settled for watching from below, cheering when he managed to stay up and fly straight and yelping with panic when he fell, groaning when he flapped wrong and went sideways and whooping when he performed a perfect loop.

She was having so much fun watching Lance fly that she didn’t notice when the other two Mermen appeared, until Shiro spoke up. “You seem like you’re enjoying that flying show.” Pidge practically leapt out of the water in surprise, spinning around to stare at the amused male Mer watching her. “Ah! Shiro! Matt! Uh, what are you, I mean why, um, I was just-” the guppy stammered, caught in the act.

Matt laughed. “Allura told us you were bird watching, so we decided to join you.” He swam closer and wrapped his bright teal colored tail around her own grayish green one in a greeting hug, and she sighed and hugged him back before pulling away to sit on the rock she’d been watching from, occasionally dipping back into the water when it got too hot and dry for her liking. Shiro and Matt surfaced as well, grabbing spots next to her and enjoying the sunshine.

Shiro’s deep black scales were quite unique, in the sense that while most Mer stayed solid colored with the occasional striped or spotted pattern, his faded from black around the upper area to a rich indigo at the tail fin. Plus he had faint speckles of white and purple scattered over it, his fins themselves a gradient from deep rich violet to dark near black blue. Such a pretty tail meant he was constantly being admired and praised, much to his embarrassment.

Matt was more simple, a solid shimmering teal with a fin gradient of soft green to a gentle gold. Pidge envied their tails, her own adult one still a mere 3 years away. She often wondered what it would look like, but shook off the thought and tilted her head back up to try and find Lance again. She face palmed with a groan when she found him spiraling out of control through the air, Matt and Shiro laughing at the goofy Avian. ………………………………… It was much later, during the evening, when she finally found him at the beach having a sand bath. She crawled on land to lay next to him, the sun warmed sand soaking into her belly and easing sore growing muscles. Guppies never stopped getting bigger, her mother always said. Smirking, she propped her head up on one hand and locked her eyes on the tuckered out birdy boy. “So, how were flying lessons?” She said casually, amused at the sudden embarrassed flush on Lance’s face.

“Ugh… my wings feel like they’re gonna fall off.” Lance whined, digging the arches further into the sand. Pidge hummed and pushed some of the warmer stuff onto his wings, until they were completely buried in the grains. “I bet. I saw you flying over the sea earlier. Was that your dad helping you out?” The mermaid asked, but Lance shook his head.

“Nah, that was Uncle Lupè. He’s the top flyer in our family. Which also means he teaches all of us to fly when we come of age. Which also means he drives us relentlessly until we finally fly straight for more than ten minutes.” He groaned, Pidge patting his stomach sympathetically. “You put on a great show though! Two of my pod came to watch with me. It was pretty funny when you did that sideways spiral.” She snickered, much to Lance’s embarrassment.

“Ugh… I can’t wait for the tables to turn on you, my fishy friend. When you start shedding, it’s my turn to tease you about uncontrollable appendages.” The Avian pouted, shuffling his wings to free them from the now cooled off sand. Pidge huffed, frowning. “Oh yeah. Right. Scale shedding. My fins are supposed to get bigger while I shed… I can’t believe I almost forgot I’d have to relearn how to swim with my new tail and fins! If I thought Shiro was awkward after his scale shedding, just think about how it will look when I’m the one going too fast through the water, unable to stop?!” She covered her face with her hands and whined while Lance chuckled and started grooming the sand from his pinions.

"It’s sure gonna be fun to see, I’ll give you that Pidge!”

What’s this? Two chapters in one day? Preposterous! Blasphemy! Impossible! Yet here they are, defying logic ;3 here have some Pidge POV, Lance being a goof and finally some Shiro introduction! Even though there’s no Shance….. yet ;3 (Also, I doodled and colored what Lance’s wings and what Pidge’s tail look like in both chick/guppy form and Adult form :3)

ghostbbones  asked:

Seventh movie?? i'm confused :V i thought he only did like 1-2/???

I hope you don’t mind me publishing this but I’m just gonna list his movies so everyone’s clear~

1. Somewhere only we know (released feb 2015): leading man; romance; directed by xu jinglei
2. Passion Heaven (coming sometime this year?): leading man; romance/drama/tragedy; based off of a book that yifanqini translated
3. Mr. Six/Lao Pao Er (Dec 2015): antagonist; first trailer just came out; Kris drives a gold Audi and has white hair; mafia drama
4. Mermaid (New Years 2016): cameo, as himself; directed by Stephen Chow
5. So You’re Still Here (2016 possibly?): leading man; starring opposite liu yifei; romance; also based on a book
6. L.O.R.D (2016?): main…ish…character? there are a lot of main characters lol; directed/written by guo jingming; also starring fan bingbing, aarif lee, amber kuo, william chan, literally everyone fresh except luhan; epikey is translating the book
7. Journey to the West (2016?): leading man; Stephen Chow’s movie directed by tsui hark? I think… anyways it’s based off of one of the most well-loved Chinese stories